425 DX News #342

Mauro Pregliasco (i1jqj@amsat.org)
Sat, 22 Nov 1997 00:49:18 +0100

S DX@WW $425WW342A
425 DX News #342 [1/7]
 22 November 1997                  No 342                   BID: $425WW342A
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
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3D2_rot- The ARRL DX Bulletin reports that 3D2AG/p will be active from Rotuma
         on 80-10 metres (WARC bands included) until early January 1998.  QSL
         via 3D2AG.
5B     - The ARRL DX Bulletin reports that  for UA9YAB, RA9JX, RA9JR,  UA9MA,
         UN7FZ and  UN7FW will  be 5B4/homecalls  from November  25 to  early
         December (QSL via home calls). They will participate in the CQ WW CW
         Contest as either P3A or H2A (QSL via W3HNK).
5B     - Boris, T93Y reports that Edin, T97M will be active as 5B4/T97M  from
         5B4ADA's until 23 November and again  between 3 and 7 December.  QSL
         via K2PF  (Ralph  Fariello, 23  Old  Village  Road,  Somerville,  NJ
         08876-4008, USA).
8R     - Olli, OH0XX reports to 425 DX  News that he will participate in  the
         CQ WW CW Contest (Single Op, all band) as 8R1K. QSL via OH0XX  (Olli
         Rissanen, Suite 599,  1313 So. Military  Trail, Deerfield Beach,  FL
         33442, USA).
9G     - The DXpedition to Ghana by 9G5SW/G3VMW, 9G5WD/G4RWD and  9G5VJ/G4ZVJ
         [425DXN 335] is confirmed to  take plave between  21 November and  2
         December.  They  will   participate  in   the  CQ   WW  CW   Contest
         (Multi-Single)  as  9G5VJ.  Further  information  as  available   at
9K     - John, WD8MGQ  reports  that Dave  (KA5TQF),  Tom  (WT2O)  and  Hamad
         (9K2HN) have cancelled their trip to AS-118 [425DXN 341].
9K     - Boris, T93Y reports that Edin, T97M will be active as 9K2/T97M  from
         9K2GS's QTH between 23 November and 2 December. QSL via K2PF  (Ralph
         Fariello, 23 Old Village Road, Somerville,  NJ 08876-4008, USA).  He
         will participate in the CQ WW  CW Contest (20 metres) as 9K2GS  (QSL
         via 9K2GS).
9K     - Faisal, 9K2RR, will participate in the CQ WW CW Contest as 9K9K. QSL
         via KU9C.
9Y     - The Daily DX reports that Glenn, K6NA will operate from 9Y4H in  the
         CQ WW CW DX Contest. QSL via K6NA.
A4     - The DX Nes Sheet reports that  Tony, G4KLF, who is active from  Oman
         as A45ZN (AS-014), will participate in the CQ WW CW Contest. QSL  to
         Tony Selmes, P. O. Box 981, 113 Muscat, Oman.
A4     - Chris, SP5EXA, who is active from Oman as A45XR, participate in  the
         CQ WW CW  Contest. QSL to  Krzysztof Dabrowski, P.O.  Box 2038,  CPO
         111, Oman.
A6     - John, WD8MGQ  reports that  Dave (KA5TQF),  Tom  (WT2O) and  Al  Mur
         (A61AH) still hope to  be active from  AS-021 [425DXN 341]  sometime
         around 26-27  November.   Dave said  that "with  the events  in  the
         Middle East, a lot depends on what is happening".
C5     - Toshi, JA1ELY reports that Mako, JA1OEM will be active as C56/JA1OEM
         from The Gambia between 24 November and 13 December. QSL via  JA1OEM
         (Mako Toyofuku, P.O. Box 9, Sawara 287, Japan).
C9     - The DX News Sheet reports that John, C91JM (ex TL8JM) is active (all
         bands, CW Contest and SSB) from the USA Embassy. QSL via W7MAE.
CX     - Raul, CX7BY reports he will participate in the CQ WW CW Contest  (20
         metres) as CW5W. QSL via CX7BY.
EA6    - The OPDX Bulletin  reports that a  group of  Spanish operators  will
         participate in  the CQ  WW CW  Contest (Multi-Multi)  as EA6IB  from
         Ibiza Island (EU-004). QSL via the bureau or direct to EA3KU.
EA8    - Ville, OH2MM will participate in  the CQ WW  CW Contest from  Canary
         Islands (AF-004) as EA8EA. QSL via home call.
EM_ant - I2PJA reports that Paul,  EM1HO (Galindez Island, AN-006) is  active
         every day around 01.30 UTC on 1.827 MHz. He also plans  to be active
         on all bands during the CQ WW CW Contest. QSL via I2PJA.
S DX@WW $425WW342B
425 DX News #342 [2/7]
 22 November 1997                  No 342                   BID: $425WW342B
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***

FG     - Jean-Michel, F6AJA  reports  that F5SIH  is  FG/  from  Les  Saintes
         (NA-114) until 25 November.
HP     - Jean-Michel, F6AJA reports that Gerard, F2JD/HP1XBI  will try to  be
         active as HP1XBI/2 from Grande Island  (NA-202) between 28  November
         and 1 December. He plans to participate in the CQ WW CW Contest. QSL
         via F6AJA.
HP     - The Daily DX reports  that Stefan (DL5XX),  Swen (DL2BAY) and  Jelka
         (S57NW) will be active as 3E1DX from Contadora Island (NA-072) until
         7 December. They will participate in  the CQ WW CW Contest. QSL  for
         this operation only via KU9C.
HS     - The Daily DX reports that the  Thailand PTD will allow all  stations
         from Thailand (Zone 26) to transmit on 80 and 160 metres during  the
         CQ WW CW DX Contest.
HS     - The Southern Thailand  DX Group  will participate  in the  CQ WW  CW
         Contest as HS8AS. QSL VIA E21AOY.
HS     - The  DXNL  reports  that  Ralf,  DL2FDK  will  be  active  again  as
         HS0/DL2FDK on 10-40 metres (SSB and RTTY) between 26 November and 19
         January. QSL via DL2FDK.
HZ     - Thomas, SM0CXU will participate in the CQ WW CW Contest as HZ1AB.
HZ     - The DX News Sheet reports that Mike, K3UOC is active again as  7Z5OO
         and will participate in the CQ WW CW Contest .  QSL via W1AF.
I      - IK2WXQ will participate in the CQ WW CW Contest as IQ2I. QSL  either
         direct (P.O. Box 41, 21020 Mercallo, Italy) or through the bureau.
I      - Weather permitting,  IK8UHA  and IK8VRH  will  be IC8/  (20  and  40
         metres) from Scoglio di Punta Pennata (IIA NA-044) on 23  November).
         QSL via hoime calls.
J3     - The Daily DX reports that K1XM, KQ1F, W1FJ, KM1P, K2KQ, K1XX,  K1CC,
         and KA1CI will participate in the CQ WW CW Contest (Multi-Multi)  as
         J39A. Before  the contest  they will  be active  with individual  J3
LU     - Alberto, LU1DZ reports to 425 DX News that, although they had  hoped
         for L20XS [425DXN  241], the GACW  IOTA operation  from Staten  (Los
         Estados) Island (SA-049) will  take place with  the call L20XSI  (26
         November - 3 December). QSL via  LU6EF (Raul M.  Diaz, GACW, Box  9,
         1875 Wilde, Buenos  Aires, Argentina).
SV9    - Karl, DJ5IL reports to 425 DX News he will be active (10-40  metres,
         SSB and CW) as J49IL from  Crete (EU-015) between 25 November and  3
         December. He  will participate  in the  CQ WW  CW Contest.  QSL  via
TF     - Tim Totten, N4GN reports that the  South China Sea  DX Team and  the
         Iceland Amateur Radio Society (IRA) will join forces and participate
         in the CQ WW CW Contest  (Multi-Multi) as TF3IRA. Operators  include
         TF3HP and others.
TL     - Jean-Michel, F6AJA reports  that Pascal,  F5LNA is  active as  TL8PL
         until the end of December.  QSL via F5LNA.
TZ     - Toshi, JA1ELY reports that Mack, TZ6JA (JA8SLU) returned to Mali  on
         11 November and will be active  on SSB until  January 1999. QSL  via
UA     - Igor, UR5LCV reports that  Victor, UT8LL has  cancelled his trip  to
         Ushakova Island  [425DXN  337]  because  "there  are  no  helicopter
         flights till the middle of 1998".
V8     - The Daily DX reports that Hajime, JO1RUR will participate in the  CQ
         WW CW Contest (Single OPerator, all  band) as V8EA from Brunei.  QSL
         via JH7FQK.
VK     - VK8ZWM, VK8KN/9M2KN, VK8DKZ,  VK8NVR (resident  on Bathurst  Island)
         and others were  active as  VK8SEA/P from  Bathurst Island  (OC-173)
         during the week. QSL via the operator's home call or through the VK8
ZP     - Dale, N3BNA will participate in the CQ WW CW Contest (Single Op, all
         band) as ZP0Z  (QSL via W3HNK)  from ZP5AZL's QTH.  Dale expects  to
         operate a few days before the contest as ZP5/N3BNA (QSL via N3BNA).
S DX@WW $425WW342C
425 DX News #342 [3/7]
 22 November 1997                  No 342                   BID: $425WW342C
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *  Q S L   I N F O  [1/4] *

5H3HG    Harold Germany, Jr., American Embassy-Dar es Salaam, Department of
         State, Washington, DC-20521, U.S.A.
8P9IV    Michael Wondergem, #23 Durants, Christ Church, Barbados
AC7DX    Ron Lago, P.O.Box 25426, Eugene, OR-97402, U.S.A.
AP2N     Muhammad Munawar Naeem, P.O.Box 9011, Iqbal Town, Lahore 54570,
BD4DH    Chen Ming, Shi Hua 6 Chuen 640/601, Shanghai 200540, China
BD4DJ    Zhuang Da Hua, P.O.Box 085-299, Shanghai 200085, China
BV2HL    Tony, P.O.Box 4-73, Shulin, Taipei 238, Taiwan
BV2OL    Jelly, P.O.Box 11877, Taipei, Taiwan
CO8TW    Juan Carlos Veranes, P.O.Box 8, Santiago de Cuba 90100, Cuba
CX1AK    Daniel Muinos, P.O.Box 5, 11000 Montevideo, Uruguay
DS5USH   Nam Joo-Ho, 417-6 Beom-Eo Dong, Susung Ku, Taegu 706-012, Korea
DU1SAN   Serafin A.Nepomuceno, P.O.Box 3000 QCCPO, 1170 Quezon Citr, Metro
         Manila, Philippines
DJ1RL    Theo See, Breulgasse 13, D-63477 Maintal, Germany
DJ9DX    Klaus Woerner, Marktstrasse 148, D-60388 Frankfurt, Germany
F2YT     Paul Joel Herbet, 9 Rue de l'Alouette, F-62690 Estree Cauchy, France
F5RQQ    Jean-Marc Vigier, 4 Impasse des Lys, F-63800 Cournon  D'Auvergne,
G4VUO    Chris Dolman, 42 Meadfields, Bridport, Dorset DT6 5RF, England
HL0C     Hanyang University Wave Research Club, P.O. Box 4397, Seoul 100-643,
HL0Z     Gyeongsang National University Marine Science College, 445 Inpyung
         Dong, Tongyung 650-160, Korea
HL1OUX   Hwang Young Su, 515-105 Do Si Gae Bal Apt., Gayang Dong, Seo Gu,
         Seoul, Korea
HL1SWT   Kim Pil Sik, 515-105 Do Si Gae Bal Apt., Gayang Dong, Seo Gu,
         Seoul, Korea
HL5FUA   Jong Sul Choi, P.O.Box 5, Ullung Island, Kyungbuk, 799-800, Korea
HL5PPK   Hong-gyu Jun, 601 Sam An Green APT, 803 Gum Se, Sam Rang Jin,
         Mir Yang City, Kyung Nam 627-900, Korea
HS2YM    P.O.Box 1464, Banglamung 20150, Thailand
IK0FVC   Francesco Valsecchi, Via Bitossi 9, 00136 Roma (RM), Italy
JA1UT    Yoshio Hayashi, 20-2-401 Nishi-Gotanda 4-chome, Shinagawa 141-0031,
         Tokyo, Japan
JA8CJY   Susumu Sin Sanada, 5-17, 5-4, Shin-El, Toyohira, Sopporo, 004, Japan
JR0BQD   Ryoichi Tojo, #1-102, 5-37 Miyazaki 2 chome, Cyuo-ku, Chiba,
         260-0806, Japan
KP2SJ    St.John Amateur Radio Club, P.O.Box 1318, Cruz Bay, VI-00831, U.S.A.
LX1KC    Kieffer Christian, 121, rue Klensch, L-3250 Bettembourg, Luxembourg
LX1TI    Trezzi Carlo, P.O.Box 117, L-4901 Bascharage, Luxembourg
LX9UN    P.O.Box 111, L-9502 Wiltz, Luxembourg
LZ1NG    Nicolay Baberev, Skopie 45, Ap 19, 4004 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
N0KE     Philip F.Krichbaum, P.O.Box 33, Vail, CO-81658, U.S.A.
N2MM     Howard R.Miller, 22 Mill Rd., Vincentown, NJ-08088, U.S.A.
N2VW     John D.Imhof, P.O.Box 65, Fort Dix, NJ-08640, U.S.A.
N4FKZ    Francisco E.Capuano, 2500 SW 6th Street 501, Miami, FL-33135, U.S.A.
N4GN     Tim Totten, 8309 Dawson Hill Road, Louisville KY-40299-5317, U.S.A.
N4JR     Jerry Rossano, 798 County Road 350, Hollywood, AL-35752-6731, U.S.A.
N5AU     Gordon C.Fogg, P.O.Box 842, Rockwall, TX-75087, U.S.A.
N5FG     R.Floy Gerald, 4706 Washington Ave, Gulfport, MS-39501, U.S.A.
N6RT     Doug Brandon, 712 Stardust Drive, Placentia, CA-92870-4507, U.S.A.
N6VO     Ron Weaver, 13691 Solitaire, Irvine, CA-92720, U.S.A.
N7RO     Richard J.Moen, 2935 Plymouth Drive, Bellingham, WA-98225, U.S.A.
N8LCU    Ivan F.Bourn, 7301 Solomon Rd, Freeport, MI-49325, U.S.A.
NP4QH    Monserrate Maldonado, P.O.Box 1446, San German, PR-00753, PuertoRico
OKDXF    OK DX Foundation, P.O.Box 73, Bradlec, Czech Republic
OX3FV    Kim Andersen, P.O.Box 3, DK-3930 Groennedal, Greenland
PP5LL    Jaime Lira Do Valle, P.O.Box 8, 88010-970, Florianopolis SC, Brazil
RU6LWZ   P.O.Box 1, Taganrog, 347900, Russia
RV6LNA   Alex S.Lounev, P.O.Box 6315, Rostov-on-Don, 344010, Russia
SP3SUN   Piotr Miranski, Ul.Rydza Smiglego 27/5, 65-610 Zielona Gora, Poland
Sputnik  Sergej Samburov, P.O. Box 73, Kaliningrad-10 City, Moscow Area,
         14070, Russia
SV1DET   Jim Tsifakis, 30-32 Kanari Str., GR-185 38 Piraeus, Greece
SV1DHU   John Krikelis, P.O.Box 132, GR-301 00 Agrinio, Greece
SV1DKR   John Kyriakos, 4 El Benizeloy Str., GR-173 43 Athens, Greece
SV1EPB   Dinos Nicandros, 17 Plapouta Street, GR-167 77 Helliniko, Athens, 
SV1RK    Mike Krideras, P.O.Box 9, GR-303 00 Nafpaktos, Greece
S DX@WW $425WW342D
425 DX News #342 [4/7]
 22 November 1997                  No 342                   BID: $425WW342D
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *  Q S L   I N F O  [2/4] *

T32RT    Ramete, London Village, Christmas Island, Kiribati
TA1AL    Mustafa Ilter, P.O.Box 17, Bakirkoy, TR-34712, Istanbul, Turkey
TA7V     Erol Tuncay, P.O.Box 62, 61001 Trabzon, Turkey
U3AJ     Boris A.Ermilov, P.O.Box 650, 113093 Moscow, Russia
UA0SJ    Yuri A.Maltsev, P.O.Box 2304, Bratsk City 665700, Russia
UA0ZBK   Igor, P.O.Box 2376, Khabarovsk 680000, Russia
UA9YAB   "KARMA" Alex Vedernikov, P.O.Box 120, Biysk Altaiskij Krai, 659300,
UT7DX    Alex Kovach, P.O.Box 12, Mukachevo, 295400, Ukraine
V51SG    Siegi Graf, P.O.Box 116, Tsumeb, Namibia
V7X331   JOCV Marshall Office, P.O.Box F, Majuro, 96960, Marshall Islands
VE3HO    Garth A.Hamilton, P.O.Box 1156, Fonthill,  Ontario, L0S1E0, Canada
VK1AUS   Simon Trotter, P.O.Box 2063, Kambah Village, ACT 2902, Australia
VK4MOJ   Olaf Moon, P.O.Box 1705, Milton, Queensland 4064, Australia
VK9LX    Nick Hacko, POBox 730, Parramatta NSW 2124, Australia
VK4AAR   A.Roocroft, Post Office, Dalveen, QLD 4374, Australia
VU2PAI   Ananth Pai, Bharath Beedi Works,P.O.Box 730, Mangalore 575003, India
W2CQ     Willian H.Marx, 2451 E.Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL-33301, USA
W2XX     Jean Pkleinhaus, 11 Cotswold Way, Scarsdale, NY-10583, U.S.A.
W3HNK    Joe Arcure Jr., P.O.Box 73, Edgemont, PA-19028, U.S.A.
W3UR     Bernie McClenny, 3025 Hobbs Road, Glenwood, Maryland 21738, U.S.A.
W5AJ     Timothy H.Ahrens, 14824 Bear Creek Pass, Austin, TX-78737, U.S.A.
W6RW     Mike Mitchell, 5271 Turquoise Ave, Alta Loma, CA-91701, U.S.A.
W7EJ     James Sullivan, 21060 Turner Ln, Hillsboro, OR-97123, U.S.A.
W8AEF    Paul Playford, 35639 N.3rd St, Phoenix, AZ-85027-7405, U.S.A.
W8QZA    William T.Parker, 5279 Gaylord Place, San Diego, CA-92117, U.S.A.
W9NY     Michael R.Treister, 2400 N.Lakeview Ave., Chicago, IL-60614, U.S.A.
W9QQ     Timothy P.Hulick, 886 Brandon Ln, Schwenksville, PA-19473, U.S.A.
WA3WSJ   Edward R.Breneiser, 775 Moonflower Ave, Reading, PA-19606, U.S.A.
WA4WTG   Robert Kaplan, 718 SE 3rd Lane, Dania, FL-33004, U.S.A.
WA4YBV   Robert Pond, 9 River Cove, Portsmouth, VA-23703, U.S.A.
WA8LOW   Ronald E.Hesselbrock, 7007 Peoria Reily Rd, Oxford, OH-45056, U.S.A.
WB2RAJ   Richard A.Kashdin, 136 Westcliff Dr, West Seneca, NY-14224, U.S.A.
WB6JMS   James L.Arther Jr., P.O.Box 84, Atwood, CA-92601, U.S.A.
WB8WCU   Donald T.Carrick, 926 Robinwood St., Troy, MI-48083, U.S.A.
WC4E     Jeff Bolda, 4242 Manxcat Ln, New Port Richey, FL-34653, U.S.A
WT3Q     Samuel M.Harner Jr. 893 Narvon Rd, Narvon, PA-17555, U.S.A.
XX9BB    Leong Kam Po, P.O.Box 6018, Macao
YB0BUF   Hendra Djaya, P.O.Box 120 JKB, Jakarta, Indonesia
YB0S     Gerakan Pramuka Kwartir Nasional, Jl.Merdeka Timur 6, Jakarta 10110,
YB7HWI   Nazaruddin, P.O.Box 171, Banjarmasin 70001, Indonesia
YB9BON   Nyoman Suwena, P.O.Box 952, Denpasar 80001, Indonesia
YC1FRW   Sutaryono, Jl.Sempur Kaler IV/5, Bogor 16153, Indonesia
YC9WZJ   Joni Salim, P.O.Box 127, Sorong 98401, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
YF7PT    R. Soesanto Eko Wardojo, SP, P.O.Box 226, Banjarmasin 70001,
YU1FW    Branko Drljaca, Kragujevacka 4, 11050 Beograd, Serbia, Yugoslavia
YU1NR    Ratko Novakovic, P.O.Box 145, YU-34001, Kragujevac, Yugoslavia
Z31RQ    Dejan Trajkovski, Hristo Botev 27, 97000 Bitola, Macedonia
Z37CEF   Radio Club Stevo Patako, P.O.Box 148, 97000 Bitola 1, Macedonia
ZD7MY    Barrie, P.O.Box 107, Saint Helena Island
ZL2BSJ   Wilbert Knol, 66a Matai Road, Hataitai, Wellington, New Zelanad
ZP5FAF   Felix Acosta Granados, Tte. Alvarenga No. 1324, Asuncion, Paraguay
ZP5PAH   Patrick Swanston, P.O.BOX 13036, Asuncion 1749  Paraguay
ZP5SBE   Sergio Balansa, P.O.Box 13105, Asuncion 1749,Paraguay
ZP6GMA   Gricelda Maria Rotundo de Johansen, C.C.21101, Palma Loma, Luque,
ZP9GBC   Javier Obregon Linares, P.O.Box 191, Ciudad del Este, Paraguay
ZS5BBO   Edwin Musto, P.O.Box 211032, Bluff, 4036, Republic South Africa
ZS6BXN   Dave Stols, P.O.Box 5242, Middelburg, 1050, Republic South Africa
S DX@WW $425WW342E
425 DX News #342 [5/7]
 22 November 1997                  No 342                   BID: $425WW342E
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *  Q S L   I N F O  [3/4] *

CALL         MANAGER       CALL         MANAGER       CALL         MANAGER
A22EW        KB2MS         CU7DT        CU7AA         R1MVI        OH5NE  
FO0MIT       W6RW          CV1F         CX6FP         RK2FWA       DK4VW  
FO0BRD       N6RT          CV1T         CX8CP         RZ3Q         N2UCK  
8P9DX        VA3DX         CV5A         CX7BL         S50C         S53CC  
VR2CT        VR2CT         CW1D         CX1AK         S92FC        CT1EAT 
KH3/W4FJE    W4FJE         CW6V         CX6VM         S97A         CT1EAT 
V73NN        N3OA          CX5X         W3HNK         SN0SUL       SP5ZCC 
SO5UZI       W2ZI          CY1TX        CZ1TX         SN2B         SP2FAX 
SO5ZI        W2ZI          D2AI         CT1EGH        SN6U         SP6YFU 
3A/I1YRL     I1YRL         D2BB         EA4BB         SV0LK        DJ4TR  
3D2AL        7M3VAL        D2EV         DL3KBQ        SX2THE       SV2TSL 
3D2HW        I5JHW         D3SAA        CT1BZJ        TA2FE        KK3S   
3D2RW        ZL1AMO        D68SE        F6FNU         TA2IJ        DJ9ZB  
3D2RW/R      ZL1AMO        DA0RP        DJ0JE         TF/KE8RO     KE8RO  
3D2XU        PA3AXU        DA0SI        DK1WI         TF/OH4GN     N4GN   
3DA0CA       W4DR          DX1HB        JA1KJK        TI5N         TI5KD  
3DA0NX       ZS6CAX        E21AOY/8     7L1MFS        TI9X         JH1NBN 
3DA5A        ZS6CAX        ED5CRM       EA5CDE        TJ1HP        F6FNU  
3W5FS        7L1MFS        ED7URF       EA7GA         TJ1HP        F6FNU  
4F3CV        HB9CXZ        EK6GC        W3HNK         TL8PL        F5LNA  
4F4IX        DU4IX         EU6MM        IK2QPR        TM1L         FF1LPW 
4F6/KE6UP    KE6UP         EW3LB        W3HNK         TM9A         F5CCO  
4G2X         DU3DO         EW6WR        GW3CDP        TN7A         JH1NBN 
4I9RG        DU9RG         EW6WW        IK2QPR        TR8/ON5GA    ON5GA  
4I9RZ        DU9RZ         EX2U         IK2QPR        TT8AM        IK7JTF 
4J0FR        F6CYV         EX7MA        IK2QPR        TT8BE        F6FNU  
4K9W         DL6KVA        EX8DX        IK2QPR        TT8CF        EA4AHK 
4L0CR        IK7JTF        EX8MF        IK2QPR        TT8JFC       WA4ZJB 
4L4MM        ON4CFI        EX8QB        IK2QPR        TT8JWM       N4RXL  
4M5E         YV5NWG        FG/KI6FE     KI6FE         TT8KM        F6FNU  
4N0S         YU7JDE        FH/DJ1RL     DJ1RL         TU5SO        YU1KN  
4N7B         YU7BJ         FH/DK8FB     DK8FB         TZ6HP        JA1OEM 
4O6A         YU1FW         FK8FU        NA5U          TZ6JA        JA3EMU 
4S7BRG       HB9BRM        FK8HC        VK4VW         TZ6VV        AA0GL  
4U/TF1MM     TF1MM         FM/K2PF      K2PF          UA2FB        DJ9ZB  
4U1WRC       4U1ITU        FM5DN        KU9C          UE6FST       RZ6HWA 
4X/HB9HZN    HB9HFN        FM5GU        WA4JTK        UK8IZ        IK2QPR 
5B4/EU1AA    EU1AA         FO0GUI       F5UIV         UN2O         IK2QPR 
5B4/T97M     K2PF          FO0KEO       KA7CQQ        UN9PQ        IK2QPR 
5B4/UA9YAB   UA9YAB        FO0PLA       W8AEF         US0HZ        W3HNK  
5B4ADA       9A2AJ         FO0SPE       KG6AR         V26B         WT3Q   
5C8M         CN8MC         FO0SUC       F5JJW         V26DX        KK3S   
5H3ES        DF9SU         FO5VO        N6VO          V26NR        YU1NR  
5H3HG        WY3V          FO8DX        KG6AR         V29TT        N2AU   
5J2X         HK3DDD        FP5BZ        F1TJP         V31DX        N2AU   
5K1X         HK1HHX        FR/DJ4VW     DJ4VW         V31MX        K0BCN  
5N0T         F2YT          FR5HG        F6FNU         V44KAI       K2SB   
5N0YL        F2YT          FR5VZ        F8VZ          V47CA        VE3BW  
5R8EE        FR5EL         FS5PL        N0JT          V5/DL7USF    DL7USF 
5R8EY        DJ1RL         FT5ZG        F5RQQ         V5/KG7WW     ZS6CAX 
5R8FX        DJ9DX         FW2OI        DJ4OI         V51E         K8EFS  
5T5U         JA1UT         FY5YE        W5SVZ         V63DA        JE5WJM 
5V7A         G3SXW         GC4STH/P     G4DIY         V63KU        JA6NL  
5V7A         GM4AGL        GX4BJC/P     G0DBX         V73AR        JA3OIN 
5V7A         GM4FDM        HB0/HB9LEY   JH1BSE        V73C         AC4G   
5V7BV        W6RGG         HC5C         WJ5DX         V73NH        JA3OIN 
5V7GL        EA5WX         HC8N         AA5BT         V73TX        JA3OIN 
5V7JL        K7GE          HF0POL       SP3SUN        V73YAQ       JA3OIN 
5V7MB        N7MB          HF1GD        SP2BIK        V85AP        HL5AP  
5V7MF        KC7V          HI3HN        DH2JD         VD3NJ        VA3NJ  
5V7PN        K7PN          HS/G4JMB     VR2CT         VD5MM        VA3MM  
5V7RF        GM3YTS        HS0ZAA       KM1R          VK9NX        ZS6CAX 
5V7VT        K5VT          HV4NAC       IK0FVC        VP2MEY       JH1NBN 
5V7ZM        G3ZEM         II0S         IK0AZG        VP8CTR       DL5EBE 
5X1S         DF2RG         II2R         IK2QPR        VP9KK        K1EFI  
S DX@WW $425WW342F
425 DX News #342 [6/7]
 22 November 1997                  No 342                   BID: $425WW342F
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *  Q S L   I N F O  [4/4] *

CALL         MANAGER       CALL         MANAGER       CALL         MANAGER
6K0IS        HL1IWD        II9ZZ        IT9PKO        VQ9KH        WJ5R   
6V1C         6W1QV         IL3Z         IK3SSJ        VU2JBK       VU2DVC 
6Y5DA        VE4JK         IL7/IK7DXP   IK7DXP        VU2TS        I1YRL  
6Y6A         JE3MAS        IL7/IK7EZP   IK7EZP        VX3AT        VE3AT  
7P8/KG7WW    ZS6CAX        IL7/IK7FPX   IK7FPX        VX8XN/P      VE3XN  
7P8BO        W4YBO         IL7/IK7JWX   IK7JWX        VY7V         VE7DUG 
7Q7DC        KC7JDC        IL7/IK7TAJ   IK7TAJ        W2B          W2HHE  
7Q7EH        AA9HD         IL7/IK7VJX   IK7VJX        WP2Z         KU9C   
7Z1IS        SM0OFG        IQ0B         IK0PHW        X5SO         YU1KN  
8P9DS        PA0ERA        IQ2X         IK2GZU        XF3/XE1K     XE3LMV 
8P9HA        WA4WTG        IR3MD        IN3BHR        XF3/XE3AD    XE3LMV 
8P9IJ        VE3VET        IU2M         IK2SGC        XF3/XE3HLR   XE3LMV 
8P9Z         K4BAI         J28DB        F4AAQ         XF3/XE3LBT   XE3LMV 
8Q7AJ        KD6WW         J28NU        F6FNU         XF3/XE3LMV   XE3LMV 
9A20D        9A1CRD        J38DD        KC5AK         XF3/XE3LYC   XE3LMV 
9G1BJ        G4XTA         J41W         SV1CIB        XT2DP        WB2YQH 
9G1YR        G4XTA         J52IM        KB9XN         XU2FB        N4JR   
9H4EL        LA2TO         JA6FAK/1     7L1MFS        XU3FLT       JL3FLT 
9J2CE        IN3VZE        JD1/JR0BQD   JR0BQD        XU5SE        F6FNU  
9K2/SP5UAM   SP5PBE        JI6KVR       EA5KB         XV8FP        F6BFH  
9M2EU        JA2EJI        JT1FBB       W9JOE         YA/PA3BTQ    PA3BTQ 
9M2OM        G3NOM         JW7QIA       LA7QIA        YB3OSE       W7TSQ  
9M2RY        N4JR          K4K          KZ4DX         YC9WX        YB1ZZ  
9M2TO        JA0DMV        KC4AAA       NC6J          YE52AB       YB2FRR 
9M8BC        HL5AP         KH0/JA0IXW   JA0IXW        YI1FLY       KK3S   
9M8HIM       HL5AP         KH0/JE0WTU   JE0WTU        YJ0NX        ZS6CAX 
9Q5TE        SM0BFJ        KH0/JF0WIR   JF0WIR        YJ8RN        N9DRU  
9U2L         PA3DMH        KH0/JH0AKT   JH0AKT        YM2IYK       TA2IR  
9U5CW        EA1FFC        KH0/JH0YKS   JH0YKS        YM2ZW        OKDXF  
9U5DX        F2VX          KH0/JI0EYA   JI0EYA        YS1RRD       W3HNK  
9V1ZB        JL3WSL        KH0/N6RNU    ZS6CAX        Z21BA        N5FTR  
9X/DL6OBY    DJ3FW         KH0AC        K7ZA          Z30B         Z37CEF 
9X0A         DL5WM         KH2/K9AW     WF5T          Z38/OH3MIG   OH3GZ  
A35KY        JA3MVI        KH2D         K8NA          ZA1MH        Z32KV  
A45XL        G4VUO         KH7A         N2AU          ZD7WRG       WA2JUN 
A4XJO        W3UR          KJ4VH        N4GN          ZD8JF        GW0ANA 
A61AH        KA5TQF        KP2/K4MA     K4MA          ZD8T         AC4IV  
A61AJ        W3UR          L40H         LU4HH         ZD8V         KF4OOX 
A61AO        N1DJ          L75KT        LU4KC         ZD9BV        W4FRU  
AH1A         K1ER          LA8W         LA4DCA        ZD9IL        ZS5BBO 
AH2R         JI3ERV        LG5LG        SM0DJZ        ZF2GS        DL1DA  
AH8A         AC7DX         LR2DW        LU2DW         ZK1DI        DK1RV  
AH8LG        KS6DV         LT1F         LU1FKR        ZK1HW        I5JHW  
AP2HA        KA5ZMK        LT5V         LU8VCC        ZK1RRO       N7RO   
AP2TJ        W3HNK         LX/PA3FUE    PA6URO        ZK1SSB       N4RF   
AT0PAI       VU2PAI        LZ0L         LZ1KCP        ZK1XAN       KI6AN  
AY7D         LU7DW         LZ70BFR      LZ1BJ         ZK1XBV       WA4YBV 
AZ9W         LU5UL         LZ7N         LZ1NG         ZK1XMZ       K8XP   
BA4TB        9A2AJ         M7Z          G4BWP         ZK1XXP       WA4YBV 
BY1QH        K9FD          OD5NJ        EA5BYP        ZL5PX        ZL3PX  
C31LJ        VE3GEJ        OF5LF        OH5LF         ZM2K         ZL2BSJ 
C56/JA1OEM   JA1OEM        OH2PM/BY1QH  K9FD          ZP0M         ZP5XF  
C6A/W4WX     W4WX          OH4GN        N4GN          ZP0R         W3HNK  
C6AHN        EA3ELM        OI1W         OH1AF         ZP0Z         W3HNK  
C6AJT        W4CJK         OR4LU        UY0MM         ZP5/LU2BRG   LU2BRG 
C98AI        CT4HV         OX/OZ8AE     OZ8AE         ZP5/N3BNA    N3BNA  
CE0ZAM       CE3ESS        P3A          W3HNK         ZP5V         ZP5WYV 
CM8TW        W3HNK         P40R         NK4U          ZP5XF        N2AU   
CN/DJ8DL     DJ8DL         P40W         N2MM          ZS6/PA3DZN   PA3DMH 
CN22AMV      CN8MC         PI4LEA       PD0PKY        ZS6Y         KK3S   
CO2JD        HI3JH         PJ9B         K2SB          ZS9F         KK3S   
CO8TW        W3HNK         PV2P         PT2NP         ZW2Z         PY2ZI  
CS1A         CT1DXQ        PX2U         PT2QX         ZX0F         PY5EG  
CS5EWA       CT1EWA        PY0FF        N6KT          ZX1A         PY1SL  
CT3FN        HB9CRV        R1FJZ        U3AJ          ZX5J         PP5JR  
S DX@WW $425WW342G
425 DX News #342 [7/7]
 22 November 1997                   No 342                  BID: $425WW342G
                         *** 4 2 5   D X   N E W S ***
                         DIPLOMA FEA   FAROS DE ESPANA

 1.- EA3KB                            34.- EA5CRA                           
 2.- EA5KB                            35.- EA3EYR                           
 3.- EA5OL                            36.- EA5FGK                           
 4.- EA5RC                            37.- EA5GNT                           
 5.- EA8AKN                           38.- EA8AG (EA8BGY)                   
 6.- EA7BR                            39.- EA4ENT                           
 7.- EA6BE                            40.- F5XL                             
 8.- EA7OH                            41.- EA7HDO                           
 9.- EA5BD                            42.- EA4GZ                            
10.- EA7ABW                           43.- EA1BEY                           
11.- EA7CIW                           44.- EA7CWV                           
12.- EA9TQ + Endoso 100 Faros         45.- EA5GMB                           
13.- EA8KK (EA8BWW)                   46.- EA7HCZ                           
14.- EA5AEN                           47.- EA2AOL                           
15.- EA4CBA                           48.- EA7HBC                           
16.- EA5KY (EA5GKE)                   49.- IK1GPG                           
17.- EA7JB                            50.- EA5MB                            
18.- ON5KL                            51.- EA5TT                            
19.- EA9PB                            52.- EA5YJ                            
20.- EA9PD                            53.- CT1AHU                           
21.- EA7CYS                           54.- EA1FBE                           
22.- EA7BF                            55.- EA7COT                           
23.- EA5AT                            56.- EA8KJ                            
24.- CT4UW                            57.- CT1BSC                           
25.- CT4IC                            58.- EA1BT                            
26.- EA7FQS                           59.- EA1EAU                           
27.- EA3BT                            60.- EA8KV                            
28.- EA7ABL                           61.- CT1ELF                           
29.- EA5BHK                           62.- EA-1565-URE                      
30.- EA2CMU                           63.- EA8KL                            
31.- EA5JC                            64.- EA8KG 
32.- EA5AEI                           65.- EA9PY                            
33.- EA1JW                                                                  

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Salento DX  Team,  CT1EEB, CT1ENQ,  DJ5AV,  DJ5IL,  DL4VBP,  DL7VOA,  DL8AAM,
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