About the meeting

Recent years have witnessed a substantial increase in “cross- cultural” work involving holomorphic functions in one, several, and infinitely many variables. The main aim of these meeting is to enable people working in one, several, and infinitely many complex variables to discuss common and closely related results and problems. Among these topics are recent studies about complex approximation and extension of holomorphic (complex analytic) functions, Banach algebras of bounded holomorphic functions in finite and infinite dimensional domains, and topics concerning universality.

What is Our Goal?

The general topic of the meeting is holomorphic functions of one, several, and infinitely many complex variables, with particular emphasis on

  • Banach algebras of such functions,
  • Fiber and Gleason part structure of the maximal ideal space of these functions,
  • Approximation of such functions.

October 1-5

Levico Terme

List of participants

  • Abakumov, Evgeny
  • Anderson, John
  • Aron, Richard
  • Arcozzi, Nicola
  • Baranov, Anton
  • Blasco, Oscar
  • Bonet, Pepe
  • Botelho, Geraldo
  • Carando, Daniel
  • Castillo, Jaime
  • Charpentier, Stephane
  • Defant, Andreas
  • Dimant ,Vero
  • Falcó, Javier
  • Galindo, Pablo
  • Garcia, Domingo
  • Gauthier, Paul
  • Izzo, Alexander
  • Kosinski, Lukasz
  • Lassalle, Silvia
  • Lefevre, Pascal
  • Lindstrom, Mikael
  • Lykova, Zinaida
  • Maestre, Manuel
  • Manolaki, Myrto
  • Nestoridis, Vassili
  • O'Farrell, Anthony
  • Peloso, Marco
  • Queffelec, Herve
  • Rueda, Pilar
  • Ryan, Ray
  • Saksman, Eero
  • Seco, Daniel
  • Sevilla Peris, Pablo
  • Siskakis, Aristos
  • Ortega Castillo, Sofía
  • Young, Nicholas
  • Yun Sung, Choi
  • Zagorodnyuk, Andriy
  • Zwonek, Wlodzimierz

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The number of participants is limited to 40 and, at the moment, there remain a few places.

Also, although any participant is welcome to speak, it is anticipated that there will be plenty of time for informal discussions.


We're finishing the list of talks. This information will be available soon.

Talks at the Meeting

All participants that wish to present a talk are invited to do so. In parallel it is planned to have plenty of time for discussion outside of the lecture schedule.

If you wish to present a talk, please contact the Organizing Committee.

Event Schedule

The schedule for the meeting will be available soon.

Event Location

BellaVista Relax Hotel

Viale Vittorio Emanuele III, 7
38056 Levico Terme (Tn)
Phone: +39 0461 706136
Fax: +39 0461 706474
Web: www.bellavistarelax.it
Email: info@bellavistarelax.it

This hotel is located in the spa resort Levico Terme, which has fairly frequent train and bus service linking it to Trento. Room and full board is available to all accepted participants at a substantially subsidized price.

Event FAQs

The recommended day of arrival is Sunday, September 30, and the departure is after lunch on Friday, October 5.

The hotel arrangements are the four-star Hotel Bellavista Relax in Levico Terme, where the meeting will be held.

The conference hall has beamer facilities (for, e.g., pdf presentations) as well as four blackboards.