Erasmus Mundus programme in the European Union
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What is the WOP-P Master?


The Erasmus +: Erasmus Mundus European Master in Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology (WOP-P) is a graduate university programme, supported by the European Commission through the Erasmus +: Erasmus Mundus Programme which provides a Postgraduated Diploma.

The Master requires a university undergraduate degree in Psychology. The objective is to contribute to the qualification of professionals and researchers in the discipline of Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology emphasizing a European approach and perspective. The Master implements the main guidelines developed by the Euro-Psych model for the European Diploma of Psychology (EDP) supported by the European Federation of Psychology Association (EFPA). It also follows the Reference Model and Minimal Standards of the European Curriculum in WOP Psychology established by the European Network of Work and Organizational Psychology Professors (ENOP).

Five European universities are involved: Universitat de València (Spain) as the coordinating institution, Universitat de Barcelona (Spain), Université René Descartes Paris 5 (France), Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna (Italy), and Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal) and two Non-European universities are also involved: Universidade de Brasília (Brazil) and University of Guelph (Canada).

The duration of the Programme is two full-time years, with a total workload of 120 ECTS credits (60 per year). The languages of instruction and examination can be any of the following languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.


Students are awarded a double diploma, delivered by the Home and the Host Universities they study at over the master programme.



Université Paris 5 -René Descartes- Universitat de València UNIDAD DE INVESTGACIÓN DE PSICOLOGIA DE LAS ORGANIZACIONES Y DEL TRABAJO (UIPOT) de la Universitat de Valencia Università di Bologna Universitat de Barcelona Université Paris 5 -René Descartes- Universidade de Coimbra
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