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Impact Factor Journals (JCR Index)

  1. Valencia-García, R., García-Sánchez, F., Casado-Lumbreras, C., Castellanos-Nieves, D., Fernández-Breis, J. T. (2011). Informal learning through expertise mining in the social web. To appear in Behaviour & Information Technology, doi: 10.1080/0144929X.2011.638397 (impact factor 2010: 0,835)
  2. Beydoun, G., López-Lorca, A., García-Sánchez, F., Martínez-Béjar, R. (2011). How do we measure the quality and improve a hierarchical ontology?. To appear in Journal of Systems and Software, 84(12): 2363-2373, doi: 10.1016/j.jss.2011.07.010 (impact factor 2010: 1,277)
  3. Lupiani-Ruiz, E., Garcia-Manotas, I., Valencia-García, R., García-Sánchez, F., Castellanos-Nieves, D., Fernandez-Breis, J. T., Bosco-Camón, J. (2011). Financial News Semantic Search Engine. Expert Systems with Applications, 38(12): 15565-15572 (impact factor 2010: 1,924)
  4. Ruiz-Martínez, J. M., Valencia-García, R., Fernández-Breis, J. T., García-Sánchez, F., Martínez-Béjar, R. (2011). Ontology learning from biomedical natural language documents using UMLS. Expert Systems with Applications, 38(10): 12365-12378. (impact factor 2010: 1,924)
  5. Ruiz-Martínez, J. M., Miñarro-Giménez, J. A., Castellanos-Nieves, D., García-Sánchez, F., Valencia-García, R. (2011). Ontology Population: An Application for the e-Tourism Domain. International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control, 7(11): 6115-6134 (impact factor 2010: 1,664)
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  10. Valencia-García, R., Garcia-Sanchez, F., Castellanos-Nieves, D., Fernandez-Breis, J. T., Toval, A. (2010). Exploitation of Social Semantic Technology for Software Development Team Configuration. IET Software, Special Issue on Social Semantic Web Support for Software Development, 4(6):373-385. (impact factor 2010: 0,671)
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  15. García-Sánchez, F., Fernández-Breis, J. T., Valencia-García, R. Gómez, J.M., Martínez-Béjar, R. (2008). Combining Semantic Web Technologies with Multi-Agent Systems for Integrated Access to Biological Resources. Journal of Biomedical Informatics (Special Issue on Semantic Mashup of Biomedical Data), 41(5): 848-859. (impact factor 2008: 1,924)
  16. Valencia-García, R., Fernández-Breis, J. T., Ruíz-Martínez, J. M., García-Sánchez, F., Martínez-Béjar, R. (2008). An ontology-based information retrieval methodology from medical documents. Expert Systems: The Journal of Knowledge Engineering 25(3): 314-334. (impact factor 2008: 0,717)
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Impact Factor Journals (SJR Scopus Index)

  1. Garcia-Sanchez, F., Fernandez-Breis, E., Valencia-Garcia, R., Jimenez, E., Gomez, J.M., Torres-Niño, J., Marinez-Maqueda, D. (2010). Adding Semantics to Software-as-a-Service and Cloud Computing. WSEAS Transactions on Computers, 9(2): 154-163. (impact factor: 0,031, 75/108, H Index: 5)
  2. García-Sánchez, F. (2009). Sistema Basado en Tecnologías del Conocimiento para Entornos de Servicios Web Semánticos. Inteligencia Artificial, 13(43): 32-35. (impact factor: 0,029, 83/92, H Index: 2)

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