Classes taught at the Faculty of Economics focus on preparing students for work. Keeping the academic touch which characterises the University, this preparation aims to get as close as possible to the real business world by providing practical applications, seminars, specialised training courses, etc. However, the particularities of professional activity such as assimilating business culture, gaining a sense of responsibility for corporate tasks, work organisation, etc. are only acquired by taking part in a business organisation.
This is the meaning of work placements/internships in businesses that are offered by the Faculty of Economics. Through an integration period in the company, students acquire technical skills (how to do), interpersonal skills (how to act) and thinking skills (how to organise), all of which provide more guarantees of success to face the working world.
To carry out this task, we boast a work team made up of personnel from our University-Business Foundation ADEIT (Department of work placements/internships) and Faculty of Economics personnel (Vice Dean for Institutional Relations, Committee for work placements/internships in companies)
We have over 1,000 offers from companies seeking interns and we can assure you that these companies meet the requirements set by the Faculty of Economics. To best suit educational needs, students can select from heterogeneous organisations of various sizes from different sectors with a variety of business functions.
The Faculty of Economics managing team encourages you to carry out work placements/internships as an excellent addition to your academic and personal education.
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