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XX Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum 2021: Employability Skills for Family Business

  • March 22nd, 2021
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On Thursday, March 25th, the Chair of Family Business participated in the XX Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia, with a session entitled "Skills of employability for the Family Business" attended by more than 70 students and professionals. This year the Chair had the pleasure of having the participation of Pilar González (Professor of Social Psychology of the University of Valencia).

The main objective of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum is to establish a meeting point between the Faculty of Economics, companies and institutions and students and university graduates, in such a way as to promote youth employability, insertion and contact with the world of work.

Pilar González has explained the general concept of competence and the most specific competition for employability. The first refers to the behaviors and knowledge of an individual, i.e. the capability(know-how), knowledge (the formation of knowledge) and the will. The combination of these three elements is essential because they are the key to being able to become employable. And the second refers to "transferable skills and qualifications that strengthen people's ability to take advantage of education and training opportunities presented to them with a view to finding and maintaining decent work, progressing in business or changing jobs and adapting to the evolution of technology and labour market conditions"

The teacher has named some actions that make up the skills of employability and that would help to know whether a person is ever employable or not, some actions are: initiative, autonomy, self-esteem, perseverance, learning to learn, social skills, time management and productivity.

It has introduced the SAA method, which analyses individual competencies and is derived from employability indicators, these refer to three major blocks: individual factors, personal circumstances and external factors.

Finally, the teacher has highlighted 4 steps to design a career project:

Step 1. Identify position profiles. Competencies that are required by companies

Step 2. Analyzing the adjustment or mismatch between my competencies and the company under the object

Step 3. Implement different training methods to achieve adjustment

Step 4. Evaluation of employability competencies.

In conclusion, the Chair's Director has pointed out the importance of knowing which skills are most valued by employers, and of knowing oneself in order to work on those aspects of improvement that can help us to have a more attractive profile in the labour market. He also explained that family businesses account for two-thirds of the labour market, so knowing their idiosyncrasies is critical to having more job opportunities.

To download the program, click  here.