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The economic crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic is significantly affecting the economy as a whole. Economic inactivity in most sectors has led to a loss of income that is making it difficult for many businesses to continue, especially the self-employed and micro-SMEs.  The most affected sectors are tourism, catering and commerce, although the rest of the services, industry and agriculture are also having an impact. The effects are also being felt by workers (ERTE and job losses) and the most vulnerable.

Within this framework, it will be crucial to determine how to restart economic activity, what measures can be taken by public administrations to favour the economic recovery of the different economic sectors and how to take advantage of the new situation to reactivate the traditional local industrial sectors.  The crisis could be an opportunity to change the production model based on a clear commitment to sustainability, differentiation, knowledge, innovation and added value.

From the Chair of Economics for the Common Good of Universitat de València, we want to initiate a debate with the different economic and social agents to analyse what measures should be taken to redirect the situation and initiate the transformation of the Valencian productive model. We want to carry out this analysis from different economic sectors and affected groups and always form a perspective based on the common good and the general interest.

We will hold different virtual seminars through videoconferences with relevant people from the Valencian economy (business people, managers, trade unionists, professionals and academics). The public will be able to interact with the speakers. The seminars will be held between June and October 2020.