3. Translating

IDevice Icon Translate the subtitles

Produce the translated version of the original subtitles. Decide what information given by the image will be incorporated in the translation. Bear in mind that the translation is giong to be heavily constrained by the technical priorities of subtitling. Apply the following typographical conventions (adapted from Bartrina & Espasa 2005: 95-96):

(a)    Each line should have a maximum of 32 characters (including spacing and punctuation)
(b)    There should be a maximum of two lines per subtitle (if they are of unequal length, the upper line should be shorter to keep as much of the image visible as possible)
(c)    Subtitles should not be shorter than 4-5 characters (to avoid re-reading by the audience)
(d)    Abbreviations known by the audience can be used, and numbers should be given in figures rather than in letters
(e)    Typographical norms:

        (1)    Individual speakers in a dialogue should be indicated by a dash
        (2)    Segmentation should respect grammatical units (i.e. an article cannot be separated from its noun, an auxiliary from its main verb, etc)
        (3)    Dots (...) indicate that a subtitle unit continues on the following script, which will also start with dots

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