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The General Foundation of the Universitat de València organises more than 700 cultural and training activities in 2023

  • UV General Foundation
  • June 13th, 2024
Opening Concert of the UV’s 2023-2024 academic year, performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Universitat de València.
Opening Concert of the UV’s 2023-2024 academic year, performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Universitat de València.

The report published by the General Foundation of the Universitat de València on the activities organised in the year 2023 has identified that 723 cultural and training activities, as well as initiatives, actions and services related to employment, inclusion and university services.

It is important to highlight the intense and prolific year-round cultural activity in the different arts, such as music, through festivals and university performances, with 99 concerts; the performing arts, with 64 theatre and dance performances; contemporary art, with 6 exhibitions from the Martínez Guerricabeitia Collection; academic and cultural debate, with 31 activities organised by the Escola Europea de Pensament Lluís Vives, 15 by the UV Cultural Observatory, 4 as part of the ‘Desembre Europeu’ by the UV European Documentation Centre, and an exhibition and colloquium at the Valencian Archive of Design; and the production, organisation and coordination of 10 exhibitions at La Nau Cultural Centre and the Palau de Cerveró.

In addition to the cultural activities, it is important to highlight the annual programme of the Alumni UV, a group of friends and former students of the Universitat de València, which promoted 35 proposals in 2023; the 17 concerts and exhibitions held in Gandia; and the 248 guided tours organised by the UV Cultural Volunteering to exhibitions and university heritage at La Nau Cultural Centre, the Palau de Cerveró and the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

Among the training activities, cultural training activities were organised, with 8 courses in music, performing arts, film and art; the UVjob training programme for improving employability ‘Formación para el Empleo’, with 32 courses; the 13 initiatives organised by the UV Delegation for University Integration; the 45 courses and other training activities at UVGandia and within the framework of the 40th anniversary of the Summer University; and more than 200 activities organised by the UV Summer School, aimed at the 294 participants of Nau Menuda and Nau Jove.

The UV’s employment service, which aims to improve the employability and placement of UV graduates (both undergraduate and master’s degree), managed an employment programme in 2023, offering 1,847 job vacancies and registering 4,657 UV graduates and 2,880 companies. There were 40,622 active users of the service during the year.

Regarding the promotion of employability, the UV’s Employment Service organised more than a dozen employment forums in 11 UV faculties and centres, with the participation of 3,000 students, and almost 400 companies and entities. They also organised 4 programmes: Ruta 5.0, Shadowing (master's degree mentoring), Promou-te and Talent (on talent and employment challenges), which received a 90% satisfaction rating.

In the area of guidance, 988 individual sessions and 32 group sessions were organised, with the participation of 1,623 people. There were also more than 1,300 direct consultations.

This area has a specialised section in disability service, which received 65 people, interviewed 119 people, solved 332 online enquiries, organised 451 orientation activities, and signed 307 contracts with companies and entities, resulting in the placement of 17 graduates.

In terms of research and analysis area, the UV Employment Monitoring Centre analysed more than 4 million data points for its placement studies of the 62 official UV undergraduate and double degrees and 140 master's degrees published in 2024, through the 4th study of post-master's employment with a placement rate of almost 90%, and through the 5th and 1st longitudinal studies of post-undergraduate’s employment with a placement rate of over 90%.

Social inclusion
The General Foundation of the Universitat de València manages two services dedicated exclusively to social inclusion in order to achieve real equality of opportunity through UVdisability. This service develops specific programmes every five years to address the needs of university students (1,269), teaching research staff (161), technical staff and managers (111), and research and supporting staff (9). The second service dedicated to social inclusion is the University Centre for Diagnosis and Primary Care (CUDAP), with all the places taken (191 families), who were the target of 6,454 activities related to primary care, pedagogy, speech therapy and physiotherapy.

Other university services
The UV General Foundation coordinates the management of services such as La Tenda UV, where 59% of the sales were of university corporate items, the UV European Documentation Centre, which organised 26 activities, and the Infosud Documentation in Cooperation Centre, which acquired 213 new monographs and organised 21 activities and 422 enquiries.

All of this was also possible thanks to the collaboration of almost 20 institutions, non-profit organisations and private entities. As well as relationships with other third sector networks such as the Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF), Alumni Spain, the Spanish Anna Lindh Red Foundation and the Erasmus Europe on Scene Network.

Four decades of culture, training, solidarity and service
In 2023, the General Foundation celebrated its 40th anniversary at the Universitat de València, to which it has belonged since 15 June 1983, by collaborating in the projection of its academic, research and cultural activities to everyone. It has been doing this for four decades, during which progress and growth have continued until today, when almost 100 professionals and highly qualified technical staff contribute to culture, employability, training and the well-being of people from the university community and Valencian society.

Some of the special activities to celebrate this anniversary were the opening concert of the 2023 Serenates Festival, performed by the UV Philharmonic Orchestra, the coincidence with the Summer University of Gandia and the publication of a series of monographs related to the different activities of the foundation.