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Workbook 4/20. "Keys to the internationalization of the family business"

  • May 12nd, 2020

The Chair of Family Business (CEFUV) presents Workbook 4/20 "The keys to the internationalization of family business", prepared by author David Carnicer Sospedra. This study aims to examine in a systematic and orderly way those factors that determine the success of the family business on its way to internationalization.

On the one hand, the family business reality is studied and it is determined whether there are specific differences in the starting point with respect to non-family companies in relevant aspects related to internationalization. Therefore, it is a matter of analyzing the influence of the familiarity condition on the success of internationalization.

On the other hand, the identification and classification of the success factors of the firms are sought when undertaking internationalization processes. These aspects will be developed in the elaboration of an integrated model that measures the internationalization capacity of companies.

Once the factors have been identified, this study seeks to examine to what extent the nature of the family business can influence the success of its opening to the outside world. For this, both the risk factors and the advantages derived from the typical characteristics of the family business in the internationalization processes are identified.

By way of conclusion, it is determined that a family business should not have due to its condition any type of impediment or barrier to achieve success in foreign markets. On the contrary, some of its differential elements can be of great help to you. The challenge is precisely that the family character adds and does not subtract.


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