Gonzalo Mateo García

Current position: PhD student

Image and signal processing group (ISP)

Image processing laboratory (IPL)

I’m currently a PhD student in the Image processing laboratory at Universidad de Valencia. My advisor is Prof. Luis Gómez-Chova.

My research interests are in the field of machine learning with applications on multispectral satellite images. I worked under the Google Earth Engine Award project to develop machine learning cloud detection algorithms (some results). Currently I have focused on convolutional neural networks and in kernel methods.

This is my research statement. Please feel free to contact me at:
gonzalo.mateo-garcia AT uv DOT es.


  1. Cloud masking and removal in remote sensing image time series
    Gómez-Chova, Luis and Amorós-López, Julia and Mateo-García, Gonzalo and Muñoz-Marí, Jordi and Camps-Valls, Gustau
    Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 11 (1) :015005, 2017
    DOI url

  2. Cloud detection machine learning algorithms for PROBA-V
    Gomez-Chova, Luis and Mateo-Garcia, Gonzalo and Muñoz Mari, Jordi and Camps-Valls, Gustau
    Work in progress

  3. Convolutional neural networks for multispectral image cloud masking
    Mateo-Garcia, Gonzalo and Gomez-Chova, Luis and Camps-Valls, Gustau
    Work in progress

  4. Optimizing Basis Functions in Kernel Ridge Regression
    Mateo-Garcia, Gonzalo and Laparra, Valero and Muñoz-Marí, Jordi and Gómez-Chova, Luis
    Work in progress