The main objectives of this project are:

1.-Integrated systems for data acquisition and storage
2.-Signal calibration and pre-processing
3.-Information extraction and exploitation methods
4.-Data fusion
5.-Final recommendations

Overall Strategy

The EODIX project will develop advanced ground segment methodologies in Earth observation by integrating satellite and in situ data. To this end EODIX is organised in 5 blocks of activities:

Firstly, the development of an integrated system for data acquisition and storage. The main parts are the generation of referencedatasets for benchmark purposes and the development of new experiments and vicarious instrumentation for preparation of future Sentinels and SEOSAT/INGENIO satellites.

The second part is the signal calibration and pre-processing, that will include the radiometric calibration and the geometric and atmospheric corrections and the vicarious calibration.

The third part of the study will be devoted to information extraction and exploitation methods. This will include among other tasks extraction of spectral-spatial-angular effects from the satellite and in situ data, the image classification and un-mixing, the biophysical parameter estimation, the validation and finally the implementation of efficient methods for information extraction.

The fourth part is the data fusion that includes multi-temporal data fusion (satellite time series provide temporal and spatial consistent measurements that have demonstrated potential as a means to detect, identify and map changes land cover) and multi-source data fusion in an attempt to integrate and put in value the extensive collection of data already available form different sensors with different characteristics, sensitivities, resolutions and time frames.

Finally the fifth part of the study will be mainly devoted to the identification of new applications and recommendations for future missions/instruments.

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