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Polibenestar organitza una jornada per a joves emprenedors en economia social

Divendres 24 de febrer, l’Institut Universitari de Polítiques de Benestar Social, Polibenestar, organitza la primera jornada internacional...

Assistents a l'acte a Benissa.

Els rectors valencians creen a Benissa la Xarxa de Programes Universitaris per a Majors

Les cinc universitats públiques valencianes han constituït a Benissa la ‘Xarxa de programes universitaris per a majors de les universitats...


Just open the enrolment for courses and workshops of La Nau dels Estudiants i les Estudiantes

The Universitat opens registration for courses and workshops of La Nau dels Estudiants i les Estudiantes this Wednesday, 22 February. The...

Law Teaching Staff in OPEX

Law Teaching Staff from the Universitat de València and from the Berkeley School of Law exchange teaching experiences

The UV has hosted the first conference of the Innotalk-Law Network in which the first exchange of teaching experiences and innovation...

Plini Montoya, Vicente D. Crespo, Francisco J. Ruiz-Sánchez.

Discovering two new fossil species of bats of 6 million years ago in Venta del Moro

Researchers of the Universitat de València, Valencian Museum of Natural History and the Complutense University of Madrid have discovered...

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