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Observatorio GECE

The Company's Governance, Strategy and Competitiveness Observatory is the result of collaboration between Bankia and Ivie. It was created with the aim of knowing the companies' competitiveness status and evolution in the Valencian Community and Spain, identifying the internal factors and causes contributing to its improvement and, finally, dynamically studying the effect on competitiveness of changes in business characteristics, strategies adopted and the evolution of the governing and leadership bodies.

The analysis of business competitiveness carried out by the GECE Observatory is fed by the information deposited in the Mercantile Registry and also by data provided by the companies themselves through participation in a panel called 4 CIRCLES. Participation in the panel allows companies to have access to personalized reports and diagnoses, with a higher level of detail, which will allow them to undertake strategic change processes based on objective and rigorous information, and obtain recommendations and guidelines from the research team.

Panel participation involves companies providing qualitative information by answering short questionnaires each year on corporate governance, ownership structure, family-company relations (in the case of Family Business), strategic focus and analysis of systematic competitiveness of companies and internal factors that can contribute to their improvement.

Participation in the panel of companies of the GECE Observatory is formalized by completing the following registration form.

Consult the GECE Observatory publications:

  • Key 06/2020: More than 30% of Valencian family businesses in 4 service sectors achieve excellent competitivenes level. 
  • Report 05/2020: Business competitiveness: geographic and sector analysis.
  • Key 05/2020: Most competitive Valencian family businesses stand out for their high relative contribution to employment, but they remain the ones opting most ​​for personalist governancesystems.
  • Report 04/2020: Evolution of the competitiveness of Valencian companies: trends and associated factors.
  • Key 04/2019: Percentage of Valencian family businesses that rank among the most competitive in Spain grows 1.8 points.
  • Report 03/2019: The international activity of Valencian companies and their relationship with competitiveness
  • Key 03/2019: The longest-living Valencian companies are the most export oriented, ranking 16 points above their national equivalents.
  • Report 02/2019: Ownership structure and governance systems of Valencian companies: Characterization and relationship with competitiveness
  • Key 02/2019: Board of directors usage in the most competitive family businesses is 14.5 points higher than in the least competitive ones
  • Report 01/2018:Examination of companies in the Valencia Region competitiveness state.
  • Key 01/2018: Larger companies and companies in more technology-intensive sectors achieve better levels of competitiveness.

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