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The Chair for Digital Gender Gap, signed between the Government of the 
Valencian Community and the Universitat de València, organises the II Conference for Digital Gender Equality on May 7th.

The conference will take place online at 11:00 a.m. Access is free and 
requires prior registration. The session will focus on analysing the existing challenges to achieve the digitalisation of all people through the improvement of their digital competences; particularly those of women when situations of vulnerability come into play.

To that end, the conference features a talk by State Secretary for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence Carme Artigas, a presentation of the data the Chair obtained in its 2020 report and a Panel Discussion.

The Chair is linked to the Digital Gap Monitoring Centre, which reports to the Government of the Valencian Community’s Department of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society and is supported by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Innovation and Transfer, the Office of the Vice-Principle for Equality, Diversity and Sustainability and the Equality Unit.

programa de la jornada

We present you with a short biography of the people participating in our II Conference on Digital Gender Equality:

Carme Frau Gomila. UV Chair for Digital Gender Gap

Carme Artigas Brugal

Carme Artigas is State Secretary of Digitalisation and Artificial intelligence.

She exercises the functions included in article 62 of the Law 40/2015, of October 1st, within her area of competence, about policies promoting the digitalisation of society and the economy in a respectful manner, with individual and collective rights, as well as with the values of the Spanish legal system. To that end, she’s granted functions aimed at promoting and regulating digital services, as well as those of the...

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Pilar Almenar Vara

Pilar Almenar is a journalist, trainer and project manager.

Since September 2020, she has been training more than 100 public education teachers from various educational centres of the Valencian Community in digital competences via the GVA’s Centre de Formació, Innovació i Recursos per al Professorat, as well as different educational centres in a more direct manner.

She gave classes on fake news and social networks to more than 300 students of the Universitat Popular...

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Pilar Almenar Vara. UV Chair for Digital Gender Gap
José Antonio Estévez García. Chair for Digital Gender Gap

José Antonio Estévez García

José Antonio is responsible for social innovation.

After working for 10 years in the consultancy field and in European R&D&I projects, his next step into the digital transformation area gave him the opportunity to work by applying emerging technologies to various business areas, which led him to manage Atos Iberia’s ( innovation at a corporate level, thus participating to coordinate the company’s innovation portfolio at an international level.

In 2005, he...

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Anabel Forte Deltell

Teacher, researcher and disseminator: mathematics, statistics, data science.

Graduate in Mathematics (2005) and in Statistical Sciences and Techniques (2006) and Doctor (2011) by the Universitat de València.

She’s currently working as a Tenured Professor at the UV’s Department of Statistics and Operative Research, where she carries out her teaching and research work while combining it with management and dissemination.

Her main research lines can be summarised as follows:...

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Anabel Forte UV Chair for Digital Gender Gap
María Fernada Jaramillo Polo. Chair for Digital Gender Gap

Mª Fernanda Jaramillo Polo

She’s a Tech Coach, Mentor, Lecturer and Founder and CEO of the company Social&Tech.
Director of Social & Tech, in representation of the Federación Española de Universidades Populares (FEUP) and the Escuela Feminista EFE FEUP’s team.

Mª Fernanda has over 20 years of experience as director of socially innovative digital inclusion projects aimed at cohering the territory. She was the president of the Asociación Nacional de...

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Vicente A. Querol

Director of the Cátedra Brecha Digital y Territorio.

He’s also a Sociology Professor at the Universitat Jaume I and the President of the Federación Española de Sociología’s Comité de Sociología Rural. He carries out research in Rural Studies and digital inclusion. His doctoral thesis Las generaciones que llegaron tarde analyses the relationship between the implementation of ICTs and older people and was published on the...

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Vicente Querol. UV Chair for Digital Gender Gap