Neural Networks and Signal Processing Group
Hyperspectral Computing Laboratory (HYPERCOMP)
Departamento de Tecnología de los Computadores y de las Comunicaciones
Escuela Politécnica de Cáceres, Universidad de Extremadura
Avenida de la Universidad s/n, 10071 Cáceres
Teléfono: +34 927257000 (Ext. 51662)
Fax: +34 927 257203
Antonio Plaza (

The Hyperspectral Computing Laboratory at the Department of Technology of Computers and Communications, University of Extremadura has specific experience in developing innovative techniques for hyperspectral data analysis and exploitation, including spatial/spectral endmember extraction and spectral unmixing, neural network-based classification, and hyperspectral data compression. The group also has extensive experience in efficient implementation of hyperspectral data processing techniques using high-performance computing architectures such as commodity clusters of computers, homogeneous/heterogeneous networks of workstations including Grid computing platforms, and hardware-based architectures including field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and graphic processing units (GPUs).

Specific Objectives in EODIX Project

HYPERCOMP of the University of Extremadura, will be responsible for un-mixing and implementation of efficient methods for data extraction and will contribute to the validation, the multi-source data fusion and the results.


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