Maria C. Fuentes [HOME] Department of Methodology of the Behavioral Sciences Faculty of Psychology · University of Valencia Room F-102 (first floor) - Av. Blasco Ibanez, 21 - 46010 Valencia, Spain María C. Fuentes , PhD, is Assistant Professor of Psychological Methods and Design of Research at the Department of Methodology of Behavioral Sciences in the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Valencia, Spain. Her research areas are mainly focused on the analysis of the psychometric properties of the measurement instruments used in research and the cross-cultural validation of the two-dimensional and four-typology theoretical model of parental socialization. She has made important contributions on risk factors and adjustment during adolescence considering multivariate multifactorial designs in which statistical control of third variables is applied. Scholar WebOfScience Scopus Orcid SciPro Loop Academia ResearchGate ResearchID Dialnet