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Current projects

Family Business' Chair at the University in Valencia (CEF_UV), in collaboration with its promoters, is developing a research aimed at understanding the similarities and differences in the responses that family and non-family businesses have during a period of strong hostility, the environment caused by the economic crisis that started in 2008, and the effect that all this has had on the characteristics, composition and structure of its management bodies. Focusing now on the Valencian Community, this study aims to give continuity to the report published by AVE in 2015 in which the competitiveness of companies in the Valencian Community was analyzed, especially in relation to that of communities in a better position as Madrid, Catalonia or the Basque Country. Knowing the responses that companies have given and the way in which their management teams have adapted to difficult situations will help us understand the factors that explain the reaction capacity, survival and competitiveness of companies, and understand behavioral differences between family and non-family businesses.