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Does the Family Business have a competitiveness problem?

  • Authors: Escribá Esteve, Alejandro
  • (2017).
  • Publication types: Recurs electrònic
  • URL Publication: Does the Family Business have a competitiveness problem?
  • Publication Title (name of the book or magazine): Does the Family Business have a competitiveness problem?. Cátedra de Empresa Familiar de la Universitat de València.
  • No.1, enero 2017

  • Abstract:

    In the research note # 1 of this new collection, results of a comparative analysis of the competitiveness of family businesses versus non-family businesses are shown. The results of our research show that family businesses suffer, on average, from a lack of competitiveness compared to non-family businesses. This lack is observed above all in the lower presence of family businesses in the groups of companies with the highest competitive level. However, this problem of lower competitiveness does not occur in the case of family businesses that have reached a greater dimension. In fact, the biggest family businesses are more competitive than the non-familiar. This evidence suggests that business growth is a facilitating element to avoid or minimize many of the problems that tend to be associated with the family-company relationship, without necessarily losing the positive aspects associated with the family character of the property and the management.