Post-Doc University of St. Gallen, Institute for Leadership and Human Resources


Leadership and Human Resource Management (I.FPM) at the University of St. Gallen is seeking a Senior Research Fellow (non-tenure track) for a four-year appointment starting in Spring 2009.

Primary Responsibilities: Conducting quantitative research on topics fitting in the research areas of "Organizational Energy", "Leadership", and "Energizing the Ageing Workforce” and publishing this work in high-quality, international journals. Teaching is not a requirement; however, opportunities are available to teach undergraduate, master, and executive level courses.

About the I.FPM at the University of St. Gallen: The University of St. Gallen, situated in the Northeastern part of Switzerland, is renowned both inside and outside Europe for its excellence in research and education, on bachelor, master, PhD, and executive levels. For more information about the university, see: www.unisg.ch.
The I.FPM currently consists of about 20 members, who are active researchers and teachers in the fields of leadership, organizational energy, and human resource management. While employing various theoretical and methodological approaches to their research topics, all members strive for a high quality in their research output and are oriented towards publishing in international journals. For more information on current members and activities, visit: www.ifpm.unisg.ch

About the Research of the I.FPM: In 2001, the I.FPM initiated the Organizational Energy Program (OEP). The OEP involves large scale empirical as well as in-depth case studies on global companies as well as a number of small and medium size companies. Examples of research questions include: What is organizational energy? How does organizational energy develop over time? What are antecedents and consequences of organizational energy? What is the role of leadership for energizing organizations?
In the context of research on energy, scholars from the I.FPM are pursuing work on the ageing workforce from the perspective of organizational behavior within an interdisciplinary research group. Studies are performed on the individual, team, and organizational level from various theoretical perspectives. For more information on the research stream on "Energizing the Ageing Workforce", see www.scala.unisg.ch

Qualifications: Applicants should 1) show potential for publishing in top-tier journals, 2) demonstrate excellence in quantitative research methods, 3) enjoy working in an interdisciplinary team, 4) be interested in teaching, and 5) have/be close to earning a PhD in organizational behavior, management, organizational psychology, or a related field at the time of appointment.

Application and Deadlines: Applicants can send their application - including a cover letter, CV, and one paper representative of their research qualities - until February 27, 2009 to: Prof. Heike Bruch; University of St. Gallen, Institute for Leadership and Human Resources; Dufourstrasse 40a, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland, Heike.Bruch@unisg.ch. Please address all other questions regarding the research fellow position to Dr. Anneloes Raes at anneloes.raes@unisg.ch or 0041 (0)71 224-3187. Review of the applicants will start immediately when receiving the applications and continue until the position is filled