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Economy for the Common Good's Laboratory

The Economy for the Common Good - LabECG - is oriented to support the implantation of the Economy for the Common Good's model in the Companies, Institutions and Local Administrations of the Valencian Community. It offers services of technical advice, investigation and ftraining in the university area. Also, it offers academic and scientific criteria to all companies, organizations and institutions interested in the implementation of the ECG model. Moreover, it acts as a nexus of union with the Valencian Association for the Promotion of the Economy for the Common Good. We are a multidisciplinary team of professors from the Universitat de València in collaboration with professors from other universities and training centres.

Services offered:

  • Technical advice in the implementation of the principles and values of the ECG and the Common Good Sheet. 
  • Technical support for the creation of new projects on Economy for the Common Good.
  • Specialized training inside the model and tools of the Economy for the Common Good.
  • Celebration of Seminars, Workshops and Conferences about the ECG.
  • We offer facilities with the purpose of celebrating Forums, Conferences, etc. that consists on ECG topic.
  • Realization of studies and reports about the Economy for the Common Good