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photograph: The Academy of American PoetsThis is the home page of the Robert Graves Archive: a subject gateway for the poet and novelist Robert Graves. This site collects together the available poetry, audio files of Graves reading, multimedia resources, and the scholarly materials on the web for the study of his work. In addition it attempts to map and archive significant Robert Graves reference and quotation. As long as you are on the site the Robert Graves Archive banner is at the top of the page. If it isn't there, you have moved off-site.

This site has a common navigation bar at the foot of each page.

Principal Features:

Search facility (available from 10th of November 1999). Searches on the whole text of the Archive. Currently under test.

A large selection of Graves poems is available through this site (updated 20 February 2000). The whole text of Fairies and Fusiliers is available from Project Bartelby, as well as the text of Country Sentiment, available from Project Gutenberg [August 31 1998]. Other poems available on the web include:

"Angry Samson," "Beauty in Trouble," "Bitter Thoughts on Receiving a Slice of Cordelia's Wedding Cake," "Cold Weather Proverb," "Coronation Address," "Cry Faugh!" "Darien," "Dialogue on the Headland," "Fragment of a Lost Poem," "From the Embassy," "In the Wilderness," "Leaving the Rest Unsaid," "On Portents," "Outlaws," "Penthesileia," "Pure Death" "Return of the Goddess," "Rhea," "The Bards," "The Bedpost," "The Eremites," "The Finding of Love," "The Siren's Welcome to Cronos," "The Thieves," "The White Goddess", "The Worms of History," "Through Nightmare," "To Be Called a Bear," "To Bring the Dead to Life," "To Juan at the Winter Solstice," "Unicorn and the White Doe," "Warning to Children", and many others.

More than forty minutes of Robert Graves reading his poetry and prose, in three audio formats, including the RealAudio streaming format.

Links to sites focusing on 'I Claudius'. 120 audio clips (Layer 3 mpeg WAV format) from the 1976 BBC Television Production of 'I, Claudius' (65 clips) and the unfinished 1939 film (55 clips) are now available on the web. Also 10 video clips are available from the BBC series. These run for between 35 seconds and 5 minutes; total running time around twenty minutes. [File locations moved late February 2000. Links updated 28 February 2000]

A Section of Graves criticism, including: Difficult Questions, Easy Answers, [06 March 1999] which features answers given by the Archive to questions on Graves' poetry and prose, etc. There were many enquiries in mid-2000 about the significance of the poem 'My Name and I'. Comments about this poem can be found on this site.

A Graves related News page. [updated: 20 February 2000]

Full Bibliographies are available through this site, as well as links to editions of Graves Poetry and Fiction currently listed in the Amazon database. [14 February 1999]. There is also a discussion of the Higginson Bibliography of Robert Graves' Works.

The first two chapters of Miranda Seymour's "The Telling", a novel about Robert Graves, Laura Riding and Schuyler Jackson; the first chapter of her 1995 biography "Robert Graves: Life on the Edge" ; plus a one hour interview about "The Telling" [01 January 2000]

The Carcanet Publication Schedule for the uniform edition of Robert Graves' Works, under the editorship of Professor Patrick Quinn.

Most web-based resources for the study of the life and work of Robert Graves are accessible via this site, including the Robert Graves Society which was established at the International Centenary Conference held at St. John's College, Oxford in August 1995.

Checklists of the contents of major Graves Archives worldwide. Included also are two lists which detail both individual and institutional holders of relevant materials, and an overview of the holdings of major academic institutions.

Recommendations for the citation of information found at this site are available.

Other sites which reference the Robert Graves Archive include: the BBC Webguide (Art & Culture section, which featured the Archive as one of its top sites during the first week of March 1999, and also through 14th to 21st of May 1999); The Internet Public Library (Online Literary Criticism Collection); and the Digital Librarian [February 1999].

Slightly irregular access statistics for the new site are currently available from October 8th 1998, eight days after the site's relaunch, up until the present.

The Robert Graves Archive was mounted on sable.ox.ac.uk on the 3rd March 1996. This is an extensively revamped and expanded version of that original site, mounted on the 1st October 1998. The site is maintained by Philip Hunter for Imprimatur Hippeis. Information about the background to the Archive is available, plus a history of its development. [20 March 1999]
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