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As you know, morphophonology deals with the phonological representation of morphemes. Its careful study may help discover important phonological patterns crucial to our mastery of English. An awareness of other phonological and ortographic patterns is equally relevant. Here we shall be interested in these issues.

This learning object is addressed to students and teachers interested in English morphology and lexicology. Note that whenever the phonological transcription is provided it corresponds to the RP accent. We take for granted that you are acquainted with phonological transcription. However, if you still feel uncertain as to the correct interpretation of phonemic symbols, study the IPA chart with sounds here.

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These are mostly activities where second language learners may observe the interaction between the phonology and morphology of the

English language. An awareness of this interaction will allow them to see that on many occasions the attachment of morphemes in longer word

structures follows patterns which are easily deduced. Other times, the resulting complex words cannot be deduced for a number of reasons.

It is also important to be aware and discuss the reasons for it.

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