425DXNEWS: 425 DX News #326

Mauro Pregliasco (i1jqj@amsat.org)
Sat, 2 Aug 1997 17:00:38 +0200

S DX@WW $425WW326A
425 DX News #326 [1/7]
 2 August 1997                     No 326                   BID: $425WW326A
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                               Edited by I1JQJ
                               IK1ADH - IK1GPG

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3D2_fi - The Daily DX reports that Jack, VK2GJH is now back on Fiji after his
         Banaba operation (he  logged some 1600  QSOs mostly  on 20  metres).
         Jack will be active as 3D2JH until 3 August, then he will return  to
9K     - 9K2HN reports that 9K6POW [425DXN 325] will start being active on  1
         August at 12 UTC. Operations might  also include RTTY and  Satellite
         AO-10. QSL via 9K2RA.
9M2    - Ray, G3NOM/9M2OM will be active (mostly  on CW, 14.040 MHz +/-  QRM)
         as 9M2OM/p from Ketam Island (AS-074)  on 2 and 3 August. He  should
         be active from  12 UTC on  2 August  until 20  UTC on  3 August.  If
         propagation permits  other frequencies  will be  14.260, 18.128  and
         21.260 SSB; 18.098 and 21.040 MHz CW. QSL via G0CMM.
CT     - Vic, CT1AXS reported to 425 DX  News that he and Jorge, CT1FMX  will
         be active  (10, 15,  20, 40  and 80  metres) as  CQ1I from  Berlenga
         Island (EU-040) from 10 to 16 August. QSL via CT1FMX.
CU     - CU9B will be active from Corvo  Island (EU-089) from  6 August to  2
         September. QSL via CU3AV.
EA     - Jose,  EA5ZI  reminds  island  chasers   that  the  Spanish   novice
         frequencies where EF5HQ is allowed to transmit are 21.200, 7.025 and
         below  3.700  MHz.  ED5HQ  and  EF5HQ  will  be  active  from   rare
         Columbretes Islands (EU-069) between 7 and 10 August [425DXN 321].
EA     - EA1ADP/p plans  to  be active  from  the islands  of  Queimada  (DIE
         N-075), Gabeira (N-076)  and Chileiteira (N-077)  within the end  of
         the week. QSL via EA1AAA.
EA9    - EA9PD/p will be active from Isla  el Pineo (DIE S-142) on 1  August.
         He plans to be active from  other EA9 islands during the first  week
         of August.
FW     - Paul, FW5IW is active  (CW only on  15, 20, 40  and 80 metres)  from
         Wallis & Futuna until 14 August. QSL via OH5UQ.
G      - Glyn, GW0ANA and the Barry Amateur  Radio Society will be active  as
         G0ANA/p from Lundy Island (EU 120)  from 3 August for six days.  QSL
         via GW0ANA.
HP     - Gerard, F2JD/HP1XBI will  be active as  HP1XBI/2 during the  weekend
         from Isla Grande (NA-202). He will stay on the island from 17 UTC on
         2 August until 22 UTC on  3 August. QSL via  F6AJA either direct  or
         through the bureau.
I      - Venice Islanders  are active  from a  few  islands (EU-131)  in  the
         Venice lagoon during the weekend.
I      - Stefano,IK2QEI and Giorgio,  I2VXJ will be  active on  all HF  bands
         from Lampedusa Island (AF-019, IIA AG-001) from 2 to 16 August. They
         will participate in the WAE CW Contest. QSL via bureau to IK2QEI.
I      - ID8/IK8BIZ is active from Cirella Island (EU-144, IIA CS-001) during
         the weekend.
I      - Weather permitting, IK8VRH and IK8UHA will IC8/ from Scoglio  Tavola
         di Mare (IIA NA-043) on 3 August.
I      - Antonello, ID9/IK2DUW and Roberto, ID9/IK8PGM will try to be  active
         from the  island  of  Basiluzzo  (EU-017,  IIA  ME-017)  during  the
I      - Fabio, IK8WTM will be IF9/ from Egadi Islands (EU-054) from 6 to  21
         August. He  plans to  be active  from  IIA TP-005,  TP-007,  TP-009,
         TP-010, TP-012, TP-013, TP-014 and TP-015 on 9-10 and 15-17  August.
         QSL via IK8WTM either direct (P.O. Box 340, 80133 Napoli-NA,  Italy)
         or through the bureau.
S DX@WW $425WW326B
425 DX News #326 [2/7]
 2 August 1997                     No 326                   BID: $425WW326B
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***

JD1_mt - Jun, JA7SSB reports  that JD1/JG8NQJ  [425DXN 323]  will be  leaving
         Minami Torishima one month earlier (in  late September). He is  used
         to operating on  7.010, 10.103  and 14.027  MHz (+/-  QRM). QSL  via
OD     - Murtada, 9K2MU is  active (CW and  SSB) from Lebanon  for about  one
         month. QSL via WA4JTK.
P4     - The DX News  Letter reports that  DL3XM, DL4LQM,  DL5LYM and  DL8WAA
         will be active as P40XM from  1 to 26 August. They will  participate
         in the WAE CW Contest and  will also try to be  active from PJ2  and
         PJ7. QSL via DL3XM (ex DL8WXM), either direct or through the bureau.
SV     - Special event station  J41WCA is currently  active to celebrate  the
         IAAF World Championships in Athens. QSL via SV1BSX.
TY     - The DX News  Letter reports that  Sigi, DJ4IJ will  be active  again
         from Benin as TY1IJ for six  weeks starting around 30 July.  Special
         attention will be given to 160, 80 and 30 metres.
V5     - Charlie, W0YG says that "the absolute  best time to  catch me on  10
         metres will be  the weekend of  August 9  and 10".  Charlie will  be
         active (CW only) from Namibia as  V5/ZS6YG [425DXN 325]. QSL  direct
         to Charles Summers, 6746 North Yucca  Trail, Parker, CO  80138-6110,
W      - Special event station AC2P/200 will be aired by members of the  Long
         Island DX Association operating from the radio room of the 200  year
         old Montauk Point Lighthouse [425DXN 323], Long Island (NA-026,  USI
         NY-03-S) from 14 UTC of 2  August to 19 UTC of  3 August. A  special
         color QSL certificate will be available. QSL direct to AC2P.
W      - The OPDX Bulletin reports that Don, K4PK will be active from  Sunset
         Beach Island (NA-112)  from 2 to  15 August. QSL  to 705 Lenoir  Ln,
         Hardy, VA 24101, USA.


AS-128/Prov   3W    MEKONG DELTA WEST group (Vietnamese islands, letter  "c")
                    following 3W4EZD's operation from Quan Phu Quoc Island.

OC-221        YB8   KAI IS  (Indonesia, YB8  islands, letter  "j")  following
                    YC8YR's (resident  in  Tual) activity.  NOTE!  Validation
                    material is still awaited from  YC8VYY for his  operation
                    from this group in May, so that do *not* submit cards yet
                    to checkpoints for this latter operation.

OC-222        YB8   OBI IS  (Indonesia, YB8  islands, letter  "m")  following
                    YC8YZ/P's operation from Tapat Island in June.

*****************************    GOOD TO KNOW ... ***************************

QSL FK ---> Please note that cards for FK8GM and FK5DX are via WB2RAJ (direct
only), while F6AJA is the QSL manager (either direct and through the  bureau)
for FK5M (Matthew Island, OC-218) only.

QSL THROUGH INTERNET  ---> Bureau cards  for FR/HB9CYN/p, FR/HB9CYV/p,  8Q7YN
and 8Q7YV can be requested via <http://ab5eh-lin.tamucc.edu/~hb9cyn>.

QSL VIA PS7KM ---> PS7KM (Karl  M. Leite, Rua Estacio  de Sa 1838,  59054-580
Natal, RN, Brasil) is the  QSL manager for  the following operations:  PY0FA,
de Noronha, SA-003);  PY0TG, PY0TK,  PY0TR, ZY0TG,  ZY0TK, ZY0TR  (Trinidade,
Peter &  Paul  Rocks, SA-014);  PY0RK,  ZY0RK (Rocas  Atoll,  SA-038);  ZW7KM
(special event stations).
S DX@WW $425WW326C
425 DX News #326 [3/7]
 2 August 1997                     No 326                   BID: $425WW326C
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *  Q S L   I N F O  [1/3] *

CALL         MANAGER       CALL         MANAGER       CALL         MANAGER
3A/JH1NBN    JH1NBN        FO4OK        FO5OK         PY0TK        PS7KM  
3A/ON6NN     ON5FP         FP5BU        F5TJP         PY0TR        PS7KM  
3V8BB        YT1AD         FP5CJ        VE2FB         R0QQ         RA4FY  
3Z0AN        SP7LZD        FR/DF2SS/P   DF2SS         R1ANF        RK1PWA 
3Z2GX        SP2FOV        FY5YE        W5SVZ         R1ANZ        RA1AD  
4F3CV        HB9CXZ        G/F6BFH/P    F6BFH         R1ASP        RA1AD  
4F4IX        DU4IX         GB0ON        ON4ON         R1FJL        JA3AFR 
4U1UN        W6TER         GC0STH/P     G4DIY         R1FJV        UA3AGS 
4U1WB        KK4HD         GD6YB/P      G3SWH         RA0FA        WK6C   
5A28         OE2GRP        GJ/DF3OL     DF3OL         RI0TA        RA3DEJ 
5H1FS        I4UFH         GJ0MEU       ON4ON         RK1B/1       RV1AC  
5H3ES        DF9SU         GM3IZD/P     G3IZD         RK3DXZ/3     RZ3DO  
5H3JA        K0OB          GM3USL/P     GM0KVI        RZ0LWA       UA0MF  
5N0T         F2YT          GM4SID/P     GM4SID        S79MAD       GW4WVO 
5N8NDP/P     IK5JAN        GM5VG/P      GM3UTQ        SK7DX        SM7PKK 
5X1T         ON5NT         GU7D         G3SJJ         SM/DK5RK     DK5RK  
5X1Z         SM7PKK        GW7A         G0DBE         SP0BG        SP9ZGN 
7K3EOP/1     7K3EOP        GW7V         GW0GEI        SV1CID       SV1CID 
7Q7RM        G0IAS         H22A         YL3AF         SV5/HA0HW/P  HA0HW  
7X2CR        IS0LYN        H25X         5B4XF         SV5/OM3LA/P  OM1APD 
7Z1IS        SM0OFG        HF0POL       SP3FYM        SV8/DK2OC/P  W4FC   
8P6DA        KU9C          HF1GD        SP2BIK        SV8/ON5CT/P  ON5CT  
8P9DS        PA0ERA        HL0Z/4       DS4CNB        SX2THE       SV2TSL 
9A/DL8YTM/P  DL8YTM        HP1XBI/4     F6AJA         T20AA        KD4XN  
9A50D        9A1BHI        HR1LW        JA1LW         T32O         WC5P   
9A9JH        DL9JH         HR2A         KB5IPQ        T33JH        VK2GJH 
9G1YR        G4XTA         HZ1CCA       IK7JTF        T9/YO6DBL    YO9XC  
9H0A         LA2TO         IA5/IK5VLS   IK5VLS        T94DX        DL1FDV 
9H3JR        DJ0QJ         IB0ONU       I0YKN         TA0/IK3GES/P IK3GES 
9H3XY        G4ZVJ         IH9/IT9JOF   IT9JOF        TA2IJ        DJ9ZB  
9H3ZV        G4ZVJ         IJ7/IK7TAJ   IK7TAJ        TC0II        TA1T   
9H5IP        9H1CC         IJ7/IK7XIV   IK7XIV        TF/AE4FY     K4GZ   
9K2/SP5UAM   SP5PBE        IJ7/IK7XNF   IK7XNF        TF/DL6QK     DL6QK  
9K2AI        IK7JTF        IL3/IK2PZG   IK2PZG        TF/LA2IJ     LA2IJ  
9K2GS        WB6JMS        IL3/IK2WXQ   IK2WXQ        TK/IK0XBX    IK0XBX 
9K2QQ        AA6BB         IL3/IK2XYG   IK2XYG        TL8BC        F5IPW  
9K6POW       9K2RA         IL3/OE8XJK   OE8XJK        TL8CK        F6EWM  
9M2OM/P      G0CMM         IL3VIA       IK3VIA        TM0K         F5BSB  
9M6AAC       N2OO          IL7/IK7BRX   IK7BRX        TM0M         ON5FP  
9M8ZZ        PA3FWG        IL7/IZ7ATN   IZ7ATN        TM5RED       F6KQC  
9N1UD        K4UVD         IM0/IK6CGO   IK6CGO        TM9M         F6KNB  
9Q5HX        IK2MRZ        IM0/IS0UPR   IS0UPR        TT8LJP       F5TRP  
9V1AN        JJ1TBB        IM0/IS0VBH   IS0VBH        TZ6JA        JA3EMU 
A35MJ        KS7D          IU3SSM       IK3ZBJ        UA9UST       UA9AB  
A61AQ        N1DG          IY5PIS       IK5QPZ        UE0LMF       UA0MF  
AC2P/200     AC2P          J3/G0TYX     G0TYX         US8U         UT4UWT 
AH8A         AC7DX         J42TCE       SV2CWW        V47CA        VE3BW  
AP50N        AP2MMN        J48ISL       SV2AEL        V47KAI       K2SB   
AP50WAP      IK4ZGY        J48LSV       SV8DTD        V5/OH2NNE    OH2NNE 
AT0ITU       VU2UR         J48W         SV1CIB        V63DA        JE5WJM 
BO0M         BV2KI         JD1/JG8NQJ   JA8CJY        V63KU        JA6NL  
BO2YA        BO2AB         JD1/JM1YGG   7N3GNX        V73GT        WF5T   
C53/DL5NAM   DL5NAM        JW/DJ3KR     DJ3KR         VE1JS        VE1JS  
CH6RCH       VE6BEX        JW0M         SP2QOQ        VE7/N6VV     N6VV   
CJ3FW        VE3FW         JW2PA        LA2PA         VE7USI       NL7TB  
CL8VP        CO8RCG        JX6RHA       LA6RHA        VE8B         VE3TIG 
CN68NL       CN8NL         JY9QJ        DL5MBY        VK9LF        JR4PMX 
CN8VK        IK0ZKK        KF8TM/4      KF8TM         VK9LL        JH4RHF 
CO3ZD        CT1ESO        KH0CG        WH0AAV        VK9LR        JH4RHF 
CO4BM        CT1ESO        KH8/K7CXJ    KH6JEB        VK9NX        VK4FW  
CO8HF        CT1ESO        KL7/W6IXP    W6IXP         VP5/I4ALU    I4ALU  
CQ1C         CT1CFI        KP2/AA1BU    WA1LNP        VP8CTR       DL5EBE 
CQ2I         CT1EEB        KP3X         KP4XX         VQ9IE        WY8Q   
CS7UW        CT4UW         KP4IX        WP4MIM        VR97UW       VR2UW  
CU2X         DK4LI         L20H         LU4HAW        VU2AU/50     VU2AU  
CU8L         CU3EJ         LA/DK4UN/P   DK4UN         VU2PAI/50    VU2PAI 
CY7TUB       VE7NA         LA/F5YJ/P    F5YJ          WB8YJF       WB8YJF 
CY9SS        VY2SS         LA/F8UFT/P   F5YJ          WH2Q         JI1DLZ 
DL4OCL/P     DL4OCL        LG5LG        SM0DJZ        X5ACL        YU1FW  
DL5CW/P      DL5CW         LU3DL        LU4AA         XE1L         WA3HUP 
DL6MHW/P     DL6MHW        LX2AW        CT1AWE        XJ9GM        VE2CWI 
DL8OBC/P     DL8OBC        LY97XA       LY1XA         XL3AEA       VE3SJL 
S DX@WW $425WW326D
425 DX News #326 [4/7]
 2 August 1997                     No 326                   BID: $425WW326D
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *  Q S L   I N F O  [2/3] *

EA1/F6ELE    F6ELE         M7F          G3PMR         XN0OS        VY2OS  
EA1/F6HKA    F6HKA         M7N          G3WOI         XV7TH        SK7AX  
EA3URE       EA3AFW        M7T          G3XTT         YB2BRW       N2UE   
EA8/OH4NL    OH2BYS        MJ0AWR       K2WR          YI1OM        IK2DUW 
ED1ISG       EA1EPB        MU0ASP       F5SHQ         YI9VK        HA0HW  
ED1MC        EA1NK         N3OC         N3OC          YJ8UU        ZL2HE  
ED1OCV       EA1AAA        OD5/SP3DPR   SP3NYM        YM7PA        PA0TLX 
ED5MFP       EA5VM         OE5T         OE5XVL        YU9A         YU1FW  
ED5RPU       EA5GNW        OH0/N4GN     N4GN          ZA1MH        Z32KV  
ED5URD       EA5GMB        OH0BH        OH2BH         ZF2HQ        G0VHQ  
ED7SPI       EA7PY         OH0MDR/1     OH1MDR        ZF8/ZF2DE    N4BP   
EG1ISG       EA1EPB        OH0TA        OH2TA         ZF8/ZF2DN    KP4AM  
EJ2HY        EI2HY         OH2JA/P      OH2IW         ZF8/ZF2JS    WD4JNS 
EJ2IB        EI2IB         OH6YF        OH6YF         ZF8/ZF2PU    W4OVU  
EJ4GK        EI4GK         OJ0/N4GN     N4GN          ZK1CC        ZL2HU  
EO2QMD       UA5QRB        OL5OPZ       OK2BIQ        ZP24I        ZP5WYV 
EP2MKP       UV6HPV        OM7HQ        OM3JW         ZW5B         PY5EG  
ES1RA/1      ES1RA         OY4TN        OY6FRA        ZW7KM        PS7KM  
ES5RF/0      OH2LVA        OY6A         DL1MGB        ZY0FA        PS7KM  
ES7/IK6CAC   IK6CAC        OZ/DL3HBG/P  DL3HBG        ZY0FK        PS7KM  
ET3IV        I3IVW         P40W         N2MM          ZY0FMC       PS7KM  
EU4VUJ       K8PYD         P40XM        DL3XM         ZY0FMN       PS7KM  
EU930EU      LY1BA         P43JB        OH6ZS         ZY0FRG       PS7KM  
EW35WB       EW1WB         PA/DL1MP/P   DL1MP         ZY0FRT       PS7KM  
EY1ZA        W3HNK         PA/ON7PC/P   ON7PC         ZY0MNF       PS7KM  
EY8AM        DF3OL         PA3EVJ       VE3MR         ZY0RK        PS7KM  
F/ON4BDS/P   ON4BDS        PI4/LX9VIS   LX1TI         ZY0SK        PS7KM  
F/ON6NN      ON5FP         PS8PY/P      PS8DX         ZY0SP        PS7KM  
FG/EA3CB     EA3CB         PY0FA        PS7KM         ZY0SR        PS7KM  
FG/F2HE      F6LQJ         PY0FK        PS7KM         ZY0SS        PS7KM  
FG5HR        F6BUM         PY0RK        PS7KM         ZY0SW        PS7KM  
FH/DF2SS/P   DF2SS         PY0SK        PS7KM         ZY0SY        PS7KM  
FK5DX        WB2RAJ        PY0SP        PS7KM         ZY0TG        PS7KM  
FK8GM        WB2RAJ        PY0SR        PS7KM         ZY0TK        PS7KM  
FM/ON4BAM/P  ON4BAM        PY0TG        PS7KM         ZY0TR        PS7KM  

4F2DX    DDXG, Dutch DX Group, P.O.Box 232, 7670 AE, Vriezenveen, Netherlands
5H3CA    Jonathan Anderson, P.O.Box 39, Bariadi, Tanzania
7N3GNX   Tatuo Torii, 34-10 Sakuragaoka 3, Tama 206, Japan
AH0Y     Rodante Cruz, AAA 479, CB 10001, Saipan, MP-96950, U.S.A.
BD4RA    P.O.Box 542, Nanjing, China
BD6QD    Libo, P.O.Box 60.003, Wuhan, China
BO2AB    Jini Lin, P.O.Box 504, Taipei, Taiwan
BV2KI    Bruce Yih, P.O.Box 84-609, Taipei, Taiwan
BV2RF    Kao, P.O.Box 3-129, Yungho Taipei, Taiwan
BV4OM    Fang Shiao, P.O.Box 200, Nantou, Taiwan
CN8NL    Mabil, P.O.Box 171, Rabat, Morocco
CN8VB    Benchimol Maurice, 10 Rue Ibnou Khalouya, 20500 Casablanca, Morocco
CT1EEB   Jose de Sa, P.O.Box 79, P-3860, Estarreja, Portugal
DK4QO    Alfred Fatum, Schulte Berge Str.16, D-45968, Gladbeck, Germany
DL1FDV   Mario Lovric, Hagebuttenweg 4, D-61231, Bad Nauheim, Germany
DL3KDV   Dieter Voss, Friedrichsthal 21, D-51688 Wipperfuerth, Germany
DL6MHW   Michael Hoeding, Bruno-Taut-Ring 56, D-39130, Magdeburg, Germany
DS1BZR   Shim Jung-Seob, 390-8 Booam-Dong Jongro-Ku, Seoul 110-021, S.Korea
EW4MM    Casamir Kopachel, P.O.Box 88, 231500, Byelorussia
EW930WN  P.O.Box 50, 220102 Minsk, Byelorussia
F6KNB    Radio-Club AOM-PTT de Bordeaux, Central Telephonique Rue de Pessac
         F-33170, Gradignan, France
FG5GG    Roland B.Bogota, Saint-Protais, F-97180 Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe
FK8HC    Frank Petitjean, P.O.Box 7636, F-98801 Noumea, New Caledonia
FK8VHN   Didier Lavisse, Caserne Normandie, P.O.Box 12, F-98842 Noumea Cedex,
         New Caledonia
FO5OK    Eddy Tchung, P.O.Box 491, Papeete, Tahiti Island, French Polinesia
HK3SGP   Francisco "SISO" Hennessey, P.O.Box 170.030, Bogota, Colombia
HL1CG    Hyungsuk Song, Kaehwa APT # 107-305, Banghwa-3-dong, Kangsc-ku,
         Seoul 157-223, South Korea
HL3HNC   Jin-Tai Kim, #102-402, Kukdong Apt. Munhwa 2 Dong, Chjng-Gu,
         Taejon 301-132, South Korea
HL9RK    Dave Pote, PSC 3, P.O.Box 4347, APO, AP-96266-4347, U.S.A.
HR1RC    Rolando Chavarria, Calle I Milagrosa No.3611, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
S DX@WW $425WW326E
425 DX News #326 [5/7]
 2 August 1997                     No 326                   BID: $425WW326E
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *  Q S L   I N F O  [3/3] *

I0YKN    Nuccio Meoli, P.O.Box 1, I-04010, Cori (LT), Italy
IK7XIV   Roberto Paisio, Via Seneca 23, I-73020 Cavallino (LE), Italy
IS0VBH   Gioacchino Baffone, Via Donizetti 9, I-08040 Lotzorai (NU), Italy
J42TCE   P.O.Box 20120, GR-55110, Thessaloniki, Makedonia, Greece
KH0CE    Ignacio G.Capuchino, P.O.Box 2249, Saipan, MP-96950, U.S.A.
KH0I     Hilario Feliciano, P.O.Box 7670, Saipan, MP-96950, U.S.A.
LU3XPS   Maio A.Caballido, Lapataia 335, 9410 Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego,
LU4HAW   Radio Club Villa Carlos Paz, P.O.Box 104, 5152 Villa Carlos Paz,
         Cordoba, Argentina
LU6BEG   Ernesto M.Grueneberg, P.O.Box 1589, 1000 CF, Argentina
OE2GRP   Recep Gursoy, Moserkellergasse 16, A-5202, Newmarkt A.W., Austria
OH2IW    Pasi Luoma-aho, Vallikuja 10 A 8, SF-02600, Espoo, Finland
OH2TA    Pekka Holstila, Linnaistentie 7, SF-01640, Vantaa, Finland
PA0TLX   P.O.Box 2010, NL-1180, EA Amstelveen, Netherlands
PP5LL    Jaime Lira Do Valle, P.O.Box 08-88010-970, Florianopolis, SC, Brazil
PS7KM    Karl M.Leite, Rua Estacio de Sa 1838, BR-59054-580 Natal, RN, Brazil
RK1PWA   Nick Shapkin, P.O.Box 73, 164744 Amderma, Arkhangelskaja, Russia
RV1AC    Alex, P.O.Box 104, 192241, St.Petersburg, Russia
SM3CVM   Lars Aronsson, Lillfjellvegen 62, S-831 71, Ostersund, Sweden
SM7PKK   Mats Persson, Zenithgatan 24 #5, SE-212 14 Malmoe, Sweden
UV6HPV   Rosa T.Baranova, P.O.Box 999, 355044 Stavropol, Russia
VE9AA    Michael E.Smith, 271 Smith Road, Waterville, NB, E2V 3V6, Canada
VK2GJH   Jack Hayden, P.O.Box 299, Ryde NSW 2112, Australia
VK3 Buro WIA Victoria, Inwards QSL Bureau, 40G Victory Boulevard, Ashburton,
         Vic 3147, Australia
VU2PAI   Pai, P.O.Box 730, 575003 Mangalore, India
XJ9GM    West Island ARC, P.O.Box 884, Pointe Claire/Dorval, Quebec, H9R 4Z6,
ZB2EO    J.Bautista, 47 Valiant House, Gibraltar
ZD7BG    Gilbert, P.O.Box 157, Jamestown, St.Helena Island

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S DX@WW $425WW326F
425 DX News #326 [6/7]
 2 August 1997                     No 326                   BID: $425WW326F
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                           POST IOTA CONTEST  [1/2]

The following  list  of  QSL routes  has been compiled by  Pascual Guardiola,
EA5EYJ.  Further information,  comments  and amendments must  be  sent direct 
to   him   at    either   e-mail   address  <ea5eyj@arrakis.es>   or    AX.25

                       IOTA CONTEST 1997  (26-27 JULY)

 CALL        QTH   QSL Info
4F3CV       OC-042 HB9CXZ
4M5I        SA-048 I2CBM
5B4/G3LNS   AS-004 G3LNS RSGB-Bureau
5H1FS       AF-032 I4UFH Buro or CBA
7K3EOP/1    AS-008 7K3EOP
7N2ATO      AS-007 HL5CL
7S2AT       EU-135 SK2AT Umea Radioamatorer, Mariehemsgarden, S-90236
                   Umea, Sweden
7S6KY       EU-043 SK6KY
8P6CV       NA-021 KU9C direct or bureau or e-mail
9A/DL6LZM/p EU-136 DL6LZM Peter Schmeiduch, Dornbergerstr. 14, 04315
                   Leipzig, GERMANY
9A4RU       EU-016 Bureau
9H0A        EU-023 LA2TO
9M2OM/p     AS-072 G0CMM John Bell, 28 Stiles Avenue, Marple, tockport,
                   SK66LR, England, UK
9V1ZB       AS-019 JL3WSL
A45XL       AS-014 G4VUO M.B.Beck, 11 Orde Close, Pound Hill Crawley, 
                   W Sussex, Great Britian, UK.
AA4V/P      NA-110 Bureau or CBA direct.
BO0M        AS-113 BV2KI Bruce Yih, Box 84-609, Taipei, Taiwan ROC or
                   via bureau.
BV4HB       AS-020 S C Lin, Box 2006, Taichung, Taiwan
BV4QW       AS-020 bureau
CO3ZD       NA-015 CT1ESO
CO4BM       NA-056 CT1ESO
CO8HF       NA-015 CT1ESO
CQ1C        EU-145 CT2GFK
CQ2I        EU-150 CT1EEB Jose de Sa, P.O.Box 79, 3860 Estarreja,
CU8L        EU-089 CU3EJ
CY7TUB      NA-036 VE7NA Nanaimo Amateur Radio Assoc., 5387 Lost Lake
                   Rd, Nanaimo BC, V9T5E7, CANADA
CY9SS       NA-094 VY2SS Robert Robertson, RR 2, Bloomfield C0B 1E0,
DK8OL       EU-042 Bureau
DL0HRO/P    EU-129 DL0HRO bureau or direct (CBA 96).
DL1BWU/P    EU-098 Bureau.
DL1WA/P     EU-129 Bureau
DL2MX/P     EU-057 Bureau
DL3KZA      EU-057 Bureau
DL4OCL/P    EU-098 DL4OCL bureau or direct: Matthias Deutscher, P.O.
                   Box 100412, D-30942 Ronnenberg,Germany
DL6MHW/P    EU-128 DL6MHW bureau or direct:DL6MHW Michael Hoeding
                   Bruno-Taut-Ring 56 39130 Magdeburg Germany
DL8OBC/P    EU-127 DL8OBCbureau or direct.
DU1SAN      OC-042 Serafin A Nepomuceno, 186 MacArthur Highway,
                   Potrero, Malabon 1475, MM, Philippines
EA6BH       EU-004 Mateo Campomar Munar, C.Reina M. Montpeller 74-B,
                   07007 Palma de Mallorca
ED1ISC      EU-077 EA1EPB
ED1ISG      EU-077 EA1EPB
ED1MC       EU-077 (SSB) via EA1NK ... (CW) via EA1DD
ED1OCV      EU-077 EA1AAA: Javier Claro Andrade, P.O.Box, 8, 27772
                   Valadouro (Lugo), Spain
ED5HQ       EU-069 EA5HQ
ED7SPI      EU-143 EA7PY Juan Jose Sanchez Pecci, Apart.Postal 37,
                   11130 Chiclana de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain
EG1ISG      EU-077 EA1EPB bureau or direct.
EJ1D        EU-121 EI5HD
EJ2I        EU-121 EI5HD
EJ4GK/p     EU-103 EI4GK
ES1QD/0     EU-034 ES1QD
F/EA3NY     EU-064 EA5OL
F/ON4BDS/P  EU-068 ON4BDS either direct or through the bureau.
F/ON5FP     EU-058 ON5FP
F/ON6NN     EU-058 ON5FP
F5PAC/P     EU-064 Bureau
F6KTL/P     EU-064 F6CKH
FG5HR       NA-114 F6BUM
FK8GM       OC-032 FK8GM bureau or WB2RAJ direct
FK8GJ       OC-032 F6CXJ or CBA Direct
FK8VHN/P    OC-033 Didier Lavisse, Caserne Normandie, B.P. 12, F-98842
                   Noumea Cedex, Nouvelle Caledonie, FRANCE
FS5PL       NA-105 N0JT (ex KF0UI)
G7Q         EU-005 G0SAH
G7Y         EU-005 G0FOS
GB0ON       EU-099 ON4ON also through the bureau.
GD6YB/P     EU-116 G3SWH Phil Whitchurch, 21 Dickensons Grove,
                   Congresbury, Bristol, BS19 5HQ, United Kingdom,
                   either with SASE or via the RSGB Bureau
GI7J        EU-115 GW4VEQ
GM3IZD/P    EU-008 G3IZD
GM3POI      EU-009 CBA
GM3USL/P    EU-123 GM0KVI  bureau
GM5VG/P     EU-008 GM3UTQ Bureau or direct CBA
GU7D        EU-114 G3SJJ
GW7A        EU-005 G0DBE
GW7V        EU-124 GM0GEI Bureau or direct: Steve Jones, Bron Heulog,
                   Rhostrehwfa, Llangefni, Ynys Mon, LL77 7AJ Wales U.K
HL0Y/4      AS-060 Buro or Yarra-Yonsei University, 134 Shinchon-Dong,
                   Seodaemun, Seoul 120-749, South Korea
HL0Z/4      AS-093 DS4CNB D.R.Lee, Kwangsan POB 111, Kwangju
HP1XBI/4    NA-088 F6AJA direct or bureau.
IB0/IZ7ATN  EU-045 IZ7ATN direct or bureau
IB0ONU      EU-045 I0YKN Nuccio Meoli, P.O.Box 1,04010 CORI (LT), ITALIA
IC8WIC      EU-031 Gian Luca Salvia, Via lo Palazzo 26, Capri 80073,
IK2XYG      EU-130 IK2XYG
IK/OE8XJK/P EU-130 OE8XJK bureau or direct
IJ7/IK7EZP  EU-091 IK7ZCP bureau or direct:Nico Ciannamea, c/o Mail
                   Boxes, Via Terlizzi 10/A, 70056 Molfetta - BA, ITALIA
IJ7/IK7XIV  EU-073 IK7XIV bureau or direct:Roberto Paisio, Via Seneca 23,
                   73020 Cavallino-LE, Italy
IL3VIA      EU-131 IK3VIA
IT9GSF      EU-025 bureau
J3/G0TYX    NA-024 G0TYX
J48ISL      EU-049 SV2AEL
J48LSV      EU-049 SV8DTD bureau or direct: PO Box 46, Mytilene,
                   GR-81100, Grecia.. isl Lesvos - Grecia
J48W        EU-052 SV1CIB bureau
JA1EY/P     AS-008 JA1EY
JI4SEU      AS-041 Hiroshi Kusaka, 124 Tsudo, Tsuma-mura, Oki, Japan
JG6URG/6    AS-077 Teturo Urakawa, 10768-1 Ono, Yamauchi, Saga 849-23,
JW2PA       EU-026 LA2PA
JX6RHA      EU-022 LA6RHA
K1VSJ/p     NA-046 K1VSJ Howard M Bromberg, 21 Wingate Rd, Province,
                   RI-02906, USA
KF8TM/4     NA-085 KF8TM bureau or direct: DAVID T HUTCHINS, 4401 GIBBS
                   RD, NORWALK OH-44857, USA
KH2/JA1HGY         JA1HGY Nao Mashita, 8-2-4 Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo 107,
KL7/W6IXP   NA-157 W6IXP Buro or Direct: P.O. Box 370535, Montara, CA
                   94037, USA
KL7AK       NA-041 N6IV
KP3L        NA-099 Luis R Rosario Padro, Terr Guaynabo Aleli N 30,
                   Guaynabo PR-00969, USA
KP4/AA5DX   NA-099 N2AU
LA/DK4UN/P  EU-079 DK4UN Ronny Triemer, Inselstr 14, D-09113 Chemnitz,
LA/F8UFT    EU-044 F5YJ
LA4GHA      EU-056 Bureau or Direct: Roger Bjorgvik, Straudavn 3, 
                   N-6420 Aukuan, Norway.
M7A         EU-011 G4ZFE
M7F         EU-005 G3PMR
M7G         EU-005 G1AHM
M7N         EU-120 G3WOI
M7S                M0AGQ
M7T         EU-005 G3XTT
MJ0AWR      EU-013 K2WR
MW7Z        EU-124 Bureau
N3OC/P      NA-139 N3OC (ex WA3WJD) bureau or direct.
N5KM        NA-143 Bureau
NL7P        NA-158 WB4BSJ
OH0MDR/1    EU-096 OH1MDR
OH0MYF/6    EU-101 OH6YF
OH0TA       EU-002 OH2TA
OH2JA/P     EU-097 bureau or Pasi Luoma-aho, Vallikuja 10 A 8, 02600
                   Espoo, Finland
OH6YF       EU-101 OH6YF
S DX@WW $425WW326G
425 DX News #326 [7/7]
 2 August 1997                     No 326                   BID: $425WW326G
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                           POST IOTA CONTEST  [2/2]

OY6A        EU-018 DL1MGB
OZ/DL2HEB/p EU-088 DL2HEB Bureau
OZ5MJ       EU-029 Jens Palle Moreau Jorgensen, Jaegerbakken 13, DK-5260
                   Odense, Denmark
PA2JJB/p    EU-038 PA2JJB bureau or direct
PA3EVJ      EU-146 VE3MR
PY0FF       SA-003 W9VA bureau or direct: William B Smith , 1345 Linden
                   Ave, Deerfield , IL-60015, USA
R1FJL       EU-019 JA3AFR
RA0FA       AS-018 WK6C (ex AB6KE) Carmine M Fiorello, 33792 Granada
                   DR, Dana Point, CA-92629, USA
RI0TA       AS-095 RA3DEJ Dmitriy, P.O. Box 2, Zarya, 143992, Russia.
RK1B/1      EU-162 RV1AC Alexander V. Pashenko, POB 104, St.Petersburg
                   241, 192241 RUSIA
RZ0LWA      AS-066 UA0MF
S79MAD      AF-024 GW4WVO
SM/DK5RK    EU-037 DK5RK
SK7DX       EU-138 SM7PKK
SV1BRL/8    EU-052 SV1BRL
SV1CID/P    EU-158 SV1CID bureau or direct: Kostas Bakolitsas, 3
                   Parodos Kolokotronh 11, Agrinio 30100, Greece
SV5/HA0HW/p EU-001 HA0HW
TA/IK3GES/P AS-098 IK3GES from (Kara), AS-115 (Kekova) and AS-099
TA2DS/0     AS-099 WA3HUP
TF/KZ1L     EU-021 KZ1L
TM0K               F5BSB
TM0M        EU-058 ON5FP
TM1OOL             F6KWP
TM5FAR             F5PVX bureau or direct
TU2XZ       ----   W3HC (ex W3HCW) only direct
UA0NL/0     AS-066 UA0NL
UA0SJ       ----   UW0ST CBA
V73GT       OC-028 WF5T bureau or direct: Paul I Rubinfeld, P.O.Box
                   4909, Santa Fe , NM-87502, USA
VE1JS       NA-127 VE1JS
VE7/N6VV    NA-051 N6VV Lew Jenkins II, 819 Slater Ave, Pleasant Hill,
                   CA-94523, USA
VP5JM       NA-002 W3HNK Joseph L Arcure Jr, P.O.Box 73, Edgemont,
                   PA-19028, USA
VP8CTR      AN-006 DL5EBE
WI7N        NA-065 WI7N
WL7MA/p     NA-042 WL7MA cba  
WB8YJF      NA-067 WB8YJF
WH2Q               JI1DLZ
XE1L        NA-034 WA3HUP Mary Ann Crider, 2485 Lewisberry rd.,York
                   Haven,PA-17370, USA
XJ9GM       NA-014 VE2CWI : The West Island Amateur Radio Club Inc.,
                   P.O. Box 884, Pointe Claire/Dorval, Quebec, H9R 4Z6
YB1XUR      OC-021 YC1XUR CBA or EA5KB bureau
YB2UDH      OC-021 Tatang,P:O:Box 277, Magelang 56101, Indonesia
YB5QZ       OC-143 bureau or direct: Anton Iriawan, P.O.Box 1035,
                   Pekanbaru 28010, Indonesia
YB5NOF/8    OC-146 YB5NOF John E.Daluas, P.O.Box 1205, Palu 94001,
YC5XIP      OC-106 YC5XIP
YC8BJK      OC-147 YC8BJK
YC8TXW      OC-210 YB5NOF or Ronny, P.O.Box 166, Tahuna, Kepulauan
                   Sangir, Indonesia
YC8TZR      OC-209 YB5NOF or Jusuf Maringka, P.O.Box 205, Lirung,
                   Kepulauan Talaud, Indonesia
YC9NBR      OC-148 Irianus, P.O.Box 1021, Kupang 85000, NTT, Indonesia
YU9A        EU-163 YU1FW
ZA0SI       EU-169 HB9RG (HA1AG informs that HB9RG it is not the
                   manager. It is possible that it will be PIRATE.)
ZK1AAT      OC-013 KQ2I John A Tyson, P.O.Box 165, Pottersville,
                   NJ-07979, USA

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
425 DX News Editor
E-mail: i1jqj@amsat.org

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