Autor: Jesus Ballesteros Llompart
Pamplona, Emise, 1992
Paginas: 200
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Idioma: Inglés


The technological model, based in the rise of production at minimal cost , seems to prevail more and more in the world. Among its effects we can find the increase of social inegualities , the depauperation of the third and fourth worlds, the demages to the enviroment ,and the generalization of margination and indifference.
To reply to thiese challenges meassures light culture are of no use , The author calls them "postmodernity as decadence" , a reduction of reality to appareance and dereliction of reason and the retreat from the noble idea of humankind..
It Is necessary , on the contrary, to make radical demands of reason and democracy .. That is the pretension of "postmodernity as resistance": to avoid against the possibility of the destruction of human specie , betting on the respect to inalienable rights of man and nature. This formula places at the head os social preferences the struggle for peace and the opossition to the militäry block, the ecological frugality against the consumer wastefulness, and the ecumenical solidarity against individualistic indifference.
Jesús Ballesteros, Professor of Philosophy of Law and political Philosophy at the University of Valencia (Spain) has writhen also in Spanish "Sobre el Sentido del derecho" and "Ecologismo personalista"(Madrid, Tecnos, 2001, 3º ed. and 2000, 2º ed) .




Postmodernity: Decadence or Resistence