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Vice-Principal for Sustainability, Cooperation and Healthy Lifestyle


Born in Corbera (1984). She’s a tenured professor in the Faculty of Physiotherapy. Graduate in Physiotherapy by the Universitat de València with the Extraordinary award. Graduate in Teacher Training and Humanities by the Universitat de València. PhD in Physical and Sport Education.

She developed her teaching activity in the field of statistics and clinical methodology in both undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy and Master’s degree in Functional Recovery in Physiotherapy. She has two five-year terms of certified teaching activity.

Her research revolves around the biomechanical characterization of pathologies and lesions of musculoskeletal and neurological origin, mainly in people with spinal cord injury. She has also conducted research on effectivity of therapeutic exercise in those cases. She’s a coordinator of the research group UBIC.

As a result of her research, she’s published more than 50 articles indexed in the Journal Citation Reports, has collaborated in 7 research projects with national and local funding. She’s also been the lead researcher of four research projects, funded by the Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sport and by private entities, related to biomechanics and technological development.

She’s an academic publisher of the journals Plos One and Musculoskeletal Disorders and also a reviewer of numerous international journals. She has directed 6 PhDs, in both doctoral programme for Physiotherapy and for Physical and Sport Education.

She’s received several research awards in the field of biomechanics and physical activity from various institutions, such as the Institute of Biomechanics, the Spanish Society for the Assessment of Bodily Harm and the Spanish Society of Paraplegia. She conducted stays at the Marquette University of Milwaukee and at the University of Bologna. She has two six-year terms of certified research activity.

She’s an evaluator of the ACREDITA programme of ANECA and of AQU. She’s also an evaluator of the commission on training of health professions of the Valencian Community.

In the Universitat de València, she took the positions of coordinator of External Internship and Vice Dean of Infrastructures of the Faculty of Physiotherapy, the director of Specific Degrees and, currently, the coordinator of the doctoral programme in Physiotherapy. She is a member of the Senate of the Universitat de València.