Below you will find material for several teaching courses in Bachelor degrees, Masters and PhD courses. Feel free to contact me for more information.

PhD Level

Seminars at the ISP group

Advanced courses at the ISP group

Master Level

Remote Sensing: Machine learning and Data Processing: [Theory] [Lab]

Remote Sensing Master: Information Extraction [Theory]

Remote Sensing Master: Image Processing [Theory]

Statistical Signal Processing [Theory] [Lab]

Bachelor Level [ES/CAT]

Electrónica Analógica: [Teoría] [Laboratorio] [Problemas]

Teoría de Redes Eléctricas: [Teoría] [Laboratorio] [Problemas] [Tareas]

[Exámenes Lab] [Exámenes Teoría] [Exámenes+Tablas 2017] [LTspice] [Tutoriales LTspice]

Signal processing: An introduction

Control theory

Time series analysis

Introduction to OrCAD