Aurora Boreal is a Spanish-language website and internet portal devoted to Scandinavian culture, in particular literature, art, music and cinema. It includes reference materials on the famous authors and composers of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland, as well as an historical overview of these nations. A special section of the site deals with the Faroe Islands' history, culture and tourism. Aurora Boreal also contains a history of Scandinavian cinema and an online gallery of paintings with artist biographies. The section on publications provides reviews and bibliographical information about past and current translations of Scandinavian works into Spanish. The list of links is very extensive and up-to-date, covering many aspects of Scandinavian culture and its historical contacts with Spain. A site map is available in English, but the rest of the material on this site is in Spanish. The abundance of visual material however, for example photographs and artwork, makes parts of Aurora Boreal usable even by those with a minimal knowledge of Spanish.



















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