Rhetoric and Politics: Practical Analysis

Activities designed for students of History and Culture of the English Speaking Countries. They can also be used in subjects such as: Sociolinguistics, Lexicology and Semantics, English Linguistics in general, and English Language.

Created by Patricia Bou, for Anglotic. Department of English and German Philology, University of Valencia, 2011.

Social and Historical Context

The text below is part of a speech that Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered in 1936, before the US Presidential elections of 1936.

Historical context: 12 years (1921-1933) of Republican administrations (9 years + 3 years of the Great Depression) were followed by Roosevelt’s Democrat administration (nearly four years, period known as the New Deal, 1933-1936). After the 1936 elections, Roosevelt was re-elected and was President until his death in 1945.