Anna Martínez-Gavara

Professora Titular d'Universitat
Universitat de València

Personal Profile

Anna Martínez-Gavara received the doctoral degree in Mathematics in 2008 from the University of Valencia, funded with a FPU grant. She is currently Professor of Statistics and Operations Research department at the University of Valencia. Her scientific contributions range from Applied Mathematics to Operation Research. Since 2015, her main research area of scientific contribution is framed within the study of heuristic and metaheuristic methods for solving hard optimization problems. Their applications have been widely relevant in fields such as social network analysis, management science, facility location, mobility network, and supply chain, among others.

Research group


Group head: Rafael Martí
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Lines of research:
   - Diversity and dispersion maximization problems.
   - Location problems.
   - Metaheuristics and heuristics.


Discrete diversity and dispersion maximization. A review and an empirical analysis from an OR perspective
Martí, R., Martínez-Gavara, A., Sánchez-Oro, J., and S. Pérez-Peló European Journal of Operational Research Invited review, Submitted March 2021

The Capacitated Dispersion Problem. A mathematical model and a scatter search metaheuristic
Martí, R., Martínez-Gavara, A., Sánchez-Oro, J. Memetic Computing 13, 131-146 (2021)

Anna Martínez-Gavara -
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