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 12 February 1999                                                 No 406
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

! Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to:                     !
!                                                                           !
! Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information                                   !
!       (e-mail i1jqj@amsat.org - BBS I1JQJ@I1YLM.IPIE.ITA.EU)              !
! Massimo Balsamo, IK1GPG: QSL Managers/QSL Routes                          !
!       (e-mail ik1gpg@amsat.org - BBS IK1GPG@IW1BIM.IPIE.ITA.EU)           !
! Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News WWW Pages                       !
!       (e-mail i121171@amsat.org)                                          !

                   >>> KING HUSSEIN OF JORDAN, JY1, SK <<<

The late King Hussein's role in  the Middle East is well  known all over  the
world. However, amateur radio enthusiasts, even  those who had the honour  of
working JY1, may ignore that His  Majesty's support "was invaluable to us  in
obtaining new amateur bands [namely 12, 17  and 30 metres] at the 1979  World
Administrative Radio Conference: Jordan's support of the Amateur Service  was
much in evidence at the conference  that fall, and was  a crucial element  in
our success." (David Sumner, K1ZZ, ARRL Executive Vice President). While  the
world mourns  the death  of the  ruler, we  mourn the  loss of  a friend  who
believed in Amateur Radio.

                      >>> PALESTINE (E4) ON THE AIR <<<

A team of  operators from Europe  and the U.S.  will join  forces with  their
local Palestinian counterparts to unveil the new E4 prefix for the first time
on the air. The operation, which is being conducted with the full support  of
the Palestinian National Authority's Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
(MPT), is scheduled to start on  15 February from  The Palestine Hotel,  Gaza
City. [TNX N4GN]

5H     - Conny, DL1DA  he  will  be active  as  5H3SK  from  Zanzibar  Island
         (AF-032) between 10 and 26 February. Plans are to operate mainly  CW
         with some RTTY. QSL via DL1DA. [TNX The Daily DX]
8P     - K4MA and  AA4NC will  be active  as 8P9JA  and 8P9JB  from  Barbados
         (NA-021) between 17 and  22 February. They  will participate in  the
         ARRL DX CW Contest as 8P9JA. QSL via home calls. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
C6     - Dick, N4RP expects to be active as C6AKP from South Bimini (NA-048),
         Bahamas between 12 and 24 February.  Plans are to operate mostly  CW
         on all bands,  with an emphasis  on WARC. QSL  via N4RP (R.  Phelps,
         2805 Casita Way Apt 115, Delray Beach, FL 33445-4574, USA). [TNX The
         Daily DX]
CT     - Club station CS0RCL  (http://www.qsl.net/cs0rcl) will  be active  on
         13-14 February during the Carnival of Loule Contest.
HI     - Moni, DL1SEN and Mike, DL2SEK are active (SSB and RTTY) as AH6YL/HI8
         and  AH6OM/HI8  from  the  Dominican  Republic  (NA-096)  until   25
         February. QSL via DL2SEK. [TNX The Daily DX]
JA     - JA6LCJ and JQ6QUM will be /6 from Amakusa Archipelago (AS-012) on 13
         and 14 February. The will be active on CW and SSB on the usual  IOTA
         frequencies. QSL  via  JA6LCJ.  Log  search  will  be  available  at
         http://www.nttl-net.ne.jp/ja6lcj/ [TNX JA6LCJ]
JT     - Nicola, I0SNY will be active again as JT1Y from JT1KAA Radio Club in
         Ulan-Baatar,  Mongolia  between  6  and  21  April.  Those  who  are
         interested in joining him are invited  to get in  touch with him  at
         00390-75-5288539 (from 19 UTC). [TNX I0SNY]
JW     - Coast  radio  station  Svalbard  Radio,  LGS  is  active  as  JW0LGS
         (operators JW5NM and JW6MY) until 28 February to commemorate the end
         of the international listening  watch on 500  kHz [425DXN 404].  QSL
         via LA5NM. [TNX DX News Sheet]
KG4    - W4ZYT (KG4ZK), W4SD (KG4SD) and NW3K (KG4NW) will be active  (mainly
         on CW) from Guantanamo Bay (NA-015) between 16 and 22 February. They
         will participate in the ARRL CW  DX Contest as  KG4DZ. Logs will  be
         available at http://www.pilot.infi.net/~charding/gitmo.htm [TNX  The
         Daily DX]
KH6    - Richard, K5NA  will be  active as  KH6X from  Maui, Hawaii  (OC-019)
         between 16 and 27 February. He  will participate in  the ARRL CW  DX
         Contest (20-21 February). [TNX The Daily DX]
KP4    - Carlos, WP4U  expects to  be active  from  Caja de  Muertos  (Coffin
         Island) between 12 and 15 February.  If he gets the permission  from
         the Department of Wildlife  and Natural Resources,  he will also  be
         active from Mona Island on 26-31 March. Both these islands are valid
         for WPRI (Worked  Puerto Rico's Islands  award) and  count for  IOTA
         group NA-099. [TNX The Daily DX]
KP4    - Rich, KE3Q will participate in the ARRL CW DX Contest from WP3R (QSL
         via W3HNK) in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.  Look for him  to be active  (CW
         and SSB) as  KE3Q/KP4 (QSL  via KE3Q)  on 18-19  February. [TNX  The
         Daily DX]
P4     - Andy, K2LE  is  active  as P4/K2LE  from  Aruba  (SA-036)  until  14
         February. QSL via K2LE. [TNX The South West DX Bulletin]
PY     - Jay, PP5LL  will be  active (SSB)  as PQ5L  from Anhatomirim  Island
         (SA-026, DIB 22) on 13 and  14 February. QSL  direct to PP5LL.  [TNX
V2     - N5NJ, K3MM/V26MM and possibly K3RA/V26RA plan to participate in  the
         ARRL CW DX Contest (20-21 February)  as V26O from Antigua  (NA-100).
         Look for  them before  and  after the  contest,  between 18  and  22
         February, on CW, SSB and RTTY. [TNX The Daily DX]
VP2V   - K1DW will be active (on 10-160  metres, SSB, CW  and RTTY) from  the
         British Virgin  Islands  (NA-023) for  three  weeks starting  on  16
         February. He plans to participate in the ARRL DX CW, ARRL DX SSB and
         CQ WW SSB Contests. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
W      - Special Event  Station  K4L  will  once  again  commemorate  Abraham
         Lincoln's  birthday  with   operation  from   the  Abraham   Lincoln
         Birthplace in Hodgenville, Kentucky between 13  and 21 UTC on  12-13
         February. [TNX N4CBR]
W      - Silvano, KB5GL will be  active as KB5GL/P  from Grand Isle  (NA-168)
         between 19 and  21 February. Look  for him on  14260, 18128,  21260,
         24950 and 28460 kHz. QSL direct  to AC7DX (Ron Lago, P.O.Box  25426,
         Eugene, OR 97402, USA). [TNX KB5GL]
W      - Dick, K2ZR/4 plans to be active (SSB and CW) from Key West  (NA-062)
         until 11 April. [TNX K2ZR/4 and Islands On The Web]
XW     - Yoh, 7L1MFS will be active from  Laos between 22 UTC on 19  February
         and 11 UTC on the 21st.  Plans are to concentrate in  10, 12 and  15
        metres SSB and RTTY. QSL via JH1EVE. [TNX The Daily DX]
ZF     - Al, KZ3AB will be active as  ZF2AB from the Cayman Islands  (NA-016)
         until 17 February. QSL via WA3EOP (Page Pyne, 230 N. Potomac St. #3,
         Hagerstown, MD 21740, USA). [TNX The Daily DX]
ZL     - Ed, K8VIR  expects  to be  active  several times  as  ZL4IR/SI  from
         Stewart Island  (OC-203)  between  15  February  and  May.  QSL  via
         W8WC.[TNX The Daily DX]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH     

BOUVET --->  Reidar Bo,  LA4BN (President  of LA-DX-GROUP)  reports that  the
Norwegian Polar Institute has just issued a discussion document concerning  a
proposed new legislation  on the  island making  it more  difficult or  maybe
impossible to mount  future DXpeditions. The  new legislation would  prohibit
any amateur radio activity from Nyroeysa (i.e. the only Bouvet area  suitable
for DXpeditions)  between  1 November  and  15 March  (i.e.  the  time  frame
suitable for DXpeditions) and restrict helicopter use between 15 March and  1
May. The LA-DX-GROUP and the Norwegian Radio League (NRRL) have been  invited
to voice  their  opinion: "We  need  as many  responses  as  possible  before
February 15, Reidar  says. "Please help  us with all  positive arguments  for
allowing amateur radio activity on  the island in  the future." Reidar's  fax
number and e-mail address are +47 22 27 56 20 and rboe@c2i.net

OPEN UKRAINE RTTY CHAMPIONSHIP ---> It  will take place between  22 UTC on  6
March and 01.59 UTC on the 7th (4 hours), on 1.838-1.848 and 3.580-3.620 MHz.
For further information on the rules, please contact George Ignatov, UT1HT at
krs@fobos.poltava.ua (the  results  of the  1998  edition  are  available  at
http://www.fobos.poltava.ua/krs/). [TNX UT1HT]

QSL 3D2DX  ---> Roberto, EA4DX  reports that all  cards received direct  with
postage, have been processed, labeled and mailed. If you do not receive  your
card within a couple  of weeks, please  contact Roberto (rdiazg@nexo.es).  Do
not send bureau  cards, as QSLs  for contacts  not confirmed  direct will  be
mailed automatically to the  various national bureaus  (lease note that  this
process   will   not   start   before   July).   Logs   are   available    at
http://www.qsl.net/ea4dx/3D2DXlog1.htm [TNX EA4DX]

QSL 4U1  ---> Masahiro  Miura, AJ3M  operated from  4U1VIC  in Vienna  on  28
January and  from 4U1ITU  in Geneva  on 5-7  February. Cards  for 4U1VIC  and
4U1ITU can  be sent  through the  bureau; however  the addresses  for  direct
requests are  Vienna  International Centre,  P.O.  Box  200,  A-1400  Vienna,
Austria (4U1VIC) and International  Amateur Radio Club,  P.O. Box 6,  CH-1211
Geneva, Switzerland (4U1ITU). [TNX AJ3M]

QSL TF3CW --->  QSL manager Norbert  Oberweis, LX1NO (lx1no@bigfoot.com)  has
started getting the logs from Siggi, TF3CW.  So far he has received the  logs
for contacts made  up to 1994  and the log  for the  5P1ER activity  activity
during the 1998 SAC  Contest. Please note  that Norbert says  he will not  be
able to confirm QSOs before early April. [TNX LX1NO]

QSL VIA KU9C ---> Steve Wheatley, KU9C reports that QSL cards for the various
XX9 operations in October 1998 (XX9X, XX9TAR, XX9TMC, XX9TNC, XX9TOT, XX9TXD)
are beginning to hit the mail.  If you sent your QSL  with others, this  will
slow their return to you. Cards for BQ9P, B1A, BT2HC are expected next  week,
and Steve has  freed up his  calendar over the  next few weeks  to devote  to
processing the direct requests for these cards. [TNX KU9C]

ZONE 19 ON 160 METRES ---> Mike, UA0MF is regularly active around 1830.5  kHz
during his mornings  (20-22 UTC) and  evenings (12-14 UTC)  with a full  size
Inverted V. Mike accepts skeds via  e-mail (ua0mf@mail.primorye.ru). QSL  via
either W3HNK  or  UA0MF (Mike  Filippov,  P.O. Box  20,  Vladivostok,  690021
Russia). [TNX UA0MF]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ***** QSL INFO  [1/2] *****
                          Edited by IK1GPG & IK1QFM
                          TNX:  IK7AFM, The Daily DX

CALL      MANAGER        CALL       MANAGER        CALL       MANAGER        
3A/K8PYD  K8PYD          F8AB       F2VX           SN0BNM     SQ2BNM         
3A/N9MC   N9MC           FG5FC      F6DZU          SN0EFU     SP2EFU         
3B8/DJ7MI DJ7MI          FG5FR      F6FNU          SN0PI      SP2PI          
3DA0CA    W4DR           FK8GJ      F6CXJ          SN0PMK     SP2PI          
3W5FM     UA0FM          FK8GM      WB2RAJ         SN0SWT     SP2SWT         
3W6DXI    DL4DBR         FK8HC      VK4FW          SN0UKB     SP2UKB         
3W6LI     K2WE           FK8VHT     F6CYV          SO5AH      IZ3AHY         
4J4K      4J9RI          FM/F8AAN   F8AAN          SU1ER      WA3HUP         
4K5CW     4J9RI          FO/DJ4VW   DJ4VW          SV9/MU0BKA K4ZLE          
4K8F      UA9AB          FO0AWI     DL5AWI         T20HC      DL9HCU         
4L0CR     IK7JTF         FO0XUU     DL5AWI         T32KV      N0KV           
4L8A      OZ1HPS         FP5EJ      K2RW           T32MP      K0MP           
4N4MX     DJ2MX Ex DL1FDVFT5WH      F6KDF          T32NCC     HA1AG          
4N800H    YU0SRJ         FT5ZJ      F2YT           T32PL      W0NF           
4S7YSG    JA2BDR         G6D        G3LZQ          T32PS      K0MP           
4X/OK1DTP OK1DTP         GB0SM      G3WNI          T33VU      DL2MDZ         
5B4/G4LJF G4LJF          GB5WW      G3LZQ          T88SY      JA5IU          
5H3MG     IN3GNV         H40FN      HA8FW          T88TM      JA5AUC         
5H3US     WA8JOC         H40MS      DL2GAC         T9/YO2LDE  YO2LDE   (Dir) 
5N7YZC    WA1ECA         H44FN      HA8FW          T94DO      DJ2MX Ex DL1FDV
5N9CEN    IV3VBM         HC6CR      NE8Z           T94DX      DJ2MX Ex DL1FDV
5R8FL     F5TBA          HC8N       AA5BT          TA1ZL      RW9WA          
5W0GD     PA3AXU         HH2LQ      VE2EH          TG9NX      N4FKZ          
5Z4LI     G3SWH          HH2NH      KU9C           TL0R       PA1AW Ex PA3DMH
5Z4RL     G0IAS          HI8/AH6OM  DL2SEK         TL5A       PA1AW Ex PA3DMH
6D2X      K5TSQ          HK3/G0SHN  F6AJA          TR8BAR     F5BAR          
6W1RN     DL4VS          HP8ADU     W2BDR          TR8CA      F6CBC          
6W4RK     F5NPS          HR2/KC4CD  HR1JPT         TT8FC      EA4AHK         
7J1ATX    OH1TX          HS0/DL2VK  DL2VK          TU5IJ      I2AOX          
8Q7AC     DJ4KW          HS0ZCY     WB4FNH         TZ6DX      K4DX           
8Q7UK     G0SAH          HS1NIV     W1ZS           UA0AZ      W3HNK          
9G1AA     PA3ERA         HS5AC      W1ZS           UA0CW      W3HNK          
9G1MR     IK3HHX         HS98AG     HS1CKC         UA0QMU     UA4RC          
9G1YR     G4XTA          HV4NAC     IK0FVC         UA2FB      DJ9ZB          
9G5DX     JH8PHT         HZ1AB      K8PYD          UA2FJ      W3HNK          
9G5HK     DL1IAL         IU4F       IK4ZHH         UA2FP      DL4LH          
9H1EL     LA2TO          IY4FGM     IK4QJH         UE3RCG     RW3RQ          
9H1ZE     IZ3AHY         IZ3BQS     IV3SKQ         UE3ROM     RW3RQ          
9K2QQ     KB2MS          J28AG      ZL3CW          UE3WKB     RA3WA          
9L2PI     KB0KVA         J28DB      F4AAQ          UK8GK      RW6HS          
9M6AAC    N2OO           J3/K4LTA   K4LTA          UK8OAF     OZ1KYM         
9M6AAT    UA9CI          J68DD      N6JRL          UN3F       OK8ZM          
9N1HA     N5VL           J79EKH     KE4EKH         UN7EG      DL8KAC         
9Q5TE     SM0BFJ         J79GMV     KK4WWW         UX0ZZ      N3IRZ          
9X0A      DL5WM          J79UGF     KE4UGF         UX6F       UX3FW          
A35XU     PA3AXU         JU60MTZ    JT1CJ          V29QQ      G6QQ           
A41KJ     N5FTR          JW0LGS     LA5NM          V31JP      KA9WON         
A61AH     KA5TQF         JW5NM      LA5NM          V31JZ      NN7A           
A92GD     K1SE           JW9XGA     LA9XGA         V31RL      NG7S           
AH0/KH2K  JA1RJU         JX7DFA     LA7DFA         V47KP      K2SB           
AT0U      VU2UR          JY9QJ      DL5MBY         V51HK      DL6OBS         
AX4AO     VK4AO          KC4AAA     K1IED          V51KG      SM7DZZ         
AX4EJ     VK4EJ          KG4DZ      W4SD           V63KU      JA6NL          
AX4EMS    VK4EMS         KG4NW      NW3K           V7/N4XP    N4XP           
AX4SJ     VK4SJ          KG4SD      W4SD           VK4SK      DJ2MX Ex DL1FDV
AX5CRS    VK5CRS         KG4ZK      W4ZYT          VK8KAY     YC1VX          
AX6LC     VK6LC          KH0/AF4LX  JA6VQA         VK9XI      DK7YY          
BA1DU     W3HC           KH0/JA6PBO JA6VQA         VK9XX      W0YG           
BD7NQ     W2AY           KH0AC      K7ZA           VK9YY      W0YG           
BT1WW     BY1/OH2BH      KH0AS      WB4UBD         VP5/JA1MZL JA1MZL         
C4A       9A2AJ          KL7PI      K4MF           VP5/N4TO   N4TO           
C56A      DL5NAM         LT1F       LU1FKR         VP5/WA2WYA WA2WYA         
C56NY     DJ3NY          LT4A       LU1BCE         VP8CSA     DL1SDN         
C56T      DL5NAM         LU/CT4IK   LU5OM (91-97)  VP9/N1KS   JA1FUI         
C56TTY    G0OIL          LU5OM      LU5OM          VP9/N1RCT  N1RCT (Bureau) 
CE3AA     CE3WDH         LU6T       LU5OM (79-84)  VP9/N1RCT  W6/G0AZT (Dir) 
CM6YI     CO6LG          LU6TEA     LU5OM (79-84)  VQ9DX      AA5DX          
CO0XE     XE1CI          LX2MR      IV3SKQ         VQ9QM      W4QM           
CO6DW     EA8DO          LX9DIG     DL2JRM         VQ9VK      N1TO           
CO8JY     KU9C           LZ0A       LZ1KDP         VU2JPS     VK9NS          
CO8LY     EA7ADH         M0ARC      G3LZQ          VU2RBQ     DJ9RB          
CO8TW     W3HNK          OD5/SP7LSE SP7EJS         VU2ZAP     W3HNK          
CO9BCC    VE2EH          OH0R       OH2TA          VU3VLH     OK1MM          
CO9NAA    CO8RCB         OX3LX      OZ1DJJ         W1AA/CC    W1AA           
CT3/F5LMJ F5LMJ          OZ1OXB     OZ6TL          XE1NVX     EA5XX          
CT4IK     LU5OM (1977)   OZ1OXZ     OZ8AE          XE1XG      W3HNK          
D2GG      CT1GG          P29CC      K1WY           XE2NJ      F6FNU          
D68BW     DJ2BW          P29VR      W7LFA          XJ1HA      VE1HA          
DA0EUR    DL4AKW         P4/K2LE    K2LE           XX9AS      KU9C           
DU3NXE    W3HNK          P40E       W3HNK          XX9TRR     OH2PM          
DU6/K9AW  WF5T           P43P       P43ARC         YI1AK      AD5W           
E21CJN    W3PP           PJ9I       ON4CFD         YI1ALW     WB3CQN         
E30LA     I2YDX          PT5T       PP5LL          YI1FLY     KK3S           
E30MA     IK2WXZ         PT7BZ      KQ0B           YJ0AOY     KF8OY          
EA9AU     EA9IB          PZ5JR      K3BYV          YJ8UU      ZL2HE          
ED3TTY    EA3GIP         R1ASP      RA1AD          YN2EJG     K5LBU          
ED4MRF    EA4ENK         R1FJL      UA3AGS         YN6HM      N5TGZ          
ED5SMA    EA5URR         R3AL/MM    RN3FZ          YV5/DL2GG  DJ7AO          
ED7TCS    EA7URS         RA2FBC     DF4BV          YZ800R     YU0SRJ         
EG0MDC    EA5KW          RA9LI/9    DL6ZFG         Z2/VK3DXI  9V1XE          
EK6GC     W3HNK          RM6A       W3HNK          ZA/YO2LDE  YO2LDE   (Dir) 
EL2WW     ON5NT          RX9FM      W3HNK          ZC4RAF     5B4YX          
EM1LV/P   UR8LV          S21YD      SM6CPY         ZD8A       K6NA           
EM5U/P    UT2UB          S79MX      HB9MX          ZD9BV      W4FRU          
EO6F      UX0FF          S79OY      KF8OY          ZF2CM      K0BJ           
ET3IV     IZ3AHY         S92AT      NJ2D           ZF2DR      K5RQ           
EW3LB     W3HNK          SM/DL5RFF  DL5RFF         ZF2DS      W3WKP          
EW8AM     EA3FQA         SM7CRW     W3HNK          ZK1OOY     KF8OY          
EY6TM     F6FNU          SN0BBD     SP2BBD         ZK1RRR     W6RV           
EY8CQ     DJ1SKO         SN0BMX     SP2BMX         ZW7SC      PR7RT          

3D2TC     Craig Thompson, 50 Beach Road, Suva Point, Suva, Fiji Islands
5B4CW     Michel E.Kreitem, P.O.Box 1267, Limassol, Cyprus
5H3RK     Ralph Karhammar, P.O.Box 9274, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
6K5RJB    Kyong Joo Park, P.O.Box 97, Kyongjoo city, Kyongsanbookto 780-600,
          South Korea
9K2HS     Hamed Al-Shuwaie, P.O.Box 27, 72461 Khaldiya, Kuwait
9V1XE     Mirek Rozbicki, 7 Seletar Terrace, Singapore 806908, Singapore
BA9GA     J.J.Jiang, P.O.Box 12, Lanzhou, Gansu 730020, China
BV/JH3GCN Kiyohiro Yuge, P.O.Box 73, Taipei, Taiwan
BY1/OH2BY Martti J.Laine, Unit No.21H North Lodge, China World Trade Center,
          No.1 Jianguomen Wai Avenue, Beijing 100004, People's Republic of
CO9NAA    P.O.Box 5, Santiago de Cuba 90100, Cuba
CU3T      Uniao de Radioamadores Dos Acores, P.O.Box 140, P-9702 Angra do
          Heroismo, Terceira Island, Acores, Portugal
DJ2MX     Mario Lovric, Am Oelberg 11, D-61231, Bad Nauheim, Germany
DJ7AO     Stefan Reyers, Luebecker Strasse 4, D-22964, Steinburg, Germany
DS0PK     Jungin College ARS, #San 9-28, Shigi dong, Jungup city,
          Chollabookto 580-060, South Korea
DS1FJI    Jean Shick John, #244-126, Mook 2 dong, Joongrang koo, Seoul
          131-142, South Korea
DS2KAG    Jung Bae Lee, 202-1006 Sungwon apt., #551-34, Poong dong, Ilsan 
          koo, Koyang city, Kyongkido 411-330, South Korea
DU1ODX    P.O.Box SM 284, Manila 1016, Philippines
DU3BS     Bong C.So, 248 Casmor Ph. 1, Mabiga, Mabalacat, Pampanga 2010,
EP3PTT    Mohammed, P.O.Box 4415, Tehran 15875, Islamic Republic of Iran
EP4GM     P.O.Box 21, Kugesi 429500, Russia
F5BAR     Bouchet Jean-Luc, Chemin De L'Artaude, 14 Verger De Beauvoir,
          F-83220 Le Pradet, FRANCE
G0OIL     Dave A.White, Rainbow Cottage, Laneham St, Rampton, Notts DN22 OJX,
H44NC     Norried F.Chaisson Jr., P.O.Box 168, Munda, Western Province,
          Solomon Islands
HC6FG     Maricela de Camacho, P.O.Box 614, Ambato, Ecuador
HK5LJ     Bernardo Villegas, P.O.Box 20738, Cali, Colombia
HL5BBW    Jong Oil Eom, 34-81, Haedodong, Pohang 680-000, South Korea
HL5PVN    Kyung Chang Kang, P.O.Box 12, Tong-Nae, Pusan 607-600, South Korea
HR2/KC4CD Lane Tarleton, P.O.Box 2754, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
J69EB     John C.Joseph, P.O.Box CH24C, Choiseul, St.Lucia Island
JA3CMY    Yuki Iwata, 3-13-3  Kaneda-Cho, Moriguchi-City,Osaka 570-0011,Japan
JH8PHT    Kazuo Takasaki, Higashi 3-20-40-202 Shinohara, Yokohama 222-0022,
LU5OM     Manuel C.da Silva Wilches, Las Tipas 71, 4400, Salta, Argentina
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PJ9/KF8OY Roger W.Macdonald, 12977 Sue Dee Lane, South Lyon, MI-48178, USA
PY7ZY     Cicero Xavier da Silva, P.O.Box 501,58001-970 Joao Pessoa,PB,Brazil
RU0AB     Toly, P.O.Box 59, Moscow, Russia
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SM6CPY    Carl Jonsson, Bottnatorpet, Alboga, S-524 96 Ljung, Sweden
SV1APF    Kostas Fatoypos, Andreadou 2, GR-111 45 Athens, Greece
SV5CJN    Drosos Skotis, 5, Kosma Etolou str., GR-851 00 Rhodos, Greece
UA0SJ     Yuri A.Maltsev, P.O.Box 2304, Bratsk-city, 665700, Russia
UA0ZC     Valery A.Makarovm P.O.Box 6, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky,683038,Russia
UX0FF     Nikolay Lavreka, P.O.Box 3, Izmayil, 272630 Ukraine
V51GP     Graham, P.O.Box 3330, Swakopmund, Namibia
VK2CE     Kevin Mulcahy, P.O.Box 300, Merrimbula 2548, Australia
VP9/N1RCT Eddie Schneider, W6/G0AZT, P.O.Box 5194 Richmond, CA-94805, U.S.A.
VU2JHM    Lion Ajoy, "Kshitija", opp. Geetanjali Theatre, 5-Cross, 
          Malleswaram, Bangalore 560 003, India
VU2NFS    Nafisa Shikari, 52A Asraf Apartments, Gangabaudi Road, Mazgaon,
          Mumbai (Bombay) 400 010, India
VU2SE     S.R.Subramanyam, 137, III Main Road, Ganganagar Layout, Bangalore
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YC1YCF    Yoyon Suryana, Perum Margahayu C 88, Bekasi 17113, Indonesia
YC3JPS    Sumarno, P.O.Box 4025, Surabaya 60401, Indonesia
YI1OM     Omar Ali Lateif Al Saaiedi, P.O.Box 27104, Baghdad 12603, Iraq
ZA1FD     Fatos Demeti, P.O.Box 1439, Tirana, Albania

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