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Welcome to the 6th Congress of Feminist Economics

  • September 5th, 2019
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From the Chair of Feminist Economics at the Universitat de València we welcome you as a participant in the 6th Congress of Feminist Economics.

This new edition of the State Congress on Feminist Economics is preceded by the experience and knowledge generated in the previous ones, and in the networks of exchange and political action that we have been nurturing since then; as in previous editions, the congress is promoted by feminist economists from the State Network of Critical Economy. The involvement of the Universitat de València, through the Chair of Feminist Economics and the University Institute of Women's Studies, as well as the important collaboration of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the Valencia City Council, have made this 6th State Congress on Feminist Economics possible.

After the qualitative leap represented by the 4th Congress held in Carmona in 2013 (Pablo de Olavide University) and its reaffirmation in the 5th Congress organised by the University of Vic, in 2015, the 6th Congress on Feminist Economics represents an updating of the meeting and interaction space of the academic and social sphere in the creation of applied knowledge and debate on how to contribute from the feminist economy to generate alternatives to the current economic and political model. In this journey we have been adding the conviction that the change of paradigm cannot be postponed any longer and that feminism as an ethical project of social transformation has the capacity to articulate synergies for the necessary and fair transitions with life; this is precisely the background of the sixth edition of the Congress of Feminist Economics. What you will find in the Sixth Congress of Feminist Economics is not a space for buying and selling professional services, but a confluence of the diversity of proposals, concerns and perspectives that interact in the formation of theories and practices for feminist economics to facilitate the transformation of everyday lives through the logic of sustainability of life, human rights and feminist ethics. The multidisciplinary nature of this congress is further enriched by contributions from the academic, research and training fields, from institutions and from feminist and social activism.

The 6th Congress of Feminist Economics addresses 6 thematic areas of special relevance to rethink how to move, in a fair and sustainable way, towards another model of society: 1) care; 2) dismantling neoliberalism; 3) ecofeminism and emergency in the face of climate change; 4) public policy; 5) budgets with a gender perspective; 6) feminist resistance and strategies for change. The contents are developed through 13 thematic panels, distributed in 6 blocks of sessions that take place simultaneously. The quantity and quality of the proposals presented at this congress (105) is an indicator of the growing interest in the diversity of feminist claims and demands to bring about a change in the model of society and how initiatives that propose management alternatives to the orthodox economy and market fundamentalism that has dominated the academic world and the centres of economic and political power are growing.

In short, with this sixth edition we want to contribute to highlight the need for the feminist economy to be the axis of the economic transitions to be promoted for the change of the model of society; neither any transition, nor any change, we address the urgency of the change of paradigm, towards the feminist paradigm of the economy and of life.

Those of us who make up the team responsible for the VI Feminist Economics Congress trust that you will enjoy the congress, the meetings, presentations, debates and the synergies created. If you need to disconnect from so much activity, look us up and we will suggest some 'social space'. We would like to invite you to make this congress your own; there will be aspects that can be improved, let's take care of ourselves and practice feminist sisterhood.

Download the full programme (Not available in English)