The 6th Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA) March 2016

The GIKA Annual Conference provides a platform for discussing challenges pertaining to contemporary issues in Innovation and Knowledge. The 6th GIKA Conference will be organized by the University of Valencia, and will be held from March 20th (Sunday) to March 23th (Wednesday), 2016. The Conference will take place in the Faculty of Economics (University of Valencia) Av. dels Tarongers s/n 46022 Valencia, Spain.

The first edition of GIKA received 75 papers by scholars from 15 countries. The second GIKA Conference, held in July 2013, boasted more than 210 papers by researchers from more than 40 countries. In 2014, Valencia once again welcomed researchers, lecturers and scholars from all over the world, who joined together to celebrate the 3rd GIKA Conference. Fourth edition was in Taiwan (Asia). Finally, papers form more than 50 countries were received in the previous fifth edition; feedback and Q&A sessions, including suggestions from editors of international journals attending the Conference, helped the authors publish their papers Next year's GIKA Conference is planned for March 2016. The submission process is now open, details of which can be found on the submissions page of this website. The Conference will be organized in parallel sessions. Admission to the conference is based on full submitted papers. The deadline for full papers is November 10, 2015.

Each edition of the GIKA Conference offers the chance to publish in the Journal of Business Research and in Journal Psychology and Marketing with a special issue edition containing the best papers from the Conference. In the upcoming edition of GIKA we will be enhacing the scope of the conference publications, with papers being published in two separate special issues in 2017. Calls for papers and more information on these special issues is available on the submissions page of this website.

The JBR (Elsevier) and P&M (Wiley-Blackwell Publishers) are the sponsors journals for the Academy. One of the aims of the Conference is to select high-quality papers to publish in special issues of the JBR and P&M. In addition to paper presentation sessions, paper symposiums, and plenary speech sessions by top international scholars, the Conference provides new programs such as a pre-conference one-day 2-in-1 workshop in theory, data analysis and writing-for-publication (by Professor Arch Woodside), and a meet-the-editor session on how to publish in the Journal of Business Research (JBR) by the journal’s editor, Professor Arch Woodside and in Journal Psychology and Marketing (P&M) by the executive editor, Professor Rajan Nataraajan. The Conference also welcomes teaching case studies and research case studies. Keynote Plenary Speeches will be presented by Marianna Sigala, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Service Theory and Practice (Managing Service Quality), Dr. Sascha Kraus, Guest editor of Review of Managerial Science and, Dr. Salvador Roig-Dobón, Editor-in-chief of the International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal.

Special session 'Meet the editor'

In addition to the paper presentation tracks, GIKA is proud to announce a ‘meet the editor’ session. The editor-in-chief of the JBR, Professor Arch G. Woodside will host a face-to-face session with the participants of the Conference. In this session, Arch will explain JBR’s mission, editorial process, recent submission trends, and other topics of interest for scholars looking to publish their work in the journal. The aim of the session is to help prospective authors understand what it takes to be published in JBR, and why papers get rejected. Participants will have an opportunity to speak and pose questions to Arch.

The Conference welcomes researchers from all over the world. To provide an idea of some of the scholars who have participated in the GIKA Conferences.

We cordially invite scholars from all over the world to participate in this fantastic event!