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The Desertification Research Centre is a research joint centre (The Spanish National Research Centre, University of Valencia  and  Valencian Government ) dedicated to the study of causes, factors and desertification processes. [Read more ]

Presentación de la tesis

PhD. Thesis presentation


In Monday 22nd of May, in the conference hall of the IVIA, the PhD. Thesis titled “Analysis of psychoactive substances in water, sediments and food: from wastewater-based epidemiology to environmental forensics” will be presented by María Jesús Andrés Costa. This PhD. Thesis has been realized in the Soil Degradation and Conservation Department of CIDE under the direction of the doctors Yolanda Picó and Vicente Andreu.

    Publication of a book on Ecological restoration


    Researchers of the Plant Ecology Department at CIDE publish a book on ecological restoration within the framework of the project MINTEGRA. The book has been edited by Editorial CSIC and funded by the BBVA Foundation through the 'I Convocatoria de ayudas de la Fundación BBVA a proyectos de investigación'. Researchers of CEBAS-CSIC have also participated in the publication.


    New approach for the analysis of natural areas


    The project “Environmental strategy and sustainable economic tools applied to the fluviolitoral landscapes: risk, natural capital and ecosystem services (Eco2Tools)", is coordinated by Dr. Yolanda Picó, and is composed of the subprojects "Methodologies to evaluate the natural capital and risk analysis in the preservation of ecosystem services of fluviolitoral landscapes (ECO2SUPPORT)" whose main researchers are Drs. Eugenia Gimeno and Vicente Andreu, and "Risk analysis and environmental-economic reliability in the elimination of contaminants. Design of a decision support system (ECO2RISK-DSS)” whose principal investigator is Dr. Yolanda Picó.

    [Read more]

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