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ECG Chair's goals and activities

  • Among the formative activities,  are the realization of: training courses aimed at Valencian companies that wish to start at the ECG and implement the Common Good Sheet; UV Postgraduate courses on ECG aimed at the university community and the general public; and other training such as workshops, conferences and seminars on ECG. In addition, it is proposed to develop a Teaching Innovation Project in order to implement the ECG model and its principles and values ​​in the teaching program of university and non-university education (Secondary School, Training Cycles and Primary Education).
  • Among the research activities: research projects about ECG, business advisory contracts for companies that wish to implement the ECG, and studies and reports proposed by the General Direction of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism in ECG matters.  
  • Introduction activities include: celebration of Seminars, Conferences and Workshops about ECG aimed at the university community and the general public; publications of books, magazines, etc. in relation with ECG; and the call for Scholarships and Awards aimed at university students.