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The role of women in the governing and management bodies of Family Businesses.

  • October 21st, 2016
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An obvious mismatch:

Women represent ...

In listed companies

40.7% of the templates of the Spanish companies listed

12.8% of management positions

15.79% of the positions on boards of directors (CNMV recommendation = 30%)

In family businesses

(CEF Marenostrum data - Murcia 2016) 15% of general management positions

(2015 IEF data): 36.9% family businesses (commercial companies) run by women

EPA 2015 data: 31.4% companies (including freelancers) run by women

INFORMA 2015 data: 14.6% companies (commercial companies) run by women

Therefore, at breakfast the following issues were addressed:
- In what situation is the presence of women in the governing bodies?
- What benefits does this balance bring, not only for companies, but for the social and economic system in which we live?
- What factors can contribute to achieving greater gender balance in the governing and management bodies?
- Is the Family Business a more or less favorable context for the development of more balanced scenarios? Why?
- What specific aspects of family businesses can help or hinder this goal? What can be done from the family and business level in this regard?

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