Group description

Group description

Our group started originally over forty years ago. A major founding milestone was the postgraduate study of Dr Jose Viña with the late Sir Hans Krebs at the University of Oxford. This has led the whole Group to a “metabolic-oriented approach to problems” as it could not be otherwise stemming from Sir Hans Krebs.

Upon his return to Spain, Dr Viña started a small group in the University of Valencia that has been working, on and off, for the last thirty-five years. Sometimes Dr Viña was away from the University of Valencia, but the seed of the Group had been sown.

Very firmly established scientists like Dr Federico Pallardo, former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine – University of Valencia, Dr Juan Sastre, Dr Jose Estrella, Dr Guillermo Saez, all of them professors of biochemistry or physiology at the University of Valencia, the late...

News and Events

  • In March 2019, Prof José Viña was pleased to be chosen as the winner of the 23rd edition of the University-Society Awards for Research Trajectory of the Council of the University of Valencia 2019.

  • In February 2019, Prof Viña gave a talk entitled “Free Radical Theory of Frailty: Molecular Mechanisms of Frailty Resulting from Oxidative Stress” at the ICFSR (9th International Conference on Frailty and Sarcopenia Research) held in Miami, USA.

  • In January 2019, Prof Viña was elected President of the Society for Free Radical Research International (SFRRI).

  • Prof Viña received the Onda Cero Valencia Prize for Science in on 23rd November, 2018.

  • Prof Viña gave a lecture entitled “Oxidative stress/free radicals in relation to ageing” at the Consensus Conference Ageing and Physical Activity Program held in Copenhagen from 19 – 22 November 2018.