El Prof. Michael Bashshur (Universidad de Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) impartirá un seminario en la Universidad de Valencia

El Prof. Michael Bashshur (Universidad de Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) impartirá un seminario "Organizational Justice" (con diversas sesiones) en el Salón de Grados de la Facultad de Psicología de la Universidad de Valencia.(7-11 Septiembre).

Prof: Prof. Bashsur

Seminars on Organizational Justice

"Organizational justice, or the manner in which employees are treated at work, is among the most heavily researched topics in the fields of Organizational Behaviour and Work and Organizational Psychology today (e.g. Cropanzano et al., 2001). Organizational justice perceptions have been shown to relate to a wide variety of on the job outcomes including job attitudes, stress, performance and turnover (e.g. Colquitt et. 2001).

This seminar will examine the construct of Organizational Justice in detail. I will begin with an exploration of its structure and relationships to many important outcomes at the individual level. Next consideration will be paid to the effects of macro level constructs such as national and organizational culture. Understanding the role of these constructs, both in terms of perceptions of and reactions to justice, are integral to multinational and multicultural management today (McFarlin & Sweeney, 2001; Leung, 2005). How justice perceptions emerge in groups and the effects of these shared justice perceptions (or the "climate for justice") on individual and groups' behaviours will also be explored in this section of the seminar.

Third I will address the effects of agreement among perceptions. Specifically, I will discuss agreement among justice perception of supervisors and the teams they lead as well as alignment between the different possible sources of justice (for example, leaders vs. co-workers). The focus here will be on the effects of different types of treatment and their influence on expectations and reactions.

Finally, the seminar will conclude with a discussion of organizational justice over time. Specifically, we will consider how perceptions evolve over time, how events feed upon one another and the role of memory in the assessment of just or unjust events over time."

El seminario está patrocinado por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación MICINN, el Banco Santander Central Hispano BSCH y el Vicerrectorado de Postgrado

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