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Dr Mas graduated and took a PhD in Economics at the Universitat de València where she is Professor of Economic Analysis. She is also Director of International Projects of the Ivie.

Her specialized fields are growth economics, analysis of public capital, especially infrastructures, new information technologies, intangibles and regional economics.

Currently she is co-ordinator of the European project SPINTAN on intangible assets in the public sector, funded by the 7th EU Framework Programme, director of DICTA (Data for European ICT Industries Analysis Project) developed for IPTS (EU-Joint Research Centre) and advisor to the LA KLEMS project. She has also worked for other projects financed by the EU: EU KLEMS, INDICSER, ICTNET and PREDICT. She has also been associate researcher of several Spanish R&D Plan projects. She is co-author of 61 books and book chapters, editor of Industrial Productivity in Europe. Growth and Crisis [Edward Elgar, 2011] and has published more than 80 articles in specialist journals such as Journal of Productivity Analysis, Journal of Regional Science, Regional Studies and Review of Income and Wealth, among others. She is member of the Editorial Boards of Investigaciones Regionales and Hacienda Pública.



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