Subtitling practice

IDevice Icon Objectives

1. To learn to use technical resources for subtitling: spotting, adapting, translating, simulating

2. To become aware of the technical constraints that affect the linguistic output

3. To discuss translators' options and choices in adapting their subtitles

4. To be able to create a file with subtitles for a video

IDevice Icon Task
The University of Valencia held in November 2010 the International Conference on 'Gender Violence: Contexts, Discourses and Representations', an inter-disciplinary forum where researchers in discourse, journalists, judges, etc., gave an overview of the way gender violence is dealt with in their respective fields. The organisers of the conference are working on a DVD with didactic materials including all the videos of the talks that were given at the conference. They have commissioned you to produce the translated script and the subtitles for a couple of videos. Follow the procedure described in the following sections.
The videos are extracts from the talk given by Dr. Lia Litosseliti (City University, London) "From Gender Discourses to Gender Politics: Critical Perspectives" 

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