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FORTHEM conferences on the European Elections (19 and 20 June)

The Jean Monnet SIEGE Chair participates in the FORTHEM conferences on the European Elections.


The Jean Monnet Chair for Services of General Economic Interest in the framework of social and regional cohesion  collaborates in the organisation of the conferences on ‘The 2024 European elections and the future of Europe’, which will be held this June in the Faculty of Law.

The first direct elections of the European Parliament took place on 10 June 1979. 45 years and ten elections later, we celebrate this milestone in the process of political integration of what has become European Union, but we also critically reflect on its shortcomings. These conferences invite students and academics to discuss improvements to the electoral process and their acceptance among the citizens of Europe, thus contributing to the shaping of a united Europe.

María Jesús García, Head of the Jean Monnet SIEGE Chair will lead an alternative workshop titled ‘FORTHEM and research synergies’  with the helpd of teaching and research staff. This activity will take place on 19 June at 3pm in Clasroom 1P20 of the Faculty of Law.

The following day at 10am in Classroom 1P08, García will participate in a discussion panel on institutional impacts with a lecture titled ‘Citizens’ participation in the EU policy making’.

These conferences, celbrated from 17 to 20 June 2024, are part of the FORTHEM initiative for Collective Short-Term Mobility. This programme provides the students of the nine universities of the FORTHEM Alliance with the opportunity to attend seminars and conferences at any of the nine universities on topics related to the general objectives of the alliance.

The Universitat de València will participate in the FORTHEM Collective Short-Term Mobility 2024 initiative by organising a seminar titled ‘The 2024 European Elections and the Future of Europe’, in which around 25 students will attend from the nine universities that make up the alliance. These students were selected among all of the mobility requests received and all of their expenses have been covered, including their travel costs.

  • 19 june 2024 at 15:00 to 16:00. Wednesday.
  • 20 june 2024 at 10:00 to 11:00. Thursday.

Classroom 1P20 of the Faculty of Law.

Campus Tarongers. Av. dels Tarongers, S/N,

Valencia (46022)

Organized by

Jean Monet Chair. Services of general economic interest in the framework of social and regional cohesion.



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