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Chair for Family Business

The Family Business’ Chair, created in 2006, was promoted by the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs (AVE), the Institute of Family Business (IEF), the School of Entrepreneurs (EDEM) and the Valencian Institute for the Family Business Study (IVEFA), and is currently sponsored by BANKIA and BROSETA ABOGADOS.

The chair's mission is "contributing to improve the competitiveness and durability of family businesses". It therefore develops research, transfer and teaching activities on the idiosyncrasy, the particularities and the specific problems of these companies. The collaboration between the driving institutions aims to promote the exchange of experiences, information and knowledge in the field of their activities, the development of joint activities and the organization of meeting spaces between all the actors interested in the management of the family business and business families: academics, professionals, entrepreneurs and students.

Director: Dr. Alejandro Escribá Esteve