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Project [AYA2008-0595-C04-01] funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

EODIX is a follow-up to DATASAT, an integrated project sponsored by the PLAN NACIONAL I+D+I 2004-2007. The overall objective of EODIX is build upon the experienced acquired in DATASAT with the purpose of developing highly innovative ground segment methodologies for advanced calibration of optical data and information extraction from a broad family of imaging radiometers currently in orbit (including last-generation instruments such as NOAA, ENVISAT, METOP, MSG, TERRA, AQUA, CHRIS/PROBA, etc.) and also for instruments whose deployment is planned –for the time frame 2010 to 2020– at different scales, including Sentinel-2 and 3 for GMES, MTG, SMOS, SEOSAT/INGENIO, etc.

This will entail calibration, data validation and fusion from multiple sources and development of techniques for the assimilation of spectroradiometric data into process models, supported by validation of space derived products by means of in-situ data acquired during dedicated field campaigns. All the activities proposed herein are under the scope and framework of relevant on-going ESA missions planned for the next years, and the proposers have secured access to data and other resources from ESA, needed for the development of such activities. EODIX also intends to create strong interfaces with operational production services to be implemented in Europe in the framework of GMES. This objective will significantly contribute to the establishment of a Spanish Infrastructure and Capacity for data calibration and information extraction.

Another relevant goal of EODIX will be the development of standardized techniques and products for remote sensing data exploitation, thus contributing to on-going efforts at the GMES level and with the ultimate goal to support future Spanish and ESA missions. To achieve these goals, new developments from the viewpoint of designing innovative techniques for data analysis and exploitation, as well as the development of efficient implementation approaches for the advanced calibration and data processing techniques resulting from this proposal, are also envisaged.


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