Welcome to EBEN
Experimental & Behavioral Economics Network

EBEN is a Spanish Research Network in the fields of experimental and behavioral economics. Participants in this Network are professors from different Spanish Universities:

Antoni Bosch Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Director of Laboratori d'Economia Experimental (LEEX)
Jordi Brandts Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Institut d'Anàlisi Econòmic
Director of Laboratori d'Economia Experimental (LEEX)
Pablo Brañas Universidad de Granada
Director of Granada Laboratory of Behavioral Economics (GLOBE)
Director of Laboratorio de Economía Esperimental del IAE
Antonio Cabrales Universidad Carlos II de Madrid
María Paz Espinosa Universidad del País Vasco
Aurora García Gallego Universidad Jaume I de Castellón
Director of Laboratori d'Economia Experimental (LEE)
Nikolaos Georgantzís Universidad de Granada
Praveen Kujal Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Antonio Morales Universidad de Málaga
Giovanni Ponti Universidad de Alicante
Director of Laboratory for Theoretical and Experimental Economics (LATEX)
Amparo Urbano Universidad de Valencia
José Ramón Uriarte Universidad del País Vasco
Director del Bilbao Labean (Laboratorio de Economía Experimental)

Our goal is to promote the exchange and transference of knowledge in experimental and behavioral economics. EBEN will encourages the development of top quality research in a multidisciplinary environment. Our research covers both the theoretical and the experimental methodologies. EBEN promotes the formation of young scholars thorugh the cooperation of the different PhS programs involved. You may get some information about our activities in this website.