C lausura de la II International WINTER SCHOOL "BERNHARD WILPERT" on design of interventions in Work, Organizational, and Human Resources Psychology del Master Erasmus Mundus en WOP-P.

The 2 nd Winter School has taken place from the 1 st of November and lasted for 5 months. The winter school was organized by the Erasmus Mundus Master on Work, Organizational and RRHH Psychology given by the consortium coordinated by the Universitat of Valencia and formed by the Universities of Barcelona, Bologna, Coimbra and Rene Descartes of Paris.

This edition has been dedicated to the memory of the professor Bernhad Wilpert (1936-2007) from the Technical University of Berlin and member of the Scientific Advisory Council - professional of the WOP-P EM Master.

Apart from the students of the WOP-P EM Master from the five Universities of the consortium, 7 students from San Jose State University (USA) and 5 postgraduate students from universities of different countries: Babes-Bolyai (Romania), Dnipropetrovsk's Universisdad Nacional (Ukrania), Paulista and University Center Salesiano of Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Catalunya's Technical University (Spain,) have taken part in this edition.

The 48 participants come from 16 countries (Germany, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the USA, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Moldova, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal and Romania) which have facilitated one of the principal aims of this training program: the development of competences on the design of professional interventions in a global and international context.

The 2 nd Winter School has been organized in three phases: The first one (from 1 st of November to 23 rd of February) has been developed in a virtual environment in which the students have worked in teams distributed across "virtual classroom" of the University of Valencia. The second phase, a so-called internship phase, has taken place at the University of Barcelona from 23 rd of February until 7 th of March. During these phase, students have intensive seminars with diverse learning and social activities (e.g. case studies, practices of design, visits to companies, etc.). Finally, in the third phase(from 8 th of March to 30 th of April), students work on the integration of the acquired knowledge and competences, by elaborating a proposal of professional intervention in the field of Work, Organizational and HR Psychology by means of online learning. In addition, they also elaborate a proposal of a brief press release for dissemination.

The professorship that has taught the different modules at the II nd Winter School is composed of teachers of recognized prestige, such as Neil Anderson (Univ. de Asterdam), Eric Andriessen (Univ. de Delft), Michael Fresse (Univ. de Giessen), David Guest (King's College, London), Robert Roe (Mastricht's University), Dirk Steiner (Univ. of Nice), Fred Zjilstra (Univ. de Mastricht). The coordination team has been composed of Professors Jose M. Peiró ( Univ. of Valencia ), Guido Sarchielli ( University of Bologna ), Vincent Rogard (Univ. Rene Descartes) and Sharon Gazer ( San Jose State University ). The second phase has been organized by the team of the University of Barcelona (teachers Pol, Romero and Berger).

Student comments

The 2009 Winter School in Barcelona has been an amazing work team experience. In an international and multicultural environment we have learned - through learning by doing approach- several Organizational Psychology issues. One of the most interesting topics was the Design Module because we improved our competences for design professional interventions considering different stakeholders point of view and contextual factors requirements.

Mercedes Argaña

Winter school is a challenger training period, as it welcome wellknown professionals and professors. Also Winter School offers the possibility to exchange knowledge within students from different universities around the world, creating an international environment.

Winter school promotes the learning process in topics such as organizational justice, organizational change and contextual factors in Organizational Psychology, among others. Students learn a design methodology to create services and products in the field of Human Resources, and develop a case to practice it.

Adriana Sandoval