425 DX News #339 [1/2]

Mauro Pregliasco (i1jqj@amsat.org)
Sat, 1 Nov 1997 01:33:36 +0100

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425 DX News #339 [1/12]
 1 November 1997                   No 339                  BID: $425WW339A
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                               Edited by I1JQJ
                               IK1ADH - IK1GPG

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3B8    - Jean-Michel, F6AJA reports that Jacques, F6HMJ  will be 3B8/ on  all
         bands from Mauritius (AF-049) between 26 November and 12 December. 
3D2_rot- It is  being rumoured  that Ron,  ZL1AMO  will operate  from  Rotuma
         (OC-060) probably as 3D2RW/R from 8  November for one week. QSL  via
5T     - The Daily DX  reports that  a group  of Japanese  amateurs from  the
         International Amateur Radio Volunteers will be in Mauritania from  6
         to 12 November. They hope  to operate (especially  on low bands  and
         RTTY) in their spare time as 5T5U. QSL via JA1UT.
5V     - The DX News Sheet reports that Mike, N7MB, one of the 5V7A CQ WW  CW
         Contest team operators [425DXN 333], will be active on RTTY as 5V7MB
         for ten days  before and ten  days after the  contest. QSL via  home
8P     - The Daily DX reports that Glenn, VA3DX will be active as 8P9DX  from
         Barbados (NA-021) between 10  and 17 November  and again between  18
         January and  1 February  1998.   He  will  be looking  for  European
         stations on 160 metres at their sunrise. QSL via VE3ICR or VA3DX.
9M2    - Ray Gerrard,  G3NOM/9M2OM  will leave  Malaysia  on 2  November  and
         return to the UK.  He is expecting  another overseas assignment  but
         until further notice please send  any mail to  37 Godward Road,  New
         Mills, High Peak, SK12 2BU, England UK.
9M0_spr- Don  Field,  G3XTT  reports  that  the   CDXC  (Chiltern  DX   Club)
         multinational expedition to Layang Layang, Spratly Islands  (AS-051)
         is confirmed to take place between 12 and 24 February 1998 with  the
         call 9M0C.  It is planned to keep four stations on the air round the
         clock, to maximise band openings. All HF bands will be activated, on
         SSB, CW and RTTY. The target is  to make at least 40,000 QSOs,  with
         particular emphasis on specialist bands and  modes (low bands,  WARC
         bands, 6 metres and RTTY) and  on reaching parts of the world  (such
         as east  Coast  US)  which have  a  difficult  propagation  path  to
         Spratly. It  is intended  to make  significant use  of computer  and
         Internet  technology  to  make   information  available  about   the
         expedition and to expedite QSLing after the event. QSO data will  be
         uploaded to the  Internet while the expedition is in progress. Pilot
         stations  in  Europe  (G3ZAY),  the  US  (N1DG)  and  Japan  (to  be
         announced) will  act as  an interface  to  the team.  The  Malaysian
         Tourism Promotion Board has kindly agreed to help with the  printing
         of QSLs and will sponsor a series of prizes and awards in connection
         with the  expedition,  details of  which  will  be  released  later.
         Donations can  be made  to K5VT  (USA), VK2BEX  (Japan/Oceania)  and
         G3WGV (elsewhere). QSL via G3SWH either direct (Phil Whitchurch,  21
         Dickensons  Grove,  Congresbury,  Bristol,  BS19  5HQ,  England)  or
         through   the    bureau.    A   Web    page    is    available    at
9Q     - Peter,  5X1T/ON6TT  and  Mats,  5X1Z/SM7PKK  will  be  active   from
         Kisangani, Democratic  Republic of  Congo (Zaire)  between 3  and  7
         November. Look for them during their evenings.
A4     - The DX News Sheet reports that  Chris, G4VUO, has gone QRT as  A45XL
         (AS-014) [425DXN 331]  but will be  active again between  17 and  21
         December. His old shack is being used by Dave, A45XJ.
A4     - The Daily DX repots that  after their operation  from Dubai (see  A6
         below) David, K3LP and Rich, KE3Q  will be active from Muscat,  Oman
         between 2 and 5 December.
S DX@WW $425WW339B
425 DX News #339 [2/12]
 1 November 1997                   No 339                  BID: $425WW339B
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***

A6     - The Daily DX reports that David,  K3LP will be joined by Rich,  KE3Q
         in Dubai between 22 November and 2 December [425DXN 331]. Plans  are
         to help Ali, A61AJ, finish off his antenna farm and then participate
         in the CQ WW CW Contest.  They will be active  before and after  the
         contest mostly on CW on the  low bands. QSL for this operation  only
         to K3LP (ex AA6DC).
BY     - The DX  News Sheet  reports that  Merv, K9FD  and Price,  W0RI,  are
         planning to be active for  a week in  November, December or  January
         from BY1QH. Special  emphasis will be  given on 160  metres using  a
         full size dipole. QSL via K9FD.
C6     - Don, N5XG reports to 425 DX News that he will be active as  N5XG/C6A
         from Berry Is (NA-054) on 22 November.  Look for him on 7.015 MHz  3
         UTC, on 14.260 MHz 13 UTC  and 19 UTC,  on 14.040 MHz  at 16 UTC  22
         UTC. QSL via N5XG (ex K5BDX).
CO     - Carlos, SM0KCO reports  that the  T48RCT operation  [425DXN 327]  is
         confirmed to  take  place  from  Cuba  between  24  November  and  7
         December. A group of 12 amateurs  from Sweden and Denmark will  join
         forces with local operators of Radio Club Las Tunas and be active on
         all bands, WARC included, on CW, SSB and RTTY. They will participate
         in the CQ  WW CW Contest  (Multi-Multi) on 29-30  November. QSL  via
         SK0UX  (please  note  that  a  QSL  server  will  be  available   at
         http://ham.te.hik.se/clubs/sk0ux - you will be able to download  and
         print your card a few hours after the QSO).
DU     - Yuki, JI6KVR reports that KE6UP/DU6 will  be active from Visayan  Is
         (OC-129) until 2 November. QSL via KE6UP.
DU     - The OPDX Bulletin reports that Robin, DU9RG will be active as  4I9RG
         in  November.  This  special  prefix  is   to  celebrate  the   65th
         anniversary of the Philippine Amateur Radio Association.
EI     - Keith, EI4FBB reports to 425 DX  News that a  group of EI  operators
         will be active in the Leonids meteor shower (16-17 November) on  144
         MHz as  EI2CA.  Skeds are  availible  by e-mailing  Paul,  EI2CA  at
EL     - Joe, EL/K3KN [425DXN 335] is now active as EL2JR. QSL via KB3U.
ER     - If you need Moldova on 30,  17 and 12 metres  look for Slawa,  ER1LW
         during the weekends on  10.104, 18.072 and  24.895 MHz (CW),  18.130
         and 24.945 MHz (SSB). Slawa is  also active on RTTY. QSL to  P.O.Box
         112, Chisinau,  MD 2012,  Moldova, C.I.S.Slawa's  e-mail address  is
HS     - Masa, JE2UFU reports he will be  active (10, 15,  20 and 40  metres)
         from E22AAA until 14 November while on a business trip in Bangkok.
HS     - The DX  News  Sheet  reports that  EY8MM,  HS1CHB  and  others  will
         participate in the CQ WW CW  Contest from E22AAA. They have  applied
         for a special permission to operate on 160 and 80 metres.
I      - Gaetano, IT9GAI will  be IJ9/  from Isola delle  Palme  (EU-025, IIA 
         SR-???) on 1 November and (with Nando, IT9YRE)  from Isola Grande di
         Marzameni (EU-025, IIA SR-005) on 2 November.
J3     - The DXNL reports  that Andree, DL8LAS  will be  active from  Grenada
         between 30  October  and 17  November.  QSL via  home  call  (Andree
         Schanko, Eutiner Str 4, D-24306 Ploen, Germany).
J8     - The Daily DX  reports that Volkmar,  DF2SS will be  active from  St.
         Vincent between 20 December and 20 January 1998.
JA     - Juki, JI6KVR reports to 425 DX  News that 7K4STV and JQ1USM will  be
         active (SSB and  CW on 40,  20 and 15  metres) from Hachijo  Island,
         Nampo Archipelago (AS-043) between 29 November  and 1 December.  QSL
         via home call.
JA     - The DX  News Sheet  reports that  JH4FHV lives  on Innoshima,  which
         counts for IOTA group AS-117.
JD1_min- The Daily DX reports that Take, JG8NQJ will be active as  JG8NQJ/JD1
         from Marcus Island, Minami Torishima (OC-073) from 25 November to 20
         February. QSL via  JA8CJY (Susumu  Sin Sanada,  5-17, 5-4,  Shin-Ei,
         Toyohira, Sopporo, 004 Japan).
KH3    - The Daily DX reports that Mark,  W4FJE should be KH3/ from  Johnston
         Island (OC-023) until 9 November. QSL via W4FJE (ex W3GMG).
KH5K   - Chuck, N4BQW  reportedly left  Palmyra around  20 UTC  on Friday  24
         October. He could not operate from Kingman Reef [425DXN 336] because
         "the captain of the ship said they did  not have time to stop as  he
         had to get back to Christmas Island to catch the weekly plane  out",
         Tony, WA4JQS reports.
S DX@WW $425WW339C
425 DX News #339 [3/12]
 1 November 1997                   No 339                  BID: $425WW339C
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***

KP2    - The OPDX Bulletin  reports that Jim,  K4MA will be  on St.Croix,  US
         Virgin Islands  (NA-106) between  11 and  17  November. He  will  be
         active as either  KP2/K4MA (QSL via  K4MA) and WP2Z  (QSL via  KU9C)
         during the ARRL SSB Sweepstakes.
LU     - Alberto, LU1DZ reports that the DXpedition to Staten Island (SA-049)
         is confirmed to take place  from 25 November  to 3 December  [425DXN
         333]. The call L20XSI still has to be confirmed, but in the meantime
         two complete stations (1Kw and beams) are being prepared.
LU_ant - Alberto, LU1DZ reports that Hector (LU6UO) and Ernie (LU4AXV) expect
         to be  active as  LU1ZC [425DXN  335] from  Deception Island,  South
         Shetlands (AN-010) in the first week of December. They will have two
         complete stations and should be active (CW only) 12 hours a day. QSL
         via LU6EF (GACW, Box 9, 1875 Wilde, Buenos Aires, Argentina).
PA     - The DX News Sheet reports that a group of handicapped amateurs  will
         be active (CW and SSB) as  PI4LEA from Terschelling Island  (EU-038)
         between 7 and 10 November.
PY     - The DX News Sheet reports that Mario, PQ8MM plans to be active  from
         an island counting for IOTA SA-042 in December.
S2     - The Nouvelles DX reports that Jim, VK9NS and Yannick, F6FYD (see  VU
         below) have  also  plans to  operate  from Dhaka,  Bangladesh  S21ZA
         (VK9NS) and S21?? (F6FYD).
SV     - Charles (ex S92SS) and his wife Leslie (ex S92YL) [425DXN 315]  will
         be active for  four years from  Greece as  SV0LM and  SV0LN. QSL  to
         Charles Lewis, Greek Relay Station (KAV),  P.O. Box 1001, GR 67  100
         Xanthi, Greece.
TG     - The OPDX Bulletin  reports that  a group  of Finnish  DXers will  be
         active from Guatemala between 18 January and 5 February 1998.  Their
         main target will be Europe, with emphasis on low bands.
TZ     - Larry, TZ6VV  is reported  to  be QRT  for  six months  starting  in
V2     - WA3WSJ, K3TEJ  and  AB2E are  reported  to be  active  from  Antigua
         (NA-100) between 25 November  and 2 December.  They will be  signing
         V26ED, V26KW and V26E respectively (all bands, CW and SSB) and  will
         participate in the CQ WW CW Contest as V26B.
V3     - W5JYK, K5KR and W5ZPA have been forced to cancel their planned  trip
         to Ambergris Caye due to start on 7 November [425DXN 337].
V7     - The Daily DX reports that Sasaki is active from Marshall Islands  as
         V7X331.  He is using a commercial callsign and hopes to receive  his
         own amateur call in two weeks.  QSL via JOCV Marshall Office, Box F,
         Majuro, Marshall Is. 96960.
VE     - The special event station VG3W will  be active daily from 14 UTC  to
         21 UTC between 4 and 11 November. QSL via VA3SWS.
VU     - The Nouvelles DX reports that Jim, VK9NS/VU2JBS will arrive in India
         on 3 November. He and Yannick,  F6FYD will operate  as VU2JBS for  a
         few weeks (see S2 above).
VU_ant - VU2JBK is active from Indian Antarctic  Base Maitri (WABA VU-02)  on
         Queen Maud Land (70.56S-11.45E). QSL via VU2DVC.
ZD8    - The OPDX Bulletin reports that  Paul, KF4OOX is  going to be  active
         from Ascension Island (AF-003) as ZD8V. He plans to operate on 10-20
         metres after work between 18 UTC and 23 UTC and during the weekends.
         QSL to Paul L. Hutley,  CSR 6310 Ascension,  P.O. Box 4915,  Patrick
         AFB, FL 32925, USA (or to Paul L. Hutley, 298 Logan Ave, Sharon,  PA
         16146, USA).
ZL_ant - ZL5PX is active from Scott Base Mc Murdo Sound (WABA ZL-02)  located
         on Ross Island (AN-011). QSL via ZL3PX.
S DX@WW $425WW339D
425 DX News #339 [4/12]
 1 November 1997                   No 339                  BID: $425WW339D
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***

*****************************    GOOD TO KNOW ... ***************************

LOGS XF3/EA3BT & XF3/EA3AOK ---> Josep, EA3BT and Nuria, EA3AOK logged  8.422
QSOs during their recent operations [425DXN 336] from Cancun, Mujeres  Island
(NA-045)  and   Cozumel  Island   (NA-090).  Logs   are  now   available   at

PIRATE! ---> Tariq, AP2TJ reports to  425 DX News that  Bob, AP2JZB does  not
work CW and  has no intentions  of doing so.  The "AP2JZB"  who was  recently
active on CW should therefore be considered as a pirate.

QSL HK0EFU & HK0TCN ---> Jim Vaughan, K4TXJ reports the following: "I used to
be QSL manager for HK0EFU and HK0TCN.  In 1989 they stopped sending me  logs.
I have recently used all the QSL cards they supplied and I have sent all  the
logs that I  had back to  them. I can  no longer answer  ANY QSL request  for
HK0EFU or HK0TCN. Please QSL to P. O. Box 464, San Andreas Island, Colombia."

QSL SU1SK ---> Said, SU1SK reports that IK8AUC is not his QSL manager. QSL
requests should  be  addressed to:  Said Kamel Ahmed,  P.O.Box 62,  Shobra
Al-Khima, Cairo, Egypt.

QSL V31DX --->  Art, N2AU is  the QSL manager  (direct and  bureau) for  this
year's V31DX operation (Ambergris Caye, NA-073) [425DXN 335]. Art expects  to
get the logs and QSL cards in about 6-10 weeks.

QSL ZL7AA/ZM7A  --->  The ZM7A/ZL7AA  Chatham  DXpedition [425DXN  337]  Team
leader Lee, ZL2AL reports that  very poor propagation  at times slowed  their
progress to  approximately  12,000 QSOs.  Incoming  cards are  just  starting
arrive and hopefully the first QSLs will go out in about six weeks time.  QSL
via ZL2AL  either direct  (Lee  Jennings, P.O.  Box  54, Hastings  4201,  New
Zealand) or through the bureau.

QSL ZP0R --->  Cards for ZP0R  (CQ WW SSB  Contest 1997) will  be handled  by
W3HNK (who is also the QSL manager for ZP0Z and CX6VM/CW6V).

ST. KITTS & NEVIS  (NA-104) ---> The  DX News Sheet  reports that "The  Nevis
Island administration decided  to secede from  its federation  with St  Kitts
(formed after the countries obtained independence in 1983) on 14 October, and
now require  a  two-thirds  majority  from the  island's  5000  voters  in  a
referendum to implement it".

VK POSTAGE ---> Further information [425DXN  337] comes from Jim, VK1FF  (WIA
VK1 Division Inward/Outward QSL Bureau Manager). He states that "the most  it
costs to send a small letter anywhere in  the world is VK $1.20": since  1.00
US$ = 1.33 VK$ (at .75c exchange  rate), Australian stations "only need 1  US
dollar to cover the cost  of air mail  postage anywhere in  the world".   Jim
also states  that 1  IRC is  acceptable as  well:  speaking from  his  direct
experience at  several different  post offices,  he says  that "a  A IRC  has
always been redeemed for one first  class stamp (small  letter) for the  zone
I'm sending to letter to,  which means it varies from a VK$1.20 stamp to a 75
cent stamp".  Please note  that a"small  letter"  should have  the  following
characteristics: "Rectangular in shape - the length of the article must be at
least 1.414 times the width; no  larger than 130mm x  240mm; no thicker  than
5mm; no heavier than 250g".
S DX@WW $425WW339E
425 DX News #339 [5/12]
 1 November 1997                   No 339                  BID: $425WW339E
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***

WILLAMETTE VALLEY DX CLUB ---> The following amateurs have been elected  1998
officers of the Willamette Valley DX  Club: Vince Varnas, K7REG  (President),
John Fulton, W7WZ (Vice-President), Bill Vanderheide, AA7KF (Secretary), Mike
Conatore, K7NT  (Treasurer),  Russ Fillinger,  W7LXR  and  Craig  Cook,  N7OR
(Directors). The Willamette  Valley DX Club,  Inc. (P.O.  Box 555,  Portland,
Oregon 97207) is now in its 35th year handling the 7th District Incoming  QSL
Bureau, managed by Ken Miller, K7IFG.

+ SILENT KEY  + It is  with deepest  regret that  we have  learnt from  Brett
Graham, VR2BG  that Mike  Vestal, W0YZS  (VR2WV, VS6WV,  SV0FE and  currently
known as XU6WV) passed away in Cambodia the evening of 27 October.

QSL received via direct:  4K8F,  7Q7DC, 8R1Z, 9M2TO, A41LZ, AP2JZB,  AP50JZB,
BD7JA/7  (AS-129),  CE0ZIS,  EA6QJ/m,   EP2MKO,  FT5ZG,  FW5IW,   HB0/HB9LEY,
IA1/IK1JJB (IIA SV-004), IB0ONU (IIA LT-019), I8RIZ/IB0 (LT-003),  IB0/IK6JOT
(IIA LT-001, 021),  IJ7/IK7FPX (IIA  LE-002, 015),  IJ7/IK7VEH (IIA  LE-015),
IJ9/IT9YRE (AF-019; IIA  AG-001, 002, 004),  IJ9/IT9YRE (EU-025; IIA  SR-012,
013), IL3CII (IIA GO-003, 023, 024,  025, 029, 030, UD-010), IL3/IK3GES  (IIA
RO-001, 003, 005, 009, 010, 014, 015, 016, 017, 019, VE-044), IL3/IK2PZG (IIA
VE-030, 047), IL6/IK6CGO (IIA AN-002, 004), IL6/IK6JOT IIA (IIA AN-003, 004),
IL7/IK7FPX (IIA  BR-011,  LE-032), IS0LYN/IM0  (IIA  SS-121),  IS0LYN/p  (IIA
SS-127), J41WCA, JT1T   KG4ML, N4BQW/KH6  (OC-055), N4BQW/KH7, KH0I,  KL7AK/p
(NA-041), R1FJV,  SV8/IK3GES  (EU-049),  T32BI,  T94B,  TA0/IK3GES  (AS-099),
TT8JFC, V63KU, VP8CTR, XU2C, YC8BJK/9 (OC-147). 

              For the news issued in this number, thanks to:

I1HYW, IK1QFM,  IK3ZAW, I5FLN,  IK7AFM, IK8CJP,  Brescia DX  Group, Crazy  DX
Group, Delta Mike, Diamond DX Club,  Roman DX Group, Salento DX Team,  AP2TJ,
OPDX, PY-DX, QRZ-DX, The 59(9) DX Report, The Daily DX, URE-EA-DX, VK2SG RTTY

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S DX@WW $425WW339F
425 DX News #339 [6/12]
 1 November 1997                   No 339                  BID: $425WW339F
                            425 DX NEWS * CALENDAR
                               edited by I1JQJ
PERIOD           CALL                                                   REF

till  21/11      4U1WRC                                                 338
till  10/11      8Q7AJ * by KD6WW                                       337
till  10/11      9J2CE * by IN3VZE                                      338
till  Dec        9X0A * by RW3AH.                                       327
till  02/11      KE6UP/DU6: Visayan Is. (OC-129)                        339
till  14/11      E22AAA * by JE2UFU                                     339
till  06/11      EL2JR * by K3KN                                        339
till  mid Nov    FW5XX: Wallis Is. (OC-054) * by ON4QM                  331
till  08/11      HB0 * by HAs                                           337
till  March      JX3EX * by LA3EX                                       335
till  09/11      W4FJE/KH3                                              339
till  03/11      KH0 * by JA4DND, JA1HGY, W1BRK, WH2Q, JA1HYF, JR1MLU   338
till  ??         LU1ZA: South Orkney                                    337
till  04/11      S91FC: Principe  (AF-044) * by CT1EAT                  335
till  mid Nov    VQ9AI * by WB0BNR                                      334
till  ??         VU2JBK: Antarctica                                     339
till  ??         ZL5PX: Antarctica - Ross Isl. (AN-011)                 339
30/11/17-12      J3 * by DL8LAS                                         339
31/10-05/11      EY8/K4YT * by K4YT/DL4YT                               338
01/11            IJ9: Isols delle Palme (IIA SR-???) * by IT9GAI        339
01/11-02/11      Ukranian DX Contest CW/SSB                             ***
02/11-09/11      C6AHN: Abaco Isl. (NA-080) * by EA2KL & EA3ELM         337
02/11            F5VCR/p: Yvinec Isl. (DIFM MA-057)                     338
02/11            IJ9: Gr. di Marzameni Isl. (SR-005) by IT9GAI * IT9YRE 339
03/11-07/11      9Q * by 5X1T/ON6TT & 5X1Z/SM7PKK                       339
03/11-mid Nov    VU2JBS * by F6FYD & VK9NS                              339
04/11-08/11      3D2XU * by PA3AXU                                      337
04/11-11/11      VG3W: special event station                            339
05/11-14/11      5R * by DJ1RL (CW) & DK8FB (SSB)                       333
06/11-12/11      5T5U * by JAs                                          339
07/11-10/11      PI4LEA: Terschelling Isl. (EU-038)                     339
07/11-09/11      Japan International HF DX SSB Contest                  ***
08/11-15/11      3D2RW/R: Rotuma * by ZL1AMO                            339
08/11-09/11      OK/OM DX CW SSB Contest                                ***
08/11-09/11      WAE DX RTTY Contest                                    ***
10/11-17/11      8P9DX * by VA3DX                                       339
11/11-17/11      KP2 * by K4MA                                          339
15/11-28/11      FH * by DJ1RL (CW) & DK8FB (SSB)                       333
15/11-16/11      II7A: Sant'Andrea Isl. (IIA BR-005) by Salento DX Team 337
15/11-16/11      IARU 160 Mt. CW Contest                                ***
15/11-16/11      INORC CW Contest                                       ***
16/11-01/12      V47CA * by VE3BW                                       327
17/11-21/11      A4 * by G4VUO                                          339
17/11-10/12      HS/G4JMB * by VR2CT (ex VS6CT)                         337
19/11-02/12      T32BE * by WC5P                                        337
21/11-01-12      9G5SW, 9G5WD, 9G5VJ * by G3VMW, G4RWD, G4ZVJ           335
21/11-06/12      GD4UOL * by G4UOL                                      335
21/11-23/11      JI6KVR/6: Danjo Arch. (AS-056)                         323
22/11-02/12      A61AJ * by K3LP & KE3Q                                 339
22/11-01/12      TM5CW * by F5SJB                                       335
23/11-01/12      VK9LX: Lord Howe Is. * by VK2ICV & K8RF                337
24/11-04/12      5A1A * by DJ7IK, DL3KDV, DL8OBC, DL1GGT                323
24/11-07/12      T48RCT * by KARC & Radio Club Las Tunas                339
24/11-03/12      ZF2RV * by K7AR, N7NU, N7MQ, WJ7R, K7DBV               321
25/11-02/12      8P9HT (8P9Z) * by K4BAI                                329
25/11-01/12      C6A * by K8DD, AC8W, N8KR                              335
25/11-20/02      JG8NQJ/JD1: Minami Torishima (OC-073)                  339
25/11-03-12      L20XSI: Isla de Los Estados (SA-049) * by GACW         339
25/11-02/12      V26ED, V26KW, V26E * by WA3WSJ, K3TEJ, AB2E            339
26/11-12/12      3B8/F6HMJ                                              339
26/11-02/12      V47KP * by W2OX                                        331
27/11-06/12      WP2Z * by K4FXN                                        329
29/11-30/11      5V7A * by Voo-Doo Contest Group                        329
29/11-30-11      6D2X * by Grupo DX Panamericano                        338
29/11-30/11      9K2/T97M                                               331
29/11-30/11      CI9DH * by W1VE/VE1RM                                  337
29/11-30/11      E22AAA * by EY8MM & HS1CHB                             339
29/11-30-11      HS5AC                                                  338
29/11-01/12      JA: Hachijo Isl. (AS-043) * by 7K4STV & JQ1USM         339
29/11-30/11      TI5KD * by K9VV & K6CT                                 331
29/11-30/11      CQ WW DX CW Contest                                    ***
November         4I9RG * by DU9RG                                       339
November         BY: Gui-Shan Isl. (AS-???) * BD7JA's team              337
November         FT5W: Crozet * by FR5HR                                335
November         FT5Z: Kerguelen * by FR5HR                             335
November         HR * by N6LCI                                          333
November         KI6T: Santa Catalina Island (NA-066)                   333
end November     KP2/AG8L                                               333
November         S2 * by VK9NS & F6FYD                                  339
November         UA: Ushakova Island (AS-???) * by UT8LL                337
November         ZK1: North Cook - Manihiki Atoll (OC-014) * by AA8U    303

Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM
425 DX News Editor
E-mail: i1jqj@amsat.org