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  • April 25th, 2024
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The Chair of Family Business (CEFUV) promoted by the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs (AVE), the School of Entrepreneurs (EDEM), the Valencian Institute for the Study of Family Business (IVEFA), the Institute of Family Business (IEF) and the University of Valencia (UV), and sponsored by CaixaBank and Broseta, will hold the 16th edition of the course on Family Business: "Key aspects for its competitiveness and sustainability".

Duration: 40 hours

Dates: 14 June to 5 July 2024

Timetable: Monday and Friday from 9:00 to 14:00

Place: Faculty of Economics (Tarongers Avenue)


Family businesses represent a very high percentage of economic activity and employment in developed societies. According to the latest report on Family Business, published by the Family Business Institute (2015), family businesses make up 88% of Spanish companies, and generate two thirds of the country's employment.

Therefore, it is most likely for university graduates that their professional development will take place within the framework of family-owned and managed companies, hence the interest in knowing them in depth.

The general objectives to be achieved are as follows:

  • To know what a FE is, the different social agents involved in it and the role they play.
  • To analyse the strengths and also the main problems of the FE.
  • To assimilate the profile of the culture and potential conflicts typical in the FE and how they can be managed.
  • To present a series of effective instruments to articulate the governance of the FE, the relations between family and company and strategic decision making.
  • To understand the FE as a legal entity in its civil, commercial, labour and fiscal aspects.
  • To understand the succession process, intergenerational handover and the problems of leadership.

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