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Vice-Principal for Economics and Infrastructure


Born in Valencia (1965), he’s a tenured professor in the field of Business Administration at the Department of Business Management “Juan José Renau Piqueras”. Graduate and PhD in Economic and Business Sciences from the Universitat de València.

He developed his teaching activity in the field of business management, in particular, in the areas of Human Resources and Strategic Management, in undergraduate degrees of Labour Relations and Human Resources, Business Administration and Management and International Business. He has six five-year terms of certified teaching activity.

His research is focused on the field of Human Resources, in particular in Human Resources in Public Administrations and in Social Economy. In this area, he has published several manuals and scientific articles, on top of participating in national and international conferences and in research projects about Human Resources policies in Public Administrations, both as the lead researcher and as a member of research groups.

He has also been the researcher responsible for several counselling and technical support agreements to drive specific initiatives of management of Human Resources in several Public Administrations (Instituto Valenciano de la Juventud or Instituto Valenciano de la Certificación, among others).

He took part in numerous Commissions and Committees of National and Local Administrations. In the Universitat de València he was the director of the Department of Business Management “Juan José Renau Piqueras”.

At the local level, he has been the director-general of Human and Economic Resources and, later, the director-general of Human Resources of the Ministry of Universal Healthcare and Public Healthcare of the Valencian Government.

At the national level, former Undersecretary of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare of the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare.