CAMAP team

Person Expertise Codes
Miguel A. Aloy (PI)
(dedication: 75%)
RMHD, RRMHD, relativistic flows, stellar core collapse GENESIS
Martin Obergaulinger MHD, B-field amplification in PNSs, stellar core collapse, v-transport AENUS
Pablo Cerdá Durá Dynamical evolution in full GR, GRMHD, stellar core collapse CoCoNuT
Petar Mimica RMHD, Radiative Processes, relativistic flows GENESIS, SPEV
  • CAMAP project relies on the interaction between postdocs which share a common expertise in numerical methods for magnetohydrodynamics.
    • Isabel Cordero (Auxiliar Professor)
    • Tomasz Rembiasz (Postdoc)
  • We have request a Ph.D student from this project, but, as expected, we have attracted several additional ones (Spanish FPI program, VALi+d program, Grisolía program, etc ).
    • Nicolas DeBrye
    • Jesús Rueda
    • Carlos Cuesta
    • Sergio Miranda
    • José Enrique Adsuara
    • Jens Mahlmann (Master Student)