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Vice-Principal for Employment and Entrepreneurship


Born in Valencia (1959). Full professor of Parasitology of Faculty of Pharmacy. Graduate and PhD in Pharmacy from the Universitat de València. Specialist in Microbiology and Parasitology.

Her research focuses on the field of parasitic diseases, an area in which she has published a large number of articles and book chapters. She has been the main researcher and collaborator in several international, national and local competitive projects.

She has five six-year terms of certified research activity.Evaluator of book and research projects for national and international agencies and the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation.

Member of the WHO Collaborating Centre on fascioliasis and its vector molluscs and of the FAO Reference Centre on Parasitology. She also belongs to the Consortium of Centre for Biomedical Research in Network, the field of Infectious Diseases (CIBERINFEC) and of Collaborating Research Network on Tropical Diseases (RICET).

Her teaching is focused on subjects in degrees of Pharmacy, Human Nutrition and Dietetics (NHD) and Food Science and Technology (CTA) in addition to several Master’s Degrees of the Universitat de València and other universities.

She has conducted several European and international PhD theses. She has six five-year terms of certified teaching activity.

She has been Secretary of the Faculty of Pharmacy, a period during which she implemented the internships in the degree of Pharmacy. She has been the Coordinator in Teaching Mobility Programmes and Business Integration in the EU (ERASMUS, COMETT y TEMPUS) and the Coordinator of External Internships, a period during which she performed the adaptation of the internships in degrees of Pharmacy, NHD and CTA.

She is co-author and editor of several guides for internships, highlighting the Libro Blanco de Practicas Tuteladas en Farmacia (White book of Guided Internship in Pharmacy). She is a member of the Senate of Universitat de València.